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28-02-2018 - wednesday

Vakula - Metaphors



Immersive listening music from Vakula, created in the hidden depths of the Ukraine. more...

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18-01-2017 - wednesday

Dusty Baron - A Little Comedy, A Little Drama

Dusty Baron

A Little Comedy, A Little Drama

he album 'A Little Comedy, A Little Drama' by Dusty Baron is the result of collaboration of Moldavian fellows Eugen Kara, Ivan Slivka and Dima Scripni... more...

LP Leleka: Leleka008 € 19,99

26-08-2015 - wednesday

Vakula - Dedicated To Jim Morrison


Dedicated To Jim Morrison

This album is Vakula's thoughts in time and out of season dedicated to Morrison, the poet, the musician, the soft mad child, the great man. 'Enter aga... more...

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29-01-2015 - thursday

Vakula - Voyage To Arcturus


Voyage To Arcturus

nspired by a journey of a man, who is not afraid to leave everything behind and travel far beyond the stars, Vakula sets off for the exploration on ne... more...

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10-10-2013 - thursday

Vakula - Night Walks


Night Walks

For fans of psychedelic mood with elements of traditional African rhythms and atmospheres for inspiration.

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06-12-2012 - thursday

Vakula & Dusty Baron  - Autumn Leleka

Vakula & Dusty Baron

Autumn Leleka

Dusty Baron aka Latecomer may be a recent arrival on the scene, but he plays like a true veteran. A mysterious export from the around same eastern lat... more...

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24-08-2012 - friday

Ashes To Machines - Resistance ep

Ashes To Machines

Resistance ep

This time, it is with the aid of the pan global operation known as Ashes To Machines. Lionel Corsini (DJ Oil) & Jeff Sharel are true musical ambassado... more...

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06-04-2012 - friday

Vakula - Leleka EP2


Leleka EP2

The eagerly awaited, second installment of Vakula's Ukrainian-based Leleka imprint. Four very different tracks each with his unique, trademark afro-co... more...

12inch Leleka: Leleka002 remind

Vakula  - Leleka



Heralding the birth of the first Leleka is a limited edition, hand stamped, two-tone vinyl release from the label's owner Vakula from Konotop. These... more...

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