Fredfades & Jawn Rice


Fredfades & Jawn Rice - Remixes

The Norwegian House duo gets the remix treatment from Chmmr, Deep88, and Hugo LX while Fredfades & Jawn Rice goes OG on a demo version from their highly anticipated LP. Basking in the warmth of the duo's analogue sounds, Chmmr transports Show me How to the farthest recesses of the galaxy with some spacy synths and cool reverbs blowing through Dreamcast's sensual vocal before Fredfades & Jawn Rice tempers Travels through Air with an OG lean on the A side. Meanwhile on the B-side; Deep 88 carve a yawning a trench for Stimulator Jones' airy vocal before Hugo LX puts a bounce in the step of Mutual Love to close out the exciting remix package. The sound of Fred and Jawn peek through consistently, with each artist putting their own distinctive stamp on the originals. Elements of Jazz, Soul and Hip Hop create a heady fusion of sounds breaking loose from the House foundations for this series of heavy steppers.

12inch Mutual Intentions: MI022 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L