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Various Artists

Techno Acrasia

The 1980s saw Spain become a new country. The former stranglehold on the arts loosened and experimentation flourished. This was plain to hear in the m... more...

2LP Frigio records: FRV0432LP € 29,99

Cawd Slaydaz


Cawd Slaydaz is a clear shift for Frigio Records. Yet, this debutant also marks a return of sorts. The album brings together Hugo de Naranja, co-found... more...

LP Frigio records: FRV040 € 20,99

Hesperius Draco

Directive V

Emerging from the shadows, Hesperius Draco returns to Frigio with a solo release for the first time since his 2016 album Actus Tragicus. Goth / kraut... more...

12inch Frigio records: FRV042 € 13,99

Principia Audiomatica


The Croatian outfit were founded in 1995 by Sinisa Osursak and Miljenko Rajakovi, their musical partnership ending with the untimely death of Osursak.... more...

12inch Frigio records: FRV035 remind

Various Artists

All Stars Vol.3

Frigio Allstars 3 comes from the murky underbelly of electronics, where the nights are long and the days are short. Ashen tones pricked with lighter s... more...

12inch Frigio records: FRV034 remind

Various Artists

Ecdisis Vol.3

Following up Batozsek’s four slices on Vol 2, Ecdisis Vol 3 is fresh and ready to wreak some havoc. Some familiar names from the first volume of th... more...

12inch Frigio records: FRV033 remind



Returning for his third appearance on Frigio, Maurizio Martinucci introduces one of his darkest works to date. Forged in his studio/lab in Amsterdam,... more...

12inch Frigio records: FRV031 remind
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Digital Dancer / Autogas

Almost forty years later, Frigio is bringing some of their music to a fresh audience. Juanpablo with his extended edit of “Digital Dancer.” A steady k... more...

12inch Frigio records: FRV030 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Various Artists

Allstars Vol.2

Pera Yang, a veteran of the first compilation, returns for the second instalment. The South Korean artist builds on the rowdy techno energy he brought... more...

12inch Frigio records: FRV029 remind

Various Artists

Ecdisis Vol. 1

First up, the 1986 EBM stomper “God Save The King” by Son of Sam is revamped and reconstructed into a psychedelic rollercoaster of crashing cymbals, s... more...

12inch Frigio records: FRV028 remind

Volta Cab

Johnny 320 EP

Madrid. St Petersburg. Frigio is hooking up with Russian electronic explorer Volta Cab for a four tracker of shadowy disco darkness.

12inch Frigio records: FRV027 € 12,99
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The Last Hour EP

Tecwaa is the solo project of York based producer Paul Fawcett, a musician who discovered his sound in the British warehouse parties of the early nine... more...

12inch Frigio records: FRV026 € 12,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Mick Clarke

Play Time

Frigio Records is going back in time for its latest release, some 38 years into the past. Back then a young Newcastle man was experimenting with early... more...

12inch Frigio records: FRV025 € 12,99


Dusk EP

Maurizio Martinucci (aka TeZ) is being warmly welcomed back into the Frigio fold. Following his work with Most Significant Beat, a partnership with Sa... more...

12inch Frigio records: FRV024 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Hesperius Draco

Actus Tragicus

Frigio is beyond proud to release the first album from Alessandro Parisi's sepulchral dwelling pseudonym Hesperius Draco. Donning the ceremonial ro... more...

2LP Frigio records: FRV023-2LP1 remind


The Midas Touch EP

Editor extraordinaire, Sneaker welcomes you to marvel at his Midas Touch. Happy disco or chirpy funk edits these ain't. Instead the Rat Life man unear... more...

12inch Frigio records: FRV022 remind

Juanpablo / ArD2


Gliptolito sees Frigio return to its beginnings whilst making a bold statement of future intent. This time in collaboration with Seti Recordings for a... more...

12inch Frigio records: FRV021-STR002 remind

Le Chocolat Noir

Transform EP

Following a brief stint in Italy with Hesperius Draco, Frigio Records is on the road again, this time crossing the Adriatic to hook up with Le Chocola... more...

12inch Frigio records: FRV020 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Hesperius Draco

northern sages ep

Frigio Records are delighted to announce that Alessandro Parisi is once again donning the darkened robes of Hesperius Draco. Following the acclaimed C... more...

EP Frigio records: FRV019 remind

Boris Divider

Parallel EP

In recent years, following EPs like Surface and Aeon, the Cuenca based artist has changed his canvas. The colder coils of Electro have been replaced... more...

12inch Frigio records: Frigio015 remind


Lost Series (Part 2)

Lost Series (Part 2) is the continuation of the series started by Juanpablo last year and as in part one, the music grows out of the darkest recesses... more...

12inch Frigio records: Frigio013 remind
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Esplendor Geometrico


Frigio is very honored to release the biggest and most important Spanish electronic project of all times “Esplendor Geometrico”. From the early 80´s u... more...

12inch Frigio records: Frigio012 remind


Geographic Ascending EP

Madrid based artist Ideograma (aka DJ F) gets released on Frigio for the first time and delivers the most intelligent and elegant techno tunes you can... more...

12inch Frigio records: Frigio010 € 10,49
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