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Regelbau - Regelbau 01


Regelbau 01

Debut release from the Danish “Regelbau” imprint, with three long building epic house tracks with 90's style break beats and a after hours rave vibe.... more...

12inch Regelbau: RB01 remind

Regelbau - Regelbau 02


Regelbau 02

Second instalment by this fine new movement from Arhus, Denmark. Properly doped out deep house jams!

12inch Regelbau: RB02 remind

Regelbau - Regelbau 03


Regelbau 03

The third instalment by this fine trouble up from Arhus, Denmark. Spaced out house, trippy bits and strange gems! Tip for Mood Hut fans.

12inch Regelbau: RB03 remind

Various Artists - Regelbau 04
12inch Regelbau: RB04 remind

Hi-Mount & C.K - I Know

Hi-Mount & C.K

I Know

The fifth Regelbau record is a maxi of the single “I Know”. The Århus group Hi Mount consisting of pH 1, DJ Central & DJ Sports, have teamed up with C... more...

12inch Regelbau: RB05 remind

Various Artists - Club V-Bee

Various Artists

Club V-Bee

What do we have here? Well this is the sixth record from the Regelbau crew - ‘Club V-Bee’. Buying this record means you will score four cuts. The open... more...

12inch Regelbau: RB06 € 8,99

DJ Central & Erika Casier - Drive
12inch Regelbau: RB07 remind

Various Artists - Tiden Gar Sgu

Various Artists

Tiden Gar Sgu

The Danish all stars are back in full effect! Line up for your copy, hot summer ahead.. more...

12inch Regelbau: RB08 € 8,99