Cybernetic Love

Casco - Cybernetic Love

Salvatore Cusato, aka Casco, working as a DJ in a Swiss disco club, seized the opportunity to create a song that he really liked. It is not certain ''where from'' he got the idea to create that electronic piece now considered a ''masterpiece'' of Italo-Disco and it is not appropriate to snitch.
However, Cusato had the idea, Studio G in Genoa expertly crafted it and Carlo Favilli and Stefano Zito produced for House of Music ''Cybernetic Love'' which had to wait a quarter of a century to get the right applause.
On side A the two original versions from 1984, while on side AA with the immersive strings played by Layer Bows we find ''Cyberlover'', an 8:18 minute track entirely remastered and remixed at TSoNYC - The Sound of New York City - NY, USA by Danilo Braca, the dj with the right ear to bring the song into a more captivating dimension while maintaining the original atmosphere.

12inch House Of Music: HM1004/R € 17,99
12inch Archivio Fonografico Moderno: Arfon08 remind
12inch House Of Music: HM1004R remind