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Audiosport 8 - De Diepe Wereld

Audiosport 8

De Diepe Wereld

This Animistic Beliefs & Legowelt collaboration tape started out as a scene in Anna Bogomolova’& Dammes Kieft’s upcoming full length ‘Stroboscopes & S... more...

Cassette Tape Nightwind Records: NW018TAPE remind

The Willers Brothers - Piv Limited 001
12inch Piv Limited: PIVLIM001 remind

Roswell - Nation
12inch Dance Arena Productions: DAP014 remind

TEXTASY - Acid Eater/Burning Diesel


Acid Eater/Burning Diesel

New record label by Craigie Knowes focussing on faster, harder and darker tracks. The first comes from a familiar affiliate of Craigie Knowes - TEXTAS... more...

10inch C-KNOW-EVIL: EVIL001 remind

Exhausted Modern / CCO - Interaction Nr 1: Internal Reflection

Exhausted Modern / CCO

Interaction Nr 1: Internal Reflection

Electronic Leatherette is back with third release. Internal reflection is 4 track split EP which contains two melancholical autumn-techno tracks from... more...

12inch Electronic Leatherette: EL003 remind

Jensen Interceptor - Mother

Jensen Interceptor


A pulsating ode to the woman who brought him into the world, Melas' first album doesn't only function as an existential mirror, as you'll find him swi... more...

12inch Lone Romantic: LR009 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Pearson Sound - Rubble

Pearson Sound


Pearson Sound returns to his own label with 3 varied club tracks. ''All three began during a solitary week spent at Devon Analogue Studio, and then th... more...

12inch Pearson Sound: PEARS3 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Takao - Stealth



”Stealth” is certainly an apt title for this disarming collection of crypto-New Age. From its opening, one might be forgiven for assuming that what fo... more...

LP EM Japan: EM1180LP remind

Various Artists - Secret Rave 04

Various Artists

Secret Rave 04

It's been a while, almost a year has passed from the last episode of Secret Rave, but Art-Aud only took time to prepare a big sequel worthy of note. A... more...

12inch Art-Aud: AA-SR004 remind

Microthol - Transmissions



2019 marks the return of Austrian electro duo Microthol with the project's first EP in 8 years. Don't be fooled by its unassuming title: 'Transmission... more...

12inch Trust: Trust035 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Repeat - Repeats



Delsin's first reissue album of 2019 is the album 'Repeats', an important techno and IDM record from collaborative outfit Repeat, which originally lan... more...

2LP Delsin: DSR/X19 remind

Various Artists - False Endings

Various Artists

False Endings

BT25 brings together label regulars Marco Bernardi, Vertical67 and Exhausted Modern alongside debutante Robert Valera.

12inch Brokntoys: Brokntoys25 remind

Deniro - Floating City


Floating City

NOTE! - SHOP EXCLUSIVE - NO ONLINE SALES! Only available for purchase in-store, not for ordering online. No exceptions made! Clone Store Only Series 0... more...

12inch Clone Store Only Series: C#SOS09 store only

Chaos In The CBD - Orange Blank / Green Dove
12inch In Dust We Trust: IDWT006 remind

Anthony Rother - 3L3C7RO COMMANDO
2x12inch Psi 49net: PSI102 remind

MR TC - The Depths Of Haze


The Depths Of Haze

The Hard Fist label notches up release number five from a fresh new family member in the form of Mr TC, with remixes from Lokier and Khidja. At the fo... more...

12inch Hard Fist: HRDF05 remind

Lo Kindre - Chlorophytum

Lo Kindre


Stunning dub sounds from Glasgow's Lo Kindre Think On U, Jay Glass Dubs, Sotofett, Rhythm & Sound and all that good stuff. more...

12inch 12th Isle: Isle007 remind

The Hacker - Lost & Found EP

The Hacker

Lost & Found EP

Re-release alert! Remastered version of a valuable electro must have!

12inch Klakson: kl-rr3 remind

Unit Moebius - T-Warp

Unit Moebius


Official re-release. Previously released on the nowadays impossible-to-get Blue Attack records, the short living sublabel of Bunker records releasing... more...

One sided 12 Bio Rhythm: RHYTHM023 remind

Basses Terres - Naked Light

Basses Terres

Naked Light

Lifted from Basses-Terres highly-anticipated followup to the superb 'Counting Pulsations'. A precious 6-track mini-album designed in diverses influenc... more...

12inch Brothers From Different Mothers: BFDM019 remind

Kuldaboli - Stilleben 053


Stilleben 053

The Icelandic winds from upnorth has now been captured on shiny vinyl for the first time. I am very happy to release Mr Kuldaboli on Stilleben records... more...

