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14-07-2020 - tuesday

96 Back - 143 Connections

96 Back

143 Connections

This EP for Happy Skull showcases 96 Back's growing versatility as a producer and marks the labels return following a brief hiatus.

12inch Happy Skull: HAPSKL017 € 10,49
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03-08-2017 - thursday

HOLOVR - Melody 4 Your Mind / You Belong 2


Melody 4 Your Mind / You Belong 2

HOLOVR productions variously echo the timeless feel of vintage ambient, 90's intelligent techno and mind-altering electronica, whilst remaining a trul... more...

12inch Happy Skull: Hapskl012 € 9,49

24-01-2017 - tuesday

Cosmic Garden - Sealaconda EP (Creta Kano remixes)

Cosmic Garden

Sealaconda EP (Creta Kano remixes)

Fresh off of the back of starting his own label, Cosmic Rhythm, and a release on Simoncino's Hotmix records; Cosmic Garden continues to grow root and... more...

12inch Happy Skull: Hapskl011 remind
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28-07-2016 - thursday

Adjowa - Heartstrung



For release number ten, Happy Skull have come full circle with the return of original label alumni Adjowa. The UK based producer and musician has fire... more...

12inch Happy Skull: Hapskl010 remind

29-03-2016 - tuesday

October & Borai - Necessary Force / Nine Tomorrows

October & Borai

Necessary Force / Nine Tomorrows

Regular studio sparring partners October and Borai rekindle their ongoing partnership for hometown label Happy Skull, eschewing the conventions of clu... more...

12inch Happy Skull: Hapskl009 remind

11-03-2015 - wednesday

Creta Kano - Skyway Motel

Creta Kano

Skyway Motel

''Happy Skull's first release of 2015 comes from UK based artist Creta Kano, who first impressed with his 2013 debut on Rotterdam's Pinkman Records. H... more...

12inch Happy Skull: Hapskl006 remind
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15-08-2014 - friday

Throwing Shade - Chancer (Ft Kowton mix)

Throwing Shade

Chancer (Ft Kowton mix)

Having previously impressed with vivid blends of cosmic R&B, skewed space-pop, glistening post-ambient soundscapes and mangled, synth-laden grime, ris... more...

12inch Happy Skull: Hapskl005 € 9,99
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26-06-2014 - thursday

Marco Bernardi - Floating

Marco Bernardi


Great release by Marco Bernardi who is delivering one after another strong release at the moment including doing his own label ''take the elevator''.... more...

12inch Happy Skull: Hapskl004 remind
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02-10-2013 - wednesday

10-07-2013 - wednesday

Kowton & Hyetal - Systems Of Desire

Kowton & Hyetal

Systems Of Desire

The label kick offs in illustrious fashion with a collaborative release between two of Bristol's younger producers, Kowton and Hyetal. Adopting the na... more...

12inch Happy Skull: Hapskl001 remind

D'Arcangelo - D'Arcangelo



Happy Skull serve up a rare EP from Italy's D'Arcangelo brothers. The sibling duo have been active since the early 1990s, when they played a pivotal r... more...

12inch Happy Skull: HAPSKL013 remind