Louis Guilliaume

Unknown Forces EP

Louis Guilliaume - Unknown Forces EP

Louis Guilliaume has come a long way and with his every release he has proven to deserve his space amongst the finest techno producers out there. Unknown Forces EP is a straight forward techno EP which shows influences from his hometown Rotterdam to Detroit and back to Berlin. The EP opens up with ''Digital Stone''. A sensitive acid sledgehammer which bounces gently on to your head. ''Ghost In The Shell'' is no different with its massive basslines and dark synths drenched in that typical uncompromising Guilliaume flavor. With ''X-11-101'', mr. Guilliaume didn’t hold back. This here is what you call an instant peak time floor filler. Bigroom techno, sinister and compelling all the way. After that we finish with the tense and dark title track ''Unknown Forces'' which balances somewhere on the edge between hope and desperation.

12inch Soundtravels: ST007 remind