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09-12-2019 - monday

Ludgate Squatter - ZCANC

Ludgate Squatter


Filthy electro and acid on this new release on Klasse Wrecks' sub-label Zodiac 44! A 'as nasty as it wants to be' four tracker from new producer Ludg... more...

12inch Zodiac 44: ZCANC € 10,99

30-04-2018 - monday

Buttechno - ZCAPRI



Killer stuf on Klasse Wrecks Sub label Zodiac! Frozen Russian plains rich with moondust and cybo-fog lie still, a faint rumble is heard from behind th... more...

12inch Zodiac 44: ZCAPRI remind

17-05-2016 - tuesday

Cardopusher - ZGEMI



In the place of the eternal blazing sun there exists an underworld, a dark and cold space of interlinking caves and dank corridors. Occupying the subt... more...

12inch Zodiac 44: ZGEMI € 9,99

21-09-2015 - monday


DMX Krew


After landing his malfunctioning PX-4000 on the purple planet, Captain DMX steps out of the smoldering cockpit. After barely setting foot on the dusty... more...

12inch Zodiac 44: ZSAGI remind

09-07-2015 - thursday

Invisible Scum - ZTAUR

Invisible Scum


Fresh and playful acid tracks on the Zodiac 44 label(Incl Mark Broom remix). ZTAUR is the fourth of 12 releases from ZODIAC 44. One for each sign of t... more...

12inch Zodiac 44: ZTAUR remind

16-09-2014 - tuesday

Hermans - ZAIRES
12inch Zodiac 44: ZAIRES remind

Dungeon Acid - ZAQUA (Rivet & Dj Fett Burger rmxs)

Dungeon Acid

ZAQUA (Rivet & Dj Fett Burger rmxs)

2 strong acid jams by Dungeon Acid, with killer mixes by Rivet and Dj Fett Burger. Zaqua is the first release in a series of 12

12inch Zodiac 44: ZAQUA remind