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12-12-2018 - wednesday

Zazou Bikaye - Na Kenda

Zazou Bikaye

Na Kenda

Reissue of Zazou's acid club banger. Two different mixes of Na Kenda here. On the flip you'll find bonus track ''Ba Wela'' taken from the album ''Guil... more...

12inch Ensemble: ENS008 € 10,49

07-12-2018 - friday

Kumo No Muko - A Journey Into 80's Japan's Ambient And Synth Pop Sound
2LP Jazzy Couscous: HRLP108/109 € 34,99

04-12-2018 - tuesday

Liberez - Way Through Vulnerability


Way Through Vulnerability

Southend-on-Sea experimental outfit Liberez deliver the end result of a year and a half long recording process, an amorphous new line up and advanced... more...

LP Alter: ALT43 € 27,49

Foodman - Moriyami



Moriyama is the first release on Palto Flats by Nagoya-based experimental producer Foodman. A 5 track 12” focused on deep, tactile rhythmic and offbea... more...

LP Palto Flats: PF009 € 19,99

Momo Joseph - War For Ground (Edition speciale)

Momo Joseph

War For Ground (Edition speciale)

Momo may be better known for his work as an actor, having featured in such titles as ''La Haine'' (1995) and ''The African'' (1983), but his small for... more...

LP Africa Seven: ASVN065 € 22,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Willy Nfor - Movements

Willy Nfor


For the 7th release on his label,Temi Kogbe compiles Willy Nfor's greatest songs from his solo works. The session player (bass) was involved heavily i... more...

2LP Odion Livingstone: LIVST007 € 34,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

03-12-2018 - monday

Cesar Mariano & Cia - Sao Paulo - Brasil

Cesar Mariano & Cia

Sao Paulo - Brasil

One of the finest Brazilian jazz funk fusion albums ever recorded; thoroughly deserving of its cult status. First official reissue outside of Brazil.... more...

LP Mr Bongo: MRBLP183 € 24,99

30-11-2018 - friday

Bayete - Blue Monday / Open Your Heart (Vula)


Blue Monday / Open Your Heart (Vula)

Second release for LCT- straight up fire again. All about the B-side with that catchy synths and chorus.. BIG TIP for those that dig the S.A. disco so... more...

12inch La Casa Tropical: LCT002 € 16,99

29-11-2018 - thursday

28-11-2018 - wednesday

Soundspecies and Ache Meyi - Remix EP

Soundspecies and Ache Meyi

Remix EP

Manana presents a new remix EP bringing together some essential re-works of Sound Species and Ache Meyi's collaboration recordings. Originally recorde... more...

12inch Manana: MANANA004 € 13,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Toquinho - Toquinho



Brazilian guitarist and singer Toquinho (real name Antônio Pecci Filho) was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil in the 1940’s. His first major hit single was ‘Q... more...

LP Mr Bongo: MRBLP186 € 24,99

21-11-2018 - wednesday

Stefano Ritteri - A7 Edits Volume 1

Stefano Ritteri

A7 Edits Volume 1

Africa Seven presents A7 Edits. The African reissue and compilation output slides over to the dancefloor with its new edits label, packing both holste... more...

12inch A7 Edits: A7E001 € 14,99

20-11-2018 - tuesday

Mabuta - Welcome To This World


Welcome To This World

Shane Cooper is a bassist, composer and producer from Cape Town, South Africa. He is part of the new wave of young voices in the South African jazz sc... more...

2LP Afrosynth: AFS041 € 19,99

Various Artists - On (The Sound Of On Records 87-89)

Various Artