KIKOK - Speedway

Pavel Fedoseev is KIKOK. As one of the few remaining members of the Komi tribe, he used the Komi words Ki (= arm) and Kok (= leg) as his brandname "Pretty important elements for a human being, aren't they?" he says of the name. Born in Kudymkar (capital of the Komi-Permyak nation) , now lives in Perm, no less than a 22-hour train journey east of Moscow, placing Fedoseev in what, he says, feels like cultural and social isolation.
KIKOK works on this album with Loua (Luciana Russo) an electronic music producer based in Amsterdam. She's taking care of vocals and voice snippets. This 10 track album acts as a means to escape the monotonous cycle of his hometown. The end result is a record that sounds both propulsive and hypnotic, an album that sounds like moving forward and in circles at the same time. Rich lashings of synthesisers pulse over beats that switch between techno thump and restrained ambience, with tracks seamlessly moving from dance floor stomp to woozy comedown let-up. Russian Rave Pop at it's best. Perm is a disgusting city," says KIKOK's Pavel of his hometown. "It's dirty, boring and rough. I'm afraid of walking outside; that's why I sit at home and watch movies and make music."
Marcel Dettmann **** Axel Boman ***** Joris Voorn **** Tim Sweeney *****
Comes in yellow vinyl.

LP Magnetron Music: Mag182 € 17,99