Ludgate Squatter


Ludgate Squatter - ZCANC

Filthy electro and acid on this new release on Klasse Wrecks' sub-label Zodiac 44! A 'as nasty as it wants to be' four tracker from new producer Ludgate Squatter, the 8th in the labels 12 release only schedule (one for each sign of the Zodiac dummy). ZCANC closely adheres to the labels 'outsider' sound, distorted drums and an atmosphere so dark, demented and paranoid you start to worry a little for the artist after listening to the music. Little is known about Ludgate Squatter and maybe thats for the best, there's an evil genius out there somewhere armed with a broken 707 and he's taking no prisoners. Recommended!!

12inch Zodiac 44: ZCANC € 10,99