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Dario Zenker - Farrel ep

Dario Zenker

Farrel ep

After several great releases on labels like Vakant and Time To Express, Dario’s debut on his own imprint! Solid detailed techno tracks that slowly bui... more...

12inch Ilian Tape: Ilian007 remind

Marco Zenker - Blue Air ep

Marco Zenker

Blue Air ep

Straight forward techno tracks with nice athmosphere. Comes with a nice Conforce remix

12inch Ilian Tape: Ilian008 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Dario Zenker - 6 unlimited lights ep

Dario Zenker

6 unlimited lights ep

Lovely 3 track ep with electro/techno tracks topped with nice athmospheric strings without forgetting the drive that keeps the dancefloor going!

12inch Ilian Tape: Ilian011 remind

Marco Zenker - Black Box EP

Marco Zenker

Black Box EP

2012! Finally. The end of the magic Maya calendar and the start of another cosmic Ilian calendar until 2043. Here we are with Ilian number 12…hang on... more...

12inch Ilian Tape: Ilian012 remind

Various Artists - Bias Jams - 1

Various Artists

Bias Jams - 1

New series Bias Jams, on Ilian Tape starts off with a compilation of 4 tracks from Japan, Serbia, Argentina and Italy. Great techno tracks for the clu... more...

12inch Ilian Tape: Ilian013 remind

Simple & Thigpen - Licking Peanut Butter

Simple & Thigpen

Licking Peanut Butter

We are proud to welcome Simple & Thigpen (aka Helix) from Detroit & a small town in southeast Georgia on Ilian Tape for their first collaboration eva.... more...

12inch Ilian Tape: Ilian014 remind

Marco Zenker - Twenty-Three

Marco Zenker


The 12″ starts off with Anisa, dedicated to Marco's lady in mind and partner in wine. The eastern influences from his hood aren't easy to ignore... more...

12inch Ilian Tape: Ilian015 remind

Dario Zenker - Installment 4809N

Dario Zenker

Installment 4809N

The mystical fairy tale of lord Chris De Slurgh of the highest bavarian highlands ends here. It was just a matter of time until the malignant and brea... more...

12inch Ilian Tape: Ilian016 € 8,99

Stenny - Solstice Deity (Paul du Lac remix)


Solstice Deity (Paul du Lac remix)

Stenny enters the bizz by simply building his own Outime Artifacts, oh you don’t know what outime is supposed to mean? We don’t know either, but we ju... more...

12inch Ilian Tape: Ilian017 remind

Marco Zenker - Morpho

Marco Zenker


Pumpin Zenkin Open Air Cuts..

12inch Ilian Tape: Ilian019 remind

Dario Zenker - Old D Tracks

Dario Zenker

Old D Tracks

Old D Tracks remastered 180 gr. special vinyl edition..

12inch Ilian Tape: ITX01 remind

Stenny & Andrea - Vostok Smokescreen
12inch Ilian Tape: Ilian020 remind

Dario Zenker - Alto Fragments

Dario Zenker

Alto Fragments

Cool bassline driven building techno tracks with a little old schoolish rave feel.

12inch Ilian Tape: Ilian021 remind

Jonas Kopp - 55 Dias

Jonas Kopp

55 Dias

Jonas Kopp ambient cuts with a Kowton Remix on 180 gr. Vinyl.

12inch Ilian Tape: ITX02 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Rupcy - Utow



Voodoo thunders outa Mars on 180g vinyl.

12inch Ilian Tape: Ilian023 € 10,29

Sciahri - Mysterious Love
12inch Ilian Tape: ITX03 remind

Zenker Bros - Mount Watz

Zenker Bros

Mount Watz

Strong 4 track techno ep with a nice versatile selection.

12inch Ilian Tape: Ilian024 remind

Andrea - Space Forma


Space Forma

Thrilling Multifunctional Space Trips.

12inch Ilian Tape: Ilian025 remind

Marco Zenker - 2626
12inch Ilian Tape: Ilian026 remind

Stenny - Hagale



Floatin Slammin Balotelli Bazooks. more...

12inch Ilian Tape: Ilian027 remind

Skee Mask - Junt
12inch Ilian Tape: ITX05 remind

Skee Mask - Shred

Skee Mask


The second album on Ilian Tape comes again out of Munich city; Skee Mask delivers 12 tracks that range from the sound of a peaceful and energetic plac... more...

2LP Ilian Tape: IlianLP02 remind

Stenny - Consume IV


Consume IV

Vehement Luscious Transcendental Bodychecks.

12inch Ilian Tape: Ilian030 remind

Roger 23 - Extended Play
12inch Ilian Tape: ITX08 remind

Marco Zenker - Phony Pictures
12inch Ilian Tape: Ilian031 remind

Andrea - Wintermay



Blithe Antinationalist Wrestling Maneuver

12inch Ilian Tape: Ilian032 remind

Andres Zacco - Unseen
12inch Ilian Tape: ITX010 remind

Skee Mask - 2012

Skee Mask


Skee Mask the lord of german underground rap proudly presents his brand new Ilian Skee Series powered by Ilian Tape.

12inch Ilian Tape: ISS001 € 10,99

Zenker Brothers - The Schyren
12inch Ilian Tape: Ilian033 remind

Skee Mask - ISS002

Skee Mask


Social Media Frustration Treatment techno.

12inch Ilian Tape: ISS002 remind

Stenny - Old Bad Habits
12inch Ilian Tape: Ilian036 remind

Andrea - Remade
12inch Ilian Tape: Ilian037 remind

Andrea - Forse



Sprightly Galvanizing Bud Spencer Hits. more...

12inch Ilian Tape: Ilian039 remind

Skee Mask - 808BB

Skee Mask


Fleet-footed Glacier Melters.

12inch Ilian Tape: ISS003 € 10,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L