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24-05-2017 - wednesday

Boost Riders - People Like Me

Boost Riders

People Like Me

Shaddock 09 – People Like Me – comes courtesy of Boost Riders, alias of a well known hip hop producer from Madrid. They deliver a classy and catchy l... more...

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15-09-2014 - monday

27-11-2013 - wednesday

DeeKay Jones - Jones Comin Down (ft. Hercules & Love Affair vs. Haze Factory Remix)

DeeKay Jones

Jones Comin Down (ft. Hercules & Love Affair vs. Haze Factory Remix)

New York, New York by DeeKay Jones is an electrifying piece of hypnotic electric-disco-wave, produced in the eponymous city’s concrete jungle back in... more...

12inch Shaddock records: SHK07 remind

Factory Aire - B.O.Y.

Factory Aire


The labels sixth outing features the young talented L.A. based artist Jeremy Berman aka Factory Aire, including remixes by two longtime companions DJ... more...

12inch Shaddock records: SHK06 remind
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J.T.C. - Beats in Space (MadTeo Remix)


Beats in Space (MadTeo Remix)

Originally produced for Tim Sweenys Beats in Space radio show the title track was heard in one of J.T.C.s DJ sets during a night out in Berlin and was... more...

12inch Shaddock records: SHK05 remind


Tin Man


Tin Man makes a return to Shaddock Records, delivering his most dancefloor oriented record to date. Opening track ‘T_DD_T_RR_Y’ sees kicking beats wit... more...

12inch Shaddock records: SHK04 remind
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Auxon  - Hon-Ken



Perfectly suited for huge dance floors and long summer after hours Hon-Ken sparks with spiralling, hypnotic, multi-layered synths moving between tranc... more...

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Pilas - Burros (Kassem Mosse Remix)


Burros (Kassem Mosse Remix)

Fresh tracks on the new Shaddock label that go somewhere between emotive electronix and more traditional house tracks

12inch Shaddock records: SHK02 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Hitsafe - Acid Dreams Ep.


Acid Dreams Ep.

Shaddock records delivers its 1st release called Acid Dreams Ep by the duo Hitsafe. Crazy jazzy acid tracks that reminds of some Tyree Cooper tracks o... more...

12inch Shaddock records: SHK01 remind
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