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04-08-2022 - thursday

Patrick Conway - Vertical Society

Patrick Conway

Vertical Society

Top dog at Exotic Robotics (alongside fellow sports-wear aficionado Sports Casual), Patrick Conway finally makes his debut on the label. Now gaining a... more...

12inch Exotic Robotics: EXOTICS006 € 11,99

27-01-2020 - monday

30-09-2019 - monday

Cofaxx - Isomorph



Cofaxx delivers Exotic Robotics 004, showing off his talent with an EP spanning ethereal house, liquid jungle steppers, hazy ambient vibes and low fi... more...

12inch Exotic Robotics: EXOTIC004 remind

11-03-2019 - monday

19-10-2018 - friday

DJ Guy - Archived Tapes 1993 - 2017

DJ Guy

Archived Tapes 1993 - 2017

Exotic Robotics dive into the the attic of DJ Guy and unleash some smooth and captivating gems from one of the UK's most gifted producers. more...

2x12inch Exotic Robotics: EXOTIC002 € 20,99

13-04-2018 - friday

Sports Casual - A Higher Place

Sports Casual

A Higher Place

Featuring 2 original cuts from London based new comer, Sports Casual, plus a super grazy DJ Fett Burger remix on the flip.

12inch Exotic Robotics: EXOTIC001 remind