12inch Stilleben: Stilleben053 remind

Various Artists - Good Timin' Vol. 1

Various Artists

Good Timin' Vol. 1

Variety is the spice of life! From bangers to chillers, these four tracks will take you from bath to bar, club to car!

12inch Good Timin: GDTIMIN012 remind

VC-118A - Inside



Samuel van Dijk releases his third album as VC-118A on Delsin Records. It dives deep into the sonic narrative of VC-118A --who is also known as Mohlao... more...

2LP Delsin: 130DSR remind

Dim DJ - Recurring Patterns

Dim DJ

Recurring Patterns

Dim DJ going in with deep trippy ebm and acid tracks. more...

LP June: June15 remind

Heap - Amour Propre EP
12inch Neubau: BAU011 remind




The 3rd release in the htdi series comes straight from the Netherlands. Rich basslines and lush melodies across 3 long-awaited tracks from POLEJAM, th... more...

12inch Had To Do It: HTDI003 remind

Detroit's Filthiest - Private Stock

Detroit's Filthiest

Private Stock

Trans World Railways is the new international serie curated by the casa voyager crew. First stop in motor city, with legend Detroit's Filthiest. Born... more...

12inch Casa Voyager: TWR01 remind

Pavel Milyakov - La Maison De La Mort

Pavel Milyakov

La Maison De La Mort

Pavel Milyakov aka Buttechno is mostly known for his brilliant take on dance music, but we’re also big fans of his avant-garde ambient material. This... more...

2LP Berceuse Heroique: BH057 remind

Nite Fleit  - Overcast

Nite Fleit


For its fifth release Planet Euphorique puts forward Australian-born, London-based Nite Fleit's latest release, Overcast. Her second record, Overcast... more...

12inch Planet Euphorique: PE005 remind

Central - Om Dans


Om Dans

Album(-bummelum) by Central. Full cover and errything; 'Om Dans' packs 2 disco sleeves of house music in 6mm gold und silber jacket. Central presents... more...

2x12inch Help Recordings: HELP014 remind

Jonny Nash - Make A Wilderness

Jonny Nash

Make A Wilderness

This album was created over the course of 2017-2018 and is heavily influenced by descriptions of landscape and environment in the work of authors Shus... more...

12inch Music From Memory: MFM037 remind

12inch Frustrated Funk: FR-DPX remind

Saaad - Orbs & Channels


Orbs & Channels

Hailing from Toulouse in the South of France, Saåad is Romain Barbot and Grégory Buffier. Since 2009 the prolific pair has been spending the hours of... more...

LP Nahal: NAHAL004 remind

Konduku - Gegek



Konduku returns with Gegek in the five piece sublabel series.

12inch Nous klaer Audio: K2 remind

Omar S  - 1992

Omar S


Omar S's new Ep with three tracks influenced by Alan Oldhams Radio show Fast Forward on WDET fm Detroit playing lots of different stuff from 1991 to 1... more...

12inch Fxhe: FXHE-AOS1992 remind

Not Waving - Futuro (Music For The Waldorf Project)

Not Waving

Futuro (Music For The Waldorf Project)

'Futuro' is Not Waving’s engrossing, highly original soundtrack to Sean Rogg's world-renowned art/theatre project. It features Ambient, environmental... more...

12inch Ecstatic: ELP040 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Animistic Beliefs - Molucca Quake EP

Animistic Beliefs

Molucca Quake EP

After their CE debut on the From The Dark Volume 3 compilation Rotterdam's finest new analogue electro technicians Animistic Beliefs start 2019 runnin... more...

12inch Cultivated Electronics: CE029 remind

Stabudown Productions - Strange Rabbits

Stabudown Productions

Strange Rabbits

Jimmy Donadio reverts to his StabUdown alias for a surprisingly emotive turn on Diagonal indebted to early ‘90s ambient jungle and chill-out room vibe... more...

12inch Diagonal: Diag048 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Sepehr - Cybernetiq (Inc. Stratowerx + A-Future remix)


Cybernetiq (Inc. Stratowerx + A-Future remix)

UK DJ/producer A-Future has launched new imprint EON, an output for broadcasting a new wave of predominantly electro, leftfield and ambient sounds.

12inch EON: EON001 remind

Brother Nebula - Going Clear

Brother Nebula

Going Clear

Early last year, Brother Nebula commenced emitting life signs from a little know sector of the universe. Nick Ho?ppner's antennas happened to pick up... more...

12inch Touch From A Distance: TFAD4 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Mark Du Mosch - The Heavens

Mark Du Mosch

The Heavens

Never underestimate the power of a good bassline. Mark du Mosch certainly doesn’t. This veteran from the harbor city of Rotterdam let’s his vicious ba... more...

12inch Something: SoHaSo022 remind