Label: Minus - All

Bug vs. Hawtin - Lowblow

Bug vs. Hawtin


Limited one sided techno release by Richie Hawtin and Steve Bug. Minimal noisy dancefloor killer!

12inch Minus: Minus009 remind

Theorem vs Stewart Walker - Ep.

Theorem vs Stewart Walker


Deep beautyfull minimal techno tracks! Ahead of all those minimal techno records, as are most of Stewart Walker and Theorem releases. White label pro... more...

12inch Minus: Minus THX 3 (promo) remind

Plastikman - I Don't Know


I Don't Know

Lifted from his ''Closer album, ''I Don't Know'' never made it onto the vinyl format until now, and is a moody minimal techno cut with breathy vocal s... more...

12inch Minus: Minus019 remind

False - Sink the Ship ep


Sink the Ship ep

Sink the Ship is another shining example of why Matthew Dear is one of techno's hottest properties, with 4 more minimal digital funk gems, bubbling an... more...

12inch Minus: Minus021 remind

Dj Minx - A Walk in the Park

Dj Minx

A Walk in the Park

Originally released on her own Woman On Wax label.. Now in the rebound with remixes from Matthew Dear, Magda and herself..

12inch Minus: Minus022 remind

Mathew Jonson - Decompression ep

Mathew Jonson

Decompression ep

Mr. Jonson with a slamming 2 tracker. Hypnotic as hell and well working for every minimal tech-house jock!

12inch Minus: Minus024 remind

Plastikman - Nostalgik.1



Mr. Hawtin's slammin' minimal techno madness.. Featuring a Ricardo Villalobos remix. Tip!!

12inch Minus: Minus-1 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Forcept 1 (Akufen) - Concept 1

Forcept 1 (Akufen)

Concept 1

On this first installment, Akufen "megamixes" the first 3 releases of the '96 R. Hawtin series into one wonderful minimal excursion, adding and subtra... more...

12inch Minus: Minus (Concept FR01) remind

Marc Houle - Restore

Marc Houle


Brilliant timeless minimal techno tracks that will suit every dj's set...

2x12inch Minus: Minus023lp remind

Slacknoise vs Plexus - Ana Tak

Slacknoise vs Plexus

Ana Tak

Driving DJ friendly micro tech-house tunes with subtle tricky sound effects.

12inch Minus: Minus028 remind

V/A - Minimize To Maximize


Minimize To Maximize

Minimize to Maximize assembles an international variety of people, moods and tempos, all searching for the next wavelength in new music. Includes trac... more...

3x12inch Minus: Minus025lp remind

Plastikman - Artifakts



Reduced rhythmic minimalism with extra wide spacy sounds. TIP!

2LP Minus: Minus003lp remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Actual Jakshun - Sequential Circus

Actual Jakshun

Sequential Circus

Minimal and mental, bubbling and clicking. Comes with an excellent Marc Houle remix.

12inch Minus: Minus027 remind

Troy Pierce - Run

Troy Pierce


Nice dry & clicky minimal tech house tracks with percussive sound effects.

12inch Minus: Minus029 remind

Heartthrob - Time For Ensor


Time For Ensor

Debut single from the elastic sounds of Brooklyn’s Heartthrob! One thing is certain with the wide eared palette in the hand of Heartthrob, melody and... more...

12inch Minus: Minus031 remind

Plastikman - Nostalgik.2



Classic Richie Hawtin production, a definition of minimalism! Recommended!!

12inch Minus: Minus-2 remind

Richie Hawtin - The Tunnel

Richie Hawtin

The Tunnel

This 12“ consists of two tracks taken from the mix album DE9: Transitions, which have both been extended and edited even further to work on this uniq... more...

12inch Minus: Minus033 remind

Magda - Stop



Tight and yet elastic at the same time, the flexibility within the sound of ''Stop'' works on the dancefloor at peakhours or late morning for those T... more...

12inch Minus: Minus035 remind

DJ Minx - A Walk In The Park (remixes)

DJ Minx

A Walk In The Park (remixes)

Minx' classic remixed by Josh Wink and Ricardo Villalobos.

12inch Minus: Minus026 remind

Berg Nixon - Box Escape

Berg Nixon

Box Escape

Very deep spaced-out minimal tracks by Ryan Crosson from Detroit.

12inch Minus: Minus037 remind

Richie Hawtin - PK

Richie Hawtin


Dark and droning slow upbuilding pumpin’ minmal techno tracks.

12inch Minus: Minus002 remind

Plastikman - Hypokondriak



African type raw minimal drum tracks produced by Richie Hawtin.

12inch Minus: Minus003x remind

False - River Camping


River Camping

Superb deep minimal tracks produced by Matthew Dear. Recommended!!

12inch Minus: Minus030 remind

Richie Hawtin - Orange

Richie Hawtin


Powerful percussive flavored techno house mover with Yello samples. more...

12inch Minus: Orange012 remind

Troy Pierce - 25 Bitches Vol. 1 (Berg Nixon / Matt John remixes)

Troy Pierce

25 Bitches Vol. 1 (Berg Nixon / Matt John remixes)

The original track goes back a while, coming into creation as a joke composed while stuck waiting in an airport. Pierce's bass-heavy mix starts off fu... more...

12inch Minus: Minus038 remind

Troy Pierce - 25 Bitches Vol. 2

Troy Pierce

25 Bitches Vol. 2

The original track goes back a while, coming into creation as a joke composed while stuck waiting in an airport. Not like humor is never ever a part o... more...

