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Fred P

Energy Soul

Enter center stage is Fred P, the undisputed master of subtle four to the floor Soul and Tech infused House.

12inch Ibadan: Ibadan133 remind

12inch Ibadan: IRC122 remind


Them Crowd Kids LP1

Quell with more of their classy house tracks. 90's rooted tracks with modern production skills

12inch Ibadan: Irc1196 remind
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Jerome Sydenham

Animal Social Club Vinyl 3

Part three of SydenhamsAnimal social club series delivering some tight clean modern house weapons.

12inch Ibadan: IRC117 remind

Jerome Sydenham

Animal Social Club Vinyl 2

This is the second vinyl in Jerome Sydenham's 3 part 'Animal Social Club' vinyl series. What you hear is not really the rainforest, or the wilderness.... more...

12inch Ibadan: IRC116 remind

Jerome Sydenham

Animal Social Club Vinyl 1

Three track ep with some updated house tracks by veterann Jerome Sydenham on the American Ibadan label. Warm effective tracks.Special mention for b2 c... more...

12inch Ibadan: IRC115 € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L


Upon Ourselves feat. Baika

Osunlade remixes! Upon Ourselves'', the first single off Argy's critically acclaimed ''Fundamentals'' album, has been immortalized with 2 exemplary re... more...

12inch Ibadan: Ibadan111 remind

Jerome Sydenham

Natural Spray

Mt Sydenham does what people expect him to do these days... deliver some peak time club monsters. And he does that very effective! 3 out of 3 tracks w... more...

12inch Ibadan: Ibadan105 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Jerome Sydenham

Jango 2

Old school-ish house tracks in a modern production by the talented Jerome Sydenham. Great tracks that remind a lot of Todd Terry and the great early 9... more...

12inch Ibadan: Irc098 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Jerome Sydenham

Destination Nagano (Joris Voorn remix)

Joris Voorn delivers the goods with his remix of 'Destination Nagano'. Voorn uses the original's distinctive, driving stab to build an epic, spiralli... more...

12inch Ibadan: IRC096 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L



Massive club tune on this Ibadan 10'' series. Shaking and shuffling beats and monster synths on top of it.

One sided 12 Ibadan: TIB009 remind

Jerome Sydenham / Texu / Romantic Couch


Argy & Samuel L Session remixes plus the original version. Uplifting modern techno house.

12inch Ibadan: Ibadan087 remind

Nikola Gala

Kilo Tango

Nice techno-ish house track. Could be one of those big tunes!

12inch Ibadan: Ibadan 084 remind

Tiger Stripes

The Vulture

A jumping afro-beat instrumental scorcher on the a-side. Oldschool-house instrumental with trancy chords and rich string orchestration on the flip, ve... more...

12inch Ibadan: Ibadan 071 remind

10inch Ibadan: Ibadan 006 remind

ferrer & Sydenham Inc.

The Back Door

At first we thought ''They really are taking the piss this time'' at the sight of another one-sided Ibadan 12'' from Dennis Ferrer and Jerome Sydenha... more...

12inch Ibadan: Ibadan 076 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L



Four beautiful deep & soulful housetracks by Jerome Sydenham, Willie Graff & T. Tauri, Kerri Chandler & Tony Watson.

12inch Ibadan: Ibadan083 remind

Dennis Ferrer

Son of Raw

another smooth rolling piece of house music from the man of the moment Dennis Ferrer. For all fans of effective house tracks with a touch of tech.

One sided 12 Ibadan: Ibadan 070 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Ten City

Thats The Way Love Is 2007

One of the greatest house hymns of all time gets re-created by JEROME SYDENHAM and TIGER STRIPES who carefully re-created the classic sound with synth... more...

12inch Ibadan: Ibadan 81 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L