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Tuning Circuits - Sampler

Tuning Circuits


The audio-cassette that will change your world! Non-concessive creative energy against the common lack of new ideas and thrown away idealism for easy... more...

12inch MRT: MRT002 remind

Dream Weapons - MRT003
12inch MRT: MRT003 remind

Bruno Belluomini - Agony

Bruno Belluomini


Three relentless techno pieces that dive into rough, violent, dirty waters.

12inch MRT: MRT004 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Mitchell Goor - The Self Destructive

Mitchell Goor

The Self Destructive

Four tracks by Rotterdam-based Mitchell Goor which move from sinister corners of life to heavy concrete walls, impossible to surmounts.

12inch MRT: MRT006 remind

Steinzeit - Wahrheit



Steinzeit concludes the MRT grey series. The duo is comprised of Hansruedi Schnuriger, one half of Echo 106, and Bjorn Magnusson. They recorded these... more...

12inch MRT: MRT008 € 9,99