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06-11-2023 - monday

Credit 00 & Wolf Muller

Funk The System

Funk The System! The recipe is simple: Dig deep, listen to your heart, record everything you got on a dusty old desktop computer, leave it to simmer f... more...

12inch Rat Life: Rat22 € 17,99

22-05-2023 - monday

Das A&O

Les Hommes Boivent

Humans have to drink! They went down to the pond to quench their thirst. Sipping from the cool wet while being on all fours, they saw the reflection o... more...

7inch Rat Life: Rat21 € 14,49
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03-10-2022 - monday

Data Theft

Data Theft

For a couple of years, there has been a lot of data transfer between the thief and the rat. After the first bytes got exchanged, it was clear they... more...

12inch Rat Life: Rat20 € 11,99

13-09-2021 - monday

Religius Order

Luci Nere

Rat Life Records is back with more music to accompany the end of the world. Here are six tracks by Roman citizen Alessio Di Mezza (also known as Relig... more...

Mini-LP Rat Life: Rat19 € 11,99

20-07-2020 - monday

Serial Error

Afro Gothic EP

Serial Error was founded as a New Beat project when Jacob Korn was asked for a submission to the 'Our Beat Is Still New' compilation series on the Bel... more...

12inch Rat Life: Rat18 remind

18-11-2019 - monday

Westlake & Hayter

Sucksonia EP

Greetings from Sucksonia! This is Rat Life number 17 - straight from the arse end of nowhere called Saxony. Westlake & Hayter dedicate their debut EP... more...

12inch Rat Life: Rat17 remind

25-03-2019 - monday

Various Artists

Various Rats

Rat Life Records presents Various Rats! A compilation of ultimate Party Hits for the downfall of society. Happy Doomsday everyone! If there is a rat t... more...

12inch Rat Life: Rat16 remind

17-09-2018 - monday

Mr. Incognito

The Secret Lab

Transmission incoming from Mr. Incognito's secret lab. Rat Life presents eight psycho acoustic models made by the low key East German producer. You pr... more...

Mini-LP Rat Life: Rat15 € 10,99

16-04-2018 - monday

Credit 00

The Metal Beat EP

From Conrad Schnitzler in the 1960s to the pioneers of Detroit techno in the 1980s, experimental sonic artists were often inspired by the metallic noi... more...

12inch Rat Life: Rat14 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

15-01-2018 - monday

Serial Error

Drum Abuse

Rat Life Records presents Serial Error a Project by Credit 00, Jacob Korn & Sneaker. This outfit was brought to life in 2013 when Red D called for som... more...

12inch Rat Life: Rat13 € 8,99

09-10-2017 - monday


Big Time EP

We got Cuthead on Rat Life Number 12. You probably know this guy. He is respected worldwide for his one of a kind House and Hip-Hop productions. Latel... more...

12inch Rat Life: Rat12 € 8,99

11-09-2017 - monday

One Day In Metropia

Rat Life 11 EP

Rat Life is back with more unheard material from the hidden bedroom studios of East Germany. One Day In Metropia - is a project that was active around... more...

12inch Rat Life: Rat11 remind

05-12-2016 - monday


Bat EP

This guy Leibniz is back on Rat Life Records. You might remember him from the collaboration with Credit 00 on Basement Toolz Volume II. This time he g... more...

12inch Rat Life: Rat10 remind

19-09-2016 - monday

Randy Barracuda & Stiletti-Ana


Randy Barracuda & Stiletti-Ana present Mlipuke! "Mlipuke" is a misspelling of the Swahili word for explosion "Mlipuko". Explosive is also the word... more...

12inch Rat Life: Rat09 € 9,99

13-06-2016 - monday

Konstantin Tschechow

Alpha Omega

Little is known about Konstantin Tschechow, the first and last time we met was around the turn of the millennium in the small city of Koenigsbrueck in... more...

12inch Rat Life: Rat08 € 9,99

18-01-2016 - monday

Mono Junk

State of Funk ep

Mono Junk delivers four pieces of pure Finnish melancholia for Rat Life's 7th release. This guy is a true European techno originator and like no one h... more...

12inch Rat Life: Rat07 remind


Algerian Rai

Sneaker is going deep with his interpretation of Rai music on RAT 6. "Rai is a type of Algerian popular music that arose in the 1920s in the Algerian... more...

12inch Rat Life: Rat06 remind

Leibniz & Credit 00

Basement Toolz Vol. II

Leibniz and Credit 00 team up for more Basement Toolz on RAT5. Three home made Bangers to rock every party like its Octoberfest all over again. Buy tw... more...

12inch Rat Life: Rat05 remind

The Pagan Rites

Every Mauser & Browning

Rat Life returns with The Pagan Rites on Catalog Number 4. Little is known about the band from Sweden, first Signals were received in 2010 when they... more...

EP Rat Life: Rat04 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Credit 00

Basement Toolz Vol. 1

Three is the number, Basement Toolz the titel. Once again Rat Life Records is taking Mickey on a night out to the sewer. Here are two tracks made by C... more...

EP Rat Life: Rat03 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Various Artists

Rat Life 2

Imagine the early 80ies, cold war is on its peak, you are a young lad in american occupied Germany and don't feel like joining the army. What you go... more...

12inch Rat Life: Rat02 remind

Various Artists

Rat Life 1

"A lot of times we played places that got fear in 'em, where some fear went down. East germany, you know Dresden, places that aint particularly happy"... more...

12inch Rat Life: Rat01 remind