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Amir Alexander - Gutter Flex EP

Amir Alexander

Gutter Flex EP

Argot's first release is the Gutter Flex EP by Amir Alexander. Its four tracks reveal a startlingly rich and complete aesthetic inspired by the histor... more...

12inch Argot: Argot001 remind

Olin - Finally



After the cool first Argot release here is their folluw up. Clean modern trippy house tracks rooted in traditional Chicago sound.

12inch Argot: Argot002 remind

Policy - Hit Gone Bad Ep


Hit Gone Bad Ep

three tracks that are unique and charming! Let the title track prowl through soundsystems, stabbed with cavernous horns and dogged by the most infecti... more...

12inch Argot: Argot004 remind

The Black Madonna - The Lady Of Sorrows ep

The Black Madonna

The Lady Of Sorrows ep

Epic disco injected house /new disco tracks. Proper stuff that is full of joyeus melodies and bouncy bass lines.

12inch Argot: Argot006 remind
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Gunnar Haslam - Bera Range ep

Gunnar Haslam

Bera Range ep

NYC denizen arrives fresh off a stunning, singular album for L.I.E.S to deliver 3 tracks showcasing his swift growth as a producer. Widescreen techno,... more...

12inch Argot: Argot007 remind

Pittsburgh Track Authority - Giza

Pittsburgh Track Authority


luminous, pulse quickening 2-step on the title track and booty bumping, aquamarine electro.

12inch Argot: Argot003 remind

Chase Smith - Stay

Chase Smith


Chase Smith provides Argot with luscious modern disco on ''Stay,'' featuring the vocals of Lauren Ojanpa and bass guitar by Karl Ojanpa; while ''27 Su... more...

12inch Argot: Argot008 € 9,99

Eamon Harkin - Back Down

Eamon Harkin

Back Down

Brooklyn-based producer & 1/2 of the Mister Saturday Night duo offers a saber-toothed, bass-heavy take on techno w/an unexpected tender side. Flip for... more...

12inch Argot: Argot010 remind

Community Corporation - Aquifer

Community Corporation


Playful 4 track ep on Argot. Melodic, jazzy and adventurous Techno with roots in Detroit. Tip!

12inch Argot: Argot011 remind

Olin & Savile - Thanks, Karl

Olin & Savile

Thanks, Karl

Olin returns to Argot with fellow Smart Bar resident Savile in tow. Vinyl only orig mix + dubbed out floor-filler & suffocating bass, massive kicks, a... more...

12inch Argot: Argot012 € 5,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Maxine & Cleo - Mad Blanc

Maxine & Cleo

Mad Blanc

Philadelphia-based producer follows up to his ''Pendergast EP'' for Material Image w/a side full of relentlessly jacking house grooves & blurry-eyed d... more...

12inch Argot: Argot016 remind

Amir Alexander - The Butterfly

Amir Alexander

The Butterfly

Amir makes his triumphant return to Argot with an exceptional and strange EP. Having launched the label in 2012 w/ his Gutter Flex EP, listeners are r... more...

12inch Argot: Argot017 remind

Stefan Ringer - Bossa GRV

Stefan Ringer

Bossa GRV

Following releases on NDATL & 2MR, the man of the moment delivers 2 originals & a drum track that are dance music lifted by curiosity and refined by g... more...

12inch Argot: Argot018 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Shifty Science - Versions

Shifty Science


This 12'' contains four edits of Shifty Science tracks by Savile and Steve Mizek that reshape the raw materials to fit the needs of DJs. Savile and St... more...

12inch Argot: Argotss001 € 6,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Savile - Share Power


Share Power

Chicago producer Savile returns to his home base, Argot, for his second release of 2016, Share Power. Here, Savile skirts the bleeding edge of America... more...

12inch Argot: Argot020 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Flora FM - Atomic Garden

Flora FM

Atomic Garden

Atomic Garden EP includes four of the album’s most danceable tracks, all wrapped in gorgeous artwork by Patrick Savile.

12inch Argot: Argot023 remind