Sugar Experiment Station


Sugar Experiment Station - Kaptagon

Neil Landstrumm and Tobias Schmidt are two men responsible for modern day electronic music. When the sound crawled out of the primordial speaker, this pair were there to welcome it. For more than twenty years the two have worked together as Sugar Experiment Station and arrive on Shipwrec for their first collaboration in eight years. This is a 12" born in burning furnaces of bass. Moulded in those low frequency fires, smelted in the thumping heat, are beats, beats hardened like steel before being shaped into lancing points. With these tools of rhythmic brimstone SES goes about destroying dancefloors before reinventing them. Chords are rolled in gravel, doused in distortion and rinsed in static. A style forged from the friction of pistons, the sweat of the assembly line, before being dipped in a searing liquor of circuitboards and molten microchips. SES - Sugar Experiment Station - Shattering Every Stereotype.

12inch Shipwrec: Ship055 € 9,99