12inch Minus: Minus039 remind

V/A - Extension ep


Extension ep

Extension of the Min2Max album. Conceptually connected and musically collected by the eyes and ears of Minus bringing together a variety of dynamic mu... more...

12inch Minus: Minus040X remind

V/A - Min2Max



New and exclusive material from established artists Heartthrob, Marc Houle, Gaiser, Troy Pierce and Magda. Introduced are Tractile and featured are Lo... more...

3x12inch Minus: Minus040lp remind

Loco Dice - Seeing Through Shadows

Loco Dice

Seeing Through Shadows

'Seeing Through Shadows' delivers the kind of music that creates an experience from beginning to end. Its intoxicating slow-build introduction rises t... more...

12inch Minus: Minus041 remind

Marc Houle - Bay Of Figs

Marc Houle

Bay Of Figs

Over the course of the past two years, oule’s music has quickly elevated his studio prose into desired analog-soaked treasures of the dancefloor. Bay... more...

2LP Minus: Minus042lp remind

Heartthrob - Baby Kate (Remixes)


Baby Kate (Remixes)

The EP kicks off with Magda's beautifully crafted, percussive dub, complete with morphing, distorted motif, bouncing acid bass and subtle use of space... more...

12inch Minus: Minus048 remind

Gaiser - Neural Block


Neural Block

Following on from last February’s 'Answer' EP, Jon Gaiser cements his growing reputation with another finely crafted selection of tunes, demonstrating... more...

12inch Minus: Minus045 remind

Tractile - Silent Movie


Silent Movie

Classic driving minimalistic techno. Another high quality release on Richie Hawtins Minus label.

12inch Minus: Minus046 remind

Plastikman - Artifakts



By Richie Hawtin. White label copy.

2x12inch Minus: Minus03lp remind

Heartthrob Vs Troy Pierce/ Gaiser Vs Hea - Mvs1

Heartthrob Vs Troy Pierce/ Gaiser Vs Hea


MVS1 is the first installment in a series of collectable EP's designed to document spontaneous, unpredictable and potentially explosive collaboration... more...

12inch Minus: Minus047 remind

Niederflur - Din



Since 2001 the ND series has been skilfully navigating the treacherous waters that separate the genre's purer shores from today's more evolved, post m... more...

12inch Minus: Minus ND5 remind

JPLS - Program



Minus recharges to experimental zones. This linear down shift in tempo is product of the American Midwest by way of Jeremy Jacobs, an Indiana native a... more...

12inch Minus: Minus044 remind

Ambivalent - r u ok


r u ok

Nice stripped down grooves with demented vocal things and effective break downs. Just same old minus quality.

12inch Minus: Minus049 remind

Various Artists - Min2Max pt1

Various Artists

Min2Max pt1

Hearthrob, Marc Houle and Wink collaborate on this new limited Minus serie... can't go wrong with these names if you are into modern minimal-ish techn... more...

12inch Minus: Minus040-1 remind

V/A - Min2Max pt2


Min2Max pt2

Loco Dice, Magda and Konrad Black with storming techno club tracks. nice new project on Minus!

12inch Minus: Minus040-2 remind

V/A - Min2Max pt3


Min2Max pt3

Gaiser, Troy Pierse, Tractile and Jpls (!?) with the 3rd 12''part in this minus2 max series.

12inch Minus: Minus040-3 remind

False - Fed On Youth


Fed On Youth

False (aka Matthew Dear) makes a welcome return to the fold as Minus starts turning up the heat, ready for another scorching summer on the dancefloor.... more...

12inch Minus: Minus055 remind

Ambivalent - R U ok remix (Marco Carola,Paco Osuna)
2x12inch Minus: Minus056 remind

Troy Pierce - Gone Astray ep

Troy Pierce

Gone Astray ep

Troy Pierce continues his mission up river into the heart of darkness. Made up of music composed almost exclusively on the road, the ‘Gone Astray EP’... more...

2x12inch Minus: Minus052 remind

Marc Houle - Techno Vocals

Marc Houle

Techno Vocals

Evil minimal driving techno tracks.

12inch Minus: Minus050 remind

Richie Hawtin - Concept 1 (variations by Thomas Brinkmann)

Richie Hawtin

Concept 1 (variations by Thomas Brinkmann)

Re-issue - Special remastered limited double cd pack! It’s safe to say that Richie Hawtin’s 1996 Concept 1 series stands out as a body of work that pe... more...

CD Minus: Minus096:VR:CD/2 remind

Gaiser - Eye Contact


Eye Contact

Gaiser hits the floor running with another collection of heavy duty tunes, picking up exactly where he left off on last year’s awesome Neural Block EP... more...

2x12inch Minus: Minus054 remind

Plastikman - Hypokondriak / Afrika


Hypokondriak / Afrika

Minimal techno before the big hype. Promotional copy. Mint condition.

12inch Minus: Minus003 remind

Theorem vs. Sutekh - Untitled

Theorem vs. Sutekh


State-of-the-art minimal tech by Theorem & Sutekh. Mint white label copy.

12inch Minus: Minus THX 5 remind

JPLS - Fuckshuffle



Dark, stripped down brooding techno. The beats are tougher than normal, plus there’s a distinct acid flavour to the proceedings but the tracks still r... more...

12inch Minus: Minus057 remind