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22-07-2019 - monday

Forest Drive West - Blu 05

Forest Drive West

Blu 05

Forest Drive West debuts on Whities with two sub heavy rollers perfectly crafted to move human limbs.

12inch Whities: WHYTBLU05 € 12,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Pugilist - Blu 06


Blu 06

A three tracker by Pugilist that explores cross sections of bass, breaks and techno. There's real variation to the styles here but all have the Austra... more...

12inch Whities: WHYTBLU06 € 12,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

28-06-2019 - friday

Leif - Loom Dream


Loom Dream

Made up of six tracks but presented as two ~17-minute pieces, the record meanders through warm chordscapes, glistening synths and loose live percussio... more...

LP Whities: WHYT020 € 20,99

24-05-2019 - friday

Rupert Clervaux - After Masterpieces

Rupert Clervaux

After Masterpieces

Experimental musician Rupert Clervaux releases his debut solo album ‘After Masterpieces’ on Whities. The record features guest performances from saxo... more...

Mini-LP Whities: WHYT022 € 28,99

08-03-2019 - friday

Bambounou - Whities 021


Whities 021

Bambounou makes his debut on Whities with this three track 12”. Taking inspiration from a collection of music that was made specifically for his fanta... more...

12inch Whities: WHYT021 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

04-12-2018 - tuesday

Overmono - Whities 019


Whities 019

Whities 019 is a three-track 12'' of varying styles, all showcasing an impressive dexterity with melody, texture and emotion. The record comes in a st... more...

12inch Whities: WHYT019 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

29-11-2018 - thursday

Reckonwrong - Whities 018 (Paris Is Melting)


Whities 018 (Paris Is Melting)

Perhaps his finest and most heartfelt work to date, Whities 018 features four tracks that Alex wrote ''around winter ‘16-‘17, as I decompressed from a... more...

12inch Whities: WHYT018 remind

31-10-2018 - wednesday

upsammy / BFTT - Blu 03

upsammy / BFTT

Blu 03

UPSAMMY steps UP and shares 12'' space with UK's BFFT. the label say'' We were glued to upsammy's release on Nous'klaer Audio from first listen (the... more...

12inch Whities: WHYTBLU03 remind

E-Talking / Laksa - Blu 04
12inch Whities: WHYTBLU04 remind

13-09-2018 - thursday

Giant Swan - Whities 016

Giant Swan

Whities 016

Hard hitting techno joints, chaos, mayhem, in a good way! Will cause havoc in clubs.

12inch Whities: WHYT016 remind

31-07-2018 - tuesday

Nathan Micay - Whities 017

Nathan Micay

Whities 017

Nathan Micay (formerly Bwana) steps out under his own name for the first time with a pair of glistening panoramas well-primed for those exultant hours... more...

12inch Whities: WHYT017 € 13,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

17-05-2018 - thursday

SMX / Koehler - Blu 02

SMX / Koehler

Blu 02

SMX are Max O'Brien and Sam Purcell (Blank Mind). 'Sleep' is an intoxicating live jam recorded in October 2015 during a period of emotional upheaval,... more...

12inch Whities: WHYTBLU02 remind

20-04-2018 - friday

Quirke - Whities 015


Whities 015

Quirke returns with three introspective tracks that take inspiration from philosophical queries and wonderment related to both the world we live in no... more...

12inch Whities: WHYT015 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

15-03-2018 - thursday

Tessela / Lanark Artefax - Blu 01

Tessela / Lanark Artefax

Blu 01

*** 1 copy per customer *** Blue 01 comes in the form of a split 12” release from Tessela and Lanark Artefax. It features Tessela’s ‘Glisten’, a track... more...

12inch Whities: WHYTBLU01 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

23-11-2017 - thursday

Jules Venturini - Whities 014

Jules Venturini

Whities 014

Whities 014 is by Londoner and master digger, Jules Venturini. It’s a 3 track 12” of discordant choral euphoria with artwork designed by Alex McCullou... more...

12inch Whities: WHYT014 € 13,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

06-11-2017 - monday

Avalon Emerson - Whities 013

Avalon Emerson

Whities 013

Avalon Emerson returns with this 2 track 12” that features the arpeggiated euphoria of 'One More Fluorescent Rush', and the swampy, ethereal 'Finally... more...

12inch Whities: WHYT013 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

13-09-2017 - wednesday

Minor Science - Whities 012

Minor Science

Whities 012

Minor Science returns with more genre defying bass experiments on this 2 track Whities 12''.

12inch Whities: WHYT012 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

28-07-2017 - friday

Lanark Artefax - Whities 011

Lanark Artefax

Whities 011

A skyscraper extending its fingertips upwards, outstretched and pointing towards an unmarked ceiling that extends even more itself, spinning and slici... more...

12inch Whities: WHYT011 remind

03-11-2016 - thursday

Reckonwrong - Whities 009
12inch Whities: WHYT009 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

27-07-2016 - wednesday

22-06-2016 - wednesday

Quirke - Whities 007


Whities 007

Synthy euphoria, grimey reverse wired kick science and some bubblebath era AFX style musings... curious release!

12inch Whities: WHYT007 remind

09-03-2016 - wednesday

Avalon Emerson - Whities 006

Avalon Emerson

Whities 006

First record of the year on Whities which comes from rising star Avalon Emerson, after her great release on Shtum records. The release features two d... more...

12inch Whities: WHYT006 remind

14-10-2015 - wednesday

Reckonwrong - Whities 005


Whities 005

After a cool debut on Pinkman, here's Reckonwrong with more dancefloor experiments - this time on Whities (Young Turks Sub Label).

12inch Whities: WHYT005 remind

21-05-2015 - thursday

Minor Science - Whities 004

Minor Science

Whities 004

Raw & wicked bass/house tunes... Minor Science droppin' major science on Whities.

12inch Whities: WHYT004 remind

07-05-2015 - thursday

Terron - Whities 003


Whities 003

Terron back on a Whities. This 4 track EP features 2 lead singles in No.29 Pareto 20/80 & No.34 Dove [Part II], and a continuous piece of music runnin... more...

12inch Whities: WHYT003 remind

27-11-2014 - thursday

Kowton - Whities 002


Whities 002

Bristol's Kowton turns 3 tuned works for Whities. Def aimed at the floor - resonant and bass heavy.

12inch Whities: WHYT002 remind