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Tale Of Us - Another Earth

Tale Of Us

Another Earth

Tale of Us and their first release for Minus. Both musical and minimal, Tale of Us strip things back to their most basic ingredients. Circular phrases... more...

12inch Minus: MINUSMIN2 remind

Matador - Spooks Ep


Spooks Ep

Snappy minimalized techno tracks on Minus records. Effective like a computer.

12inch Minus: Minus117 remind

Matador - Kingswing ep


Kingswing ep

New Dublin artist on Minus. All bleeping soft focus melody lines and cantering kicks, it's a slowly building bomb. Elsewhere there is shimmying, sugge... more...

12inch Minus: Minus116 remind

Plastikman - Arkives Analog


Arkives Analog

For long-time devotees and new fans alike, Hawtin now presents Plastikman's Arkives, a comprehensive release that pulls together 17 years of the Plast... more...

6x12inch Minus: Minus100analog remind

Loco Dice - Knibbie Never Comes Alone
12inch Minus: Minus111 remind

Mathew Jonson  - Learning To Fly

Mathew Jonson

Learning To Fly

New Mathew Jonson and according to himself his best release to date. Building minimal tracks.

12inch Minus: Minus108 remind

Ambivalent & Alexi Delano - Brooklyn Weekdays

Ambivalent & Alexi Delano

Brooklyn Weekdays

Kevin McHugh, the producer & DJ commonly known as Ambivalent, follows up his 2010 EPs Rumors and Down with the release in April 2011 of Brooklyn Weekd... more...

12inch Minus: Minus104 remind

Gaiser - Unstable Static


Unstable Static

Minus delivering their trademark clean effective big room tools with bouncy jacking basslines. Check!

12inch Minus: Minus094 remind

Hobo - Berlin Booty


Berlin Booty

Two tracks of clean techno tracks, on the a-side a heavy bass monster that will shake things up, and on the flip a lighter track with analogue bleeps... more...

12inch Minus: Minus103 remind

Plastikman - Slinky



The new plastikman single taken from his Arkives box set.

12inch Minus: Minus099 remind

Ambivalent - Rumors



Stripped down techno tracks from the Richie Hawtin umwelt. Kind of early 90's dancer mania Chicago house washed in a chemical bath.

12inch Minus: Minus091 remind

Robotman / FUSE - Hypnofreak / NT

Robotman / FUSE

Hypnofreak / NT

Richie Hawtin. Unplayed whitelabel copy with Minus stamp.

12inch Minus: minus7PLUS8076 remind

Hobo - Trackz



Minimal jacking tracks that somehow remind of dance mania records. Also a label that was doing many releases and just dropping effective and funky dru... more...

12inch Minus: Minus086 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

V/A - Minimize To Maximize


Minimize To Maximize

Minimize to Maximize assembles an international variety of people, moods and tempos, all searching for the next wavelength in new music. Includes trac... more...

3x12inch Minus: Minus025lp remind

Ambivalent - Is 5


Is 5

Minimal uplifting club tracks on Richie Hawtin's Minus label. This one goes a bit more into the darker techno club sound of the Berlin guys such as Le... more...

12inch Minus: Minus079 remind

Richie Hawtin - Orange

Richie Hawtin


Powerful percussive flavored techno house mover with Yello samples. more...

12inch Minus: Orange012 remind

Louderbach - Shine (Radio Edit)


Shine (Radio Edit)

The most intriguing aspect of Troy Pierce’s and Gibby Miller’s Louderbach project is the way it effortlessly pulls in so many directions and as if to... more...

7inch Minus: Minus075.2 remind

Louderbach - Shine (remix A.delano, S.troxler)


Shine (remix A.delano, S.troxler)

Solid modern club tracks on Richi Hawtins Minus label. Good remix by Seth Troxler!!

12inch Minus: Minus075 remind

Louderbach - Autumn



Arguably the label’s most significant release of recent times, with the dark metaphors of Gibby Miller’s often chilling vocal performances fitting han... more...

2x12inch Minus: Minus076 remind

False - Love Letters ep.


Love Letters ep.

Matthew Dear back with some edgy techno tracks on Minus full of mechanical beats, Fx loaded breakdowns and subtle processed vocals. Hi-tech techno.

12inch Minus: Minus072 remind

Hobo - From A ToB


From A ToB

Almost old schoolish techno tracks on Minus with the a-side reminiscent to old Profan records. Bouncy bassline, stereo type techno beats and catchy vo... more...

12inch Minus: Minus069 remind

Barem - Kolimar



Effective minimal techno tracks as we know from Richi Hawtins dj sets and his Minus label. Modern music for the young & modern ones among us.

12inch Minus: Minus068 remind

Gaiser - Trunkated



Minimal techno tracks in the welknown Minus style. Love it or hate it!

12inch Minus: Minus066 remind

Marc Houle - Sixty Four

Marc Houle

Sixty Four

Solid double pack by Marc Houle with tracks that totally remind of the good old days! DBX & Dance Mania style in a new jacket! Our favorite Minus rele... more...

12inch Minus: Minus064 remind

Theorem - Shift



Minimalistic techno. White label promo copy with infosheet.

