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12-09-2019 - thursday

Orlando Voorn - Powersource

Orlando Voorn


After his first release on Soundtravels, the Flight EP [ST004], Orlando is back with a straight forward techno banger. Three powerful and energetic fl... more...

12inch Soundtravels: ST009 € 13,99

26-02-2019 - tuesday

Dircsen - Acid Wheel EP


Acid Wheel EP

Four heavyweight dancefloor bombs with Dircsen's signature, well worked out, 303 basslines, accompanied by moody synths. Dircsens tracks are always bu... more...

12inch Soundtravels: ST008 remind

23-08-2014 - saturday

Louis Guilliaume - Unknown Forces EP

Louis Guilliaume

Unknown Forces EP

Louis Guilliaume has come a long way and with his every release he has proven to deserve his space amongst the finest techno producers out there. Unkn... more...

12inch Soundtravels: ST007 € 8,99

10-02-2014 - monday

Neotnas - Slow & Steady EP


Slow & Steady EP

Warm, organic feel all over his house and dubtechno productions. Very often accompanied by female vocals and it's almost like you hear somebody play a... more...

12inch Soundtravels: ST006 € 8,99

16-12-2013 - monday

Various Artists - Point Of View part 1

Various Artists

Point Of View part 1

Soundtravels Recordings presents ''Point Of View Part 1''. They have compiled six contemporary, electronic bombs from artists all around Europe... Fea... more...

2x12inch Soundtravels: ST005 € 16,99

11-09-2013 - wednesday

Orlando Voorn - Flight EP

Orlando Voorn

Flight EP

After our previous flights to Dusseldorf, Amsterdam and Rotterdam, Soundtravels have now travelled to the USA for their fourth release. Orlando Voorn’... more...

12inch Soundtravels: ST004 € 8,99

01-04-2013 - monday

Dircsen - Aspiration EP


Aspiration EP

The first ever vinyl release by Dircsen. Four mindblowing tracks with ultrafat basslines, 303’s to the max and sharp, spheric synths. Dircsens tracks... more...

12inch Soundtravels: ST003 € 8,99

01-03-2013 - friday

Daniel Zuur feat NY Fan - Delicate EP

Daniel Zuur feat NY Fan

Delicate EP

As with all his productions, Daniel composes each track as an individual story that creates its own unique atmosphere. These stories are full of excit... more...

12inch Soundtravels: ST002 € 8,99

Clarence Brandon - Times Have Changed EP

Clarence Brandon

Times Have Changed EP

In collaboration with label-owner Patrique, Clarence Brandon brings us this two-track EP. Clarence is obviously inspired by the Detroit heritage as bo... more...

12inch Soundtravels: ST001 € 8,99