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17-02-2022 - thursday

Romain FX - JIN05 EP (Telephones remix)

Romain FX

JIN05 EP (Telephones remix)

JIN05 enters the winter season with a funky warmth from synthesizer specialist Romain FX. Based in Lyon, raised in Taiwan and Hong Kong, Romain is a t... more...

12inch JIN: JIN05 € 12,99

14-01-2022 - friday

Sunju Hargun - JIN04 EP (Marc Pinol & Initals B.B. Remixes)

Sunju Hargun

JIN04 EP (Marc Pinol & Initals B.B. Remixes)

In its 4th installment, JIN, the Taipei, Taiwan-based label, continues its cosmic journey with a set of tracks that simmer between peak-time dancefloo... more...

12inch JIN: JIN04 remind

20-05-2021 - thursday

Ground - JIN 03


JIN 03

JIN 03 EP presents a 4 track EP from Osaka's Ground. True to his unique soul that's reminiscent of a nomad, traversing the planet, befriending kindre... more...

12inch JIN: JIN03 € 13,49

04-02-2021 - thursday

Mr. Ho - JIN 02

Mr. Ho

JIN 02

JIN’s 2nd EP storms out the gate with Hong Kong’s finest Mr. Ho. The Klasse Wreck’s head honcho boss drops three originals. more...

12inch JIN: JIN02 € 13,49

04-03-2020 - wednesday