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Gaia Tones - Lychees / Wonkadonk

Gaia Tones

Lychees / Wonkadonk

In a landscape increasingly dominated by surface-level sonics and a lack of true organic – man-made-machine-driven - sound, the newly found and London... more...

12inch Gaia Tones: GT001 remind

Gaia Tones - Heal / Ra Sun

Gaia Tones

Heal / Ra Sun

Cosmically-minded, dub-fuelled percussion voyages in pure Gaia voodooism. The enigmatic London outfit return with a new pair of sonic sculptures recal... more...

12inch Gaia Tones: GT003 € 13,99

Gaia Tones - Chains / Shackles

Gaia Tones

Chains / Shackles

''A loose, organic swarm of steel-bound percussion, meditative bass frequencies and improvisational tonal shifts mark the second instalment of Gaia To... more...

12inch Gaia Tones: GT002 € 13,99

Gaia Tones - Gaia Tones 004

Gaia Tones

Gaia Tones 004

Mystical, wide-eyed hyper-exotica flavours from Mother Gaia herself. Two mind-bending chants of dub-filtered tribalism sprawl out of the 7” plate; the... more...

7inch Gaia Tones: GT004 € 12,49

Gaia Tones - Dream

Gaia Tones


Vengeful abstractions and pagan patterns filling the subconscious with loose, biotic rhythms locked in sync by distant chants and and faint echoes of... more...

12inch Gaia Tones: GT005 € 13,99