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14-08-2023 - monday


Livin' Up / Stop (Black Vinyl)

''Livin' Up'' and ''Stop'' by B.W.H., real 'milestones' of European disco music. Italo-Disco in the purest form that exists and that only the most vir... more...

12inch House Of Music: HM1001/RBLACK € 17,49


Livin ' Up / Stop

An essential part of the European disco history... "Livin' Up" and "Stop" by B.W.H., these two tracks are true 'milestones' and Italo-Disco in the pur... more...

12inch House Of Music: HM1001/R grey € 17,49

03-07-2023 - monday


A Dog in the Night

Groundbreaking release from the early 80's produced with rather primitive synthesizers with as result "A Dog in the Night" a track with a thick sound,... more...

12inch House Of Music: HM1002/R € 17,49

05-06-2023 - monday


Cybernetic Love

Salvatore Cusato, aka Casco, working as a DJ in a Swiss disco club, seized the opportunity to create a song that he really liked. It is not certain ''... more...

12inch House Of Music: HM1004/R € 17,99


All Right / Blackway (Are You ?)

All tracks are original record productions House Of Music 1984, unreleased until April 2015. This record is in loving memory of Vincenzo Balestrieri,... more...

12inch House Of Music: HM1011 remind