Label: Metatronix - All

V/A - Plug Tunes vol.1


Plug Tunes vol.1

Down tempo advanced electronix from the Miami camp. 5 tracks produced by Supersoul, Push Button Objects, Calamalka a.o. Cool stuff!

12inch Metatronix: Metatronix 2108 remind

V/A - Plug Tunes Vol. 2


Plug Tunes Vol. 2

Super cool dub/reggae flavoured downtempo tracks w/ Supersoul, Digital K a.o.

12inch Metatronix: Metatronix 009 € 11,90

Diamond Ice - Funk 4 Vol. 1

Diamond Ice

Funk 4 Vol. 1

Super phat dubby + r'n'b-ish downtempo miami bass killer cuts.. For booming systems

12inch Metatronix: Metatronix 010 remind

Supersoul - Sound Clash (Champions)


Sound Clash (Champions)

Smoked-out downtempo dubby hiphop electronics featuring Push Button Objects with vocals by Dynas, Judah Manson & Skam2?. Good.

12inch Metatronix: Metatronix 3108 € 10,99

Supersoul - 45



Spaced-out quality hiphop featuring Judah Manson, Sess & Induce. Remix by Nick Fury.

12inch Metatronix: Metatronix 012 € 9,99

Supersoul - Backa Wall


Backa Wall

Wicked underground hip-hop featuring Judah Manson and a remix by Push Button Objects (Schematic). more...

12inch Metatronix: Metatronix 4108 € 9,99

V/A - Paper Chase / Get Cha Weight Up


Paper Chase / Get Cha Weight Up

Nick Fury & Dynas are taking it up against Supersoul & Judah Manson. Smoked out heavyweight hip-hop! more...

12inch Metatronix: Metatronix 013 € 9,99