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25-09-2023 - monday


Silent Treatment

Dive into the captivating world of Lenxi with her electrifying debut EP, Silent Treatment. This mesmerizing blend of Acid, Electro, and melancholic p... more...

EP Magnetron Music: MAG206 € 15,99

11-09-2023 - monday

Borokov Borokov


Belgian electro sensation Borokov Borokov unleashes Electrifying Album 'POTATO,' a unique mix of Outsider Electro, Punk, and Acid. Known for their... more...

LP Magnetron Music: MAG207 € 18,99

03-10-2022 - monday

De Witte Kunst

Spek & Bonen

De Witte Kunst is for lovers of Ton Lebbink, Palmbomen and New Order. De Witte Kunst is Lyckle Willem Pier de Jong and Koen van Bommel. Lyckle Willem... more...

12inch Magnetron Music: MAG202 € 18,99

05-09-2022 - monday

DMX Krew


DMX Krew delivers an ultra-solid Electro Funk 6-track EP on Magnetron Music. 'Serious' is the perfect machine-funk-focused distillation of DMX Krew... more...

EP Magnetron Music: Mag191 € 14,99

04-04-2022 - monday



2099 is the debut EP of the talented Figi who is on a mission to bring Boogie back to the 21st century. The EP is a clash of time. Taking sounds fr... more...

12inch Magnetron Music: Mag184 € 11,99

14-02-2022 - monday

Fatima Yamaha

Build Back Bangers

After releasing his last album "Spontaneous Order" Yamaha is back with a new EP "Built Back Bangers". Build It Up on the a-side is a stompin' and pum... more...

12inch Magnetron Music: Mag185 € 10,99

11-10-2021 - monday



Pavel Fedoseev is KIKOK. As one of the few remaining members of the Komi tribe, he used the Komi words Ki (= arm) and Kok (= leg) as his brandname "Pr... more...

LP Magnetron Music: Mag182 € 17,99

06-09-2021 - monday


The Roaring Twenties

After a long hiatus in Comtron releases they are back. Stronger than ever. Comtron (Fatima Yamaha and Rimer London) are known for they're critical vie... more...

2x12inch Magnetron Music: Mag181 € 20,99

06-04-2021 - tuesday

Faberyayo, Stippenlift & Betonkust


(English below) Verstop vlug uw vinyl van de soundtrack van de succesvolle fictiepodcast?Gothrecht?van de VPRO, daar komt het management stampvoetend... more...

LP Magnetron Music: MagBF01 € 20,99

15-02-2021 - monday

Fatima Yamaha

Day We Met Remixes

The first single from the long awaited new Fatima Yamaha album is the poppy Day We Met and it comes with 4 outstanding remixes by highly esteemed remi... more...

12inch Magnetron Music: MAG166 € 9,99

10-02-2021 - wednesday


The Work

Karel's second EP "The Work" is being re-released January 4th of 2021. After the success of his first EP, "Life", released on Job Jobse's label (De Vl... more...

12inch Magnetron Music: MAG153 € 9,99

08-02-2021 - monday

De Witte Kunst

De Witte Kunst

De Witte Kunst is for lovers of Ton Lebbink, Palmbomen and New Order. De Witte Kunst is Lyckle Willem Pier de Jong and Koen van Bommel. They are both... more...

EP Magnetron Music: MAG162 remind

Fatima Yamaha

Spontaneous Order

Bas Bron aka Fatima Yamaha follows up 2015's successful Imaginary Lines. Refusing to conform, he's continued to work in his own way. 'Spontaneous Orde... more...

2LP Magnetron Music: MAG163 € 19,99

19-12-2019 - thursday

18-04-2019 - thursday

Le Le


Clueleless is the latest EP from the Champagne based trio Le Le. Their unique, quirky tracks demonstrate the fusion of impeccable production and creat... more...

12inch Magnetron Music: MAG135 € 12,99

09-03-2016 - wednesday

Fatima Yamaha

Imaginary Lines

Fatima Yamaha. Not a Creature of Culture Creation. A Girl Between two Worlds, a Citizen of the Universe. What's a girl to Do when Love Invades and Ima... more...

2LP Magnetron Music: MAG080/R08264 remind

Le Le

Disco Monster rmx

Accessible disco... ehhh monster by Le Le combining the worst or the best from Disco with raw popular raving house tracks from the Ed Banger, Boys Noi... more...

12inch Magnetron Music: MAG010 remind

Le Le


Vocals by P. Faberge from D.J.V.T 'De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig'. 80's Electro Wave Funk with a clear link to Freeze, ESG, Cure, Kraftwerk and T. Dolby.... more...

12inch Magnetron Music: MAG007 remind

Rimeroni Vumani

Rimeroni Vumani

Bas Bron aka Seymour Bits (right??who else can this be...) drops some funk monters... with a touch of Drexciya and a bit of Orlando Voorn. Some nice s... more...

12inch Magnetron Music: MAG005 remind

Frank Hebly


Nice p-funk influenced disco electro tracks from the Seymour Bits posse.

12inch Magnetron Music: MAG004 remind