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J.T.C. (James Cotton) - Dance of Death

J.T.C. (James Cotton)

Dance of Death

Dabrye-man steps out steps out to the dark side. Dark, nasty ass chicago tracks that will hit you hard... Check!!!

12inch Udek Music: UDEK002 remind

J.T.C. - Take Em Off


Take Em Off

The legendary first one, sold out moments upon arrival and subsequently licensed by Sven Vath, for his compilation The Sound Ibiza 2007.. Yeah yeah, d... more...

One sided 12 Creme: Crjak001 remind

J.T.C. - Basturma Highway


Basturma Highway

The new MinimalRome series for clubbers in sick-leave. Limited to 250 copies. J.T.C. is the techno alter ego of Tadd Mullinix/Dabrye. His style ranges... more...

12inch MinimalRome: MRX016 remind

J.T.C. - The Controller


The Controller

New single by James T. Cotton (Nation / Creme / Spectral) for the MRX - Patiendum Est series! A great techno hit with a touch of Robert Hood / Jeff Mi... more...

12inch MinimalRome: MRX022 remind

J.T.C. - Beats in Space (MadTeo Remix)


Beats in Space (MadTeo Remix)

Originally produced for Tim Sweenys Beats in Space radio show the title track was heard in one of J.T.C.s DJ sets during a night out in Berlin and was... more...

12inch Shaddock records: SHK05 remind