Label: Flexxseal - All

09-04-2015 - thursday

13-04-2016 - wednesday

28-04-2017 - friday

Draag - Cell



Raw, unflinching, dense Techno domination.

12inch Flexxseal: Flexxseal006 remind

16-05-2019 - thursday

Christopher Joseph - Proxy Detected
12inch Flexxseal: Flexxseal008 remind

18-10-2019 - friday

DJ Richard - Eraser

DJ Richard


DJ Richard's first release of 2019 sees him drop four invigorating electro tracks on Flexxseal titled ''Eraser''. Emerging from the Providence nois... more...

12inch Flexxseal: Flexxseal009 remind

13-12-2019 - friday

Christopher Joseph - Eye in the Sky

Christopher Joseph

Eye in the Sky

Christopher Joseph is back on his Flexxseal label with four enthralling tracks entitled ''Eye in the Sky''. Christopher Joseph is an emerging talen... more...

12inch Flexxseal: Flexxseal010 remind