12inch Minus: MINUSTH1 remind

Niederflur - Typo Ep


Typo Ep

Minimal clean techno tracks from the minus plus8 camp. Ranging from clean athmospheric tracks to uptempo more jacking pieces.

12inch Minus: Minus ND6 remind

Heartthrob - Dear Painter, Paint me


Dear Painter, Paint me

Full length album with loads of modern techno trickery. From slower distant pulsating rhythms to deep funking bassline driven tracks with loose hihats... more...

12inch Minus: Minus063 remind

Heartthrob - Signs



uptempo DBX style minimal Detroit techno on side a. B-side is a cleaner more introvert take on minimal techno. Effective tool

12inch Minus: Minus062 remind

Fabrizio Maurizi - Ok Switch on

Fabrizio Maurizi

Ok Switch on

typical minimal techno from the Minus camp. Bone dry beats, precision bleeps and an electrified hook line that really whips up a storm.

12inch Minus: Minus060 remind

Bug vs. Hawtin - Lowblow

Bug vs. Hawtin


Limited one sided techno release by Richie Hawtin and Steve Bug. Minimal noisy dancefloor killer!

12inch Minus: Minus009 remind

Plastikman - I Don't Know


I Don't Know

Lifted from his ''Closer album, ''I Don't Know'' never made it onto the vinyl format until now, and is a moody minimal techno cut with breathy vocal s... more...

12inch Minus: Minus019 remind

False - Sink the Ship ep


Sink the Ship ep

Sink the Ship is another shining example of why Matthew Dear is one of techno's hottest properties, with 4 more minimal digital funk gems, bubbling an... more...

12inch Minus: Minus021 remind

Dj Minx - A Walk in the Park

Dj Minx

A Walk in the Park

Originally released on her own Woman On Wax label.. Now in the rebound with remixes from Matthew Dear, Magda and herself..

12inch Minus: Minus022 remind

Mathew Jonson - Decompression ep

Mathew Jonson

Decompression ep

Mr. Jonson with a slamming 2 tracker. Hypnotic as hell and well working for every minimal tech-house jock!

12inch Minus: Minus024 remind

Plastikman - Nostalgik.1



Mr. Hawtin's slammin' minimal techno madness.. Featuring a Ricardo Villalobos remix. Tip!!

12inch Minus: Minus-1 remind

Forcept 1 (Akufen) - Concept 1

Forcept 1 (Akufen)

Concept 1

On this first installment, Akufen "megamixes" the first 3 releases of the '96 R. Hawtin series into one wonderful minimal excursion, adding and subtra... more...

12inch Minus: Minus (Concept FR01) remind

Marc Houle - Restore

Marc Houle


Brilliant timeless minimal techno tracks that will suit every dj's set...

2x12inch Minus: Minus023lp remind

Slacknoise vs Plexus - Ana Tak
12inch Minus: Minus028 remind

Plastikman - Artifakts



Reduced rhythmic minimalism with extra wide spacy sounds. TIP!

2LP Minus: Minus003lp remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Ambivalent - r u ok


r u ok

Nice stripped down grooves with demented vocal things and effective break downs. Just same old minus quality.

12inch Minus: Minus049 remind

Barem - Never Better then Late


Never Better then Late

Funky & hypnotic minimalistics by Barem (Phonocult / Resopal / Mo's Ferry).

12inch Minus: Minus059 remind

Plastikman - Nostalgik 3
12inch Minus: Minus-3 remind

JPLS - Fuckshuffle



Dark, stripped down brooding techno. The beats are tougher than normal, plus there’s a distinct acid flavour to the proceedings but the tracks still r... more...

12inch Minus: Minus057 remind

V/A - Expansion Contraction


Expansion Contraction

Exclusive tracks by Plastikman, Dubfire, Marc Houle, Heartthrob, Gaiser, JPLS & Heartthrob. more...

2x12inch Minus: Minus058 remind

Various Artists - Min2Max pt1

Various Artists

Min2Max pt1

Hearthrob, Marc Houle and Wink collaborate on this new limited Minus serie... can't go wrong with these names if you are into modern minimal-ish techn... more...

12inch Minus: Minus040-1 remind

Gaiser - Eye Contact


Eye Contact

Gaiser hits the floor running with another collection of heavy duty tunes, picking up exactly where he left off on last year’s awesome Neural Block EP... more...

2x12inch Minus: Minus054 remind

Richie Hawtin - Concept 1 (variations by Thomas Brinkmann)

Richie Hawtin

Concept 1 (variations by Thomas Brinkmann)

Re-issue - Special remastered limited double cd pack! It’s safe to say that Richie Hawtin’s 1996 Concept 1 series stands out as a body of work that pe... more...

CD Minus: Minus096:VR:CD/2 remind

Plastikman - Hypokondriak / Afrika


Hypokondriak / Afrika

Minimal techno before the big hype. Promotional copy. Mint condition.

12inch Minus: Minus003 remind

Marc Houle - Techno Vocals

Marc Houle

Techno Vocals

Evil minimal driving techno tracks.

12inch Minus: Minus050 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L