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18-12-2013 - wednesday

Keen K / Infinity Night - Split Dimension 2

Keen K / Infinity Night

Split Dimension 2

Keen K., Kinky Roland (vocals) & Infinity Night will take you on another melodic trip into italo romantics! Inspired and fascinated by the golden age... more...

12inch Radio Cosmos: RCSD02 remind

Keen K / Infinity Night - Split Dimension 1

Keen K / Infinity Night

Split Dimension 1

Radio Cosmos is back with more beautiful, well crafted synth disco tracks. Keen K already stole our heart with his previous releases on Das Drehmoment... more...

12inch Radio Cosmos: RCSD01 remind

Various Artists   - Synth Planet

Various Artists

Synth Planet

The Radio Cosmos label is obsessed with all analogue synthezisers, the label seeks for emotions in the melody and tries to find some sort of synergy f... more...

2LP Radio Cosmos: RC04 remind

Various Artists - Synthetic Memento

Various Artists

Synthetic Memento

Phat neo-disco compilation with works by Keen K., InfinityNight, Aldo Bergamachine, Kinky Roland, Young Monday, P. Muench, Vision Talk, Brian E, Antil... more...

2x12inch Radio Cosmos: RC003 remind

Various Artists - Synth station

Various Artists

Synth station

The second compilation with a selection of obscure artists producing 9 fine synth disco pieces! Its artists such as Starcluster, Makina Girgir, Q , Al... more...

LP Radio Cosmos: RC02 remind

V/A - Synthesize Me


Synthesize Me

Great Disco compilation of 9 Synthesizer tracks all collected on one album. Limited pressing of just 500 copies! more...

LP Radio Cosmos: RC01 remind