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19-11-2020 - thursday

Various Artists - Abstract Logic EP
12inch Soiree: SRT174 € 10,99

04-04-2017 - tuesday

Various Artists - MotorWind

Various Artists


MotorWind - when The Motor City meets The Windy City. Label founder, Derrick Thompson's track 'This Is Detroit' detonates an explosive, acid-tech fire... more...

12inch Soiree: SRT166 remind

26-03-2016 - saturday

Key Statements - That's What It's All About
12inch Soiree: SRT116 (Near Mint / Blue Vinyl) remind

Kiata - You Make Me Sing
12inch Soiree: SRT114 (Sealed) remind

25-03-2016 - friday

Lockstep - CeSoir



Essential Detroit techno from Lockstep aka Drivetrain from 1992. Every track is a killer! Side A has two irresistible house cuts - ''CeSoir'' and ''Se... more...

12inch Soiree: SRT107 € 12,99

Various Artists - Onyx Adore

Various Artists

Onyx Adore

It’s all about orchestral melodies, tribal drumming and an erogenous female temptress. From the quaking bass line and percussive automation to the voc... more...

12inch Soiree: SRT163 € 9,99

26-11-2015 - thursday

24-07-2015 - friday

17-03-2015 - tuesday

11-11-2014 - tuesday

Various Artists - Melange

Various Artists


A medley deeply immersed in sterling, late night, unconscious harmony. Tracks from Drivetrain (Detroit), Marc Cotterell (UK), Cloudmaster Weed (France... more...

12inch Soiree: SRT159 remind

15-07-2014 - tuesday

29-10-2013 - tuesday

Various Artists - Data Courier

Various Artists

Data Courier

Data Courier - The transmission of deep sonic intelligence begins here. Contributions from Drivetrain (Detroit), Motomitsu (Paris), Blackjack (Scotlan... more...

12inch Soiree: SRT156 remind

03-04-2013 - wednesday

Various Artists - Reverence

Various Artists


''Reverence''. Paying homage to the beloved underground, a prime collective of neo-electronic architects spawn a quintessential four track vanguard. T... more...

12inch Soiree: SRT155 remind

Various Artists - Time Dilation

Various Artists

Time Dilation

A medley of immortally, electrifying, sonic gems assembled to manipulate time and secure a permanent space in your record box. Drivetrain’s ‘This Toxi... more...

12inch Soiree: STR153 remind

Andy Vaz - Feelin (Norm Talley rmx)

Andy Vaz

Feelin (Norm Talley rmx)

Andy Vaz featuring Eva Soul – Feelin containing a solid detroit deep house mix by Norm Talley which is our favorite here!

12inch Soiree: SRT152 remind

Various Artists - Late Night Chronicles

Various Artists

Late Night Chronicles

Drivetrain brings on acclaimed writer/vocalist Diamondancer, dropping seductive expressions of passion and desire on Peppermint Kisses, Pads and stri... more...

12inch Soiree: SRT151 remind

Various Artists - Mo-2-Meaux Volume 2
12inch Soiree: SRT149 remind

Syntax - Jace Syntax / Black Jack


Jace Syntax / Black Jack

Sweet deeper Detroit techno from Glasgow. Silky pads atop a thick bass line are glued together by classic rhythm designed to work the floor in a class... more...

12inch Soiree: SRT148 remind

Cloud Master Weed - Com On N Join Us

Cloud Master Weed

Com On N Join Us

From suburban Paris, France hails the man known as Cloudmaster Weed. His impeccable turntable skills and expertise beat manufacturing has him on top o... more...

12inch Soiree: SRT147 remind

Dewayne ''Powermix'' Jensen - The Body Shop EP

Dewayne ''Powermix'' Jensen

The Body Shop EP

1997 phat detroit underground house jams... mint white label copy with infosticker. Rare find!

12inch Soiree: SRT123 remind

Symphonium V ft. Andrea Angel - The Resurrection

Symphonium V ft. Andrea Angel

The Resurrection

Soulful driving Detroit house. The relentless pulse of the percussion, the throbbing bass line ad the vocal chanting will take you on a philosophical... more...

12inch Soiree: SRT144 € 9,99

Various Artists - Mo-2-Meaux

Various Artists


A collection of artists from Motown to Meaux, France. (But let's not forget about Los Angeles and Aberdeen, UK) United by a common musical vision, the... more...

12inch Soiree: SRT145 remind

V/A - Colours-Volume 4


Colours-Volume 4

Detroit peak-time tech-house tracks by Drivetrain, Dennis Cox, Rennie Foster and Schloss.. more...

12inch Soiree: SRT140 remind

Drivetrain vs Jerry The Cat - Deel This Deep

Drivetrain vs Jerry The Cat

Deel This Deep

This showcases two of Soirees records major talents. ''Feel This Deep'' is a dark techie subliminal subsonic detroit floor filler. Rhythm tracks, stab... more...

12inch Soiree: SRT141 remind

Drivetrain - Free



Late night Detroit club/housetracks... Soiree quality!

12inch Soiree: SRT137 remind

Drivetrain - Desert Sky (remixes)


Desert Sky (remixes)

Percussive, sultry late-night house is the order of the day on these 3 new takes, with lush keys, great horns, stellar percussion, superb strings, and... more...

12inch Soiree: SRT142 remind
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