Initials B.B. / LuJiachi / Gonno / Samo DJ

JIN 01

Initials B.B. / LuJiachi / Gonno / Samo DJ - JIN 01

Taipei Taiwans brand new label Jin makes a strong impression with compilation like debut. Kick starting with Initials B.B. On A1 - A Trancy house classic layered with floating melody reminiscent of traveling through the wilderness with breeze, while Tokyo's one n only Gonno's A2 remix puts 909 into full force. Stomping kick
drum makes this cut a lethal weapon for late night utopia on any dance floors. B1 takes a drastic turn to the other spectrum of Taipei underground. Up & coming local talent Lujiachi sucks you to the dim light of Taipei darkness, night-crawling the way with Industrial drum pattern, spooky East Asian horn and swaggy bassline
that's as unpredictable and addictive as there is. B2 & B3 sees stockholms wizard Samo DJ remixes; showcasing his trademark weirdo slow motion electro / dubby stamps strictly made out of MPC.

12inch JIN: JIN01 € 13,49