Label: Go Finger - All

08-03-2018 - thursday

Das Ding / Dj Overdose - Am PM

Das Ding / Dj Overdose


Go! Finger returns to the vinyl grooves again! And this time showing a more dramatic and darkest side. Holland's underground legends Das Ding and DJ O... more...

EP Go Finger: GFEP04 € 11,99

23-09-2016 - friday

Route 8 / S.Olbricht - Selected Works

Route 8 / S.Olbricht

Selected Works

Madrid's Go! Finger takes the vinyl path again launching some selected tracks from one of their most notable cassette releases to date: Route 8 and S.... more...

12inch Go Finger: GFEP02 € 12,49

12-10-2015 - monday

Chupacabras - I See Light


I See Light

All the tracks on I See Light are culled from the Forgotten tape released on Go! Finger last year with two Chupacabras cuts backed by remixes from Le... more...

12inch Go Finger: GFEP01 € 11,99