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22-11-2019 - friday

Byron the Aquarius - Astral Travelling

Byron the Aquarius

Astral Travelling

A stunning piece of fusion built from everything between jazz, soul, hiphop and house makes Mutual Intentions a perfect platform for the release. Stri... more...

LP Mutual Intentions: MI016 € 37,99

26-08-2019 - monday

4AM - 4AM



Official reissue of the ultra rare 4AM album. An album that should easily appeal to anyone who's into the sounds of Jeff Phelps, Patrick Cowley, Ronal... more...

LP Mutual Intentions: MI013 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Fred Fades & Jawnrice - Luv Neva Fades

Fred Fades & Jawnrice

Luv Neva Fades

The Mutual Intentions collaborators have forged a sound together in classic House, siphoning a myriad of influences through their intricate constructi... more...

LP Mutual Intentions: MI021 remind

Fredfades & Jawn Rice - Remixes

Fredfades & Jawn Rice


The Norwegian House duo gets the remix treatment from Chmmr, Deep88, and Hugo LX while Fredfades & Jawn Rice goes OG on a demo version from their high... more...

12inch Mutual Intentions: MI022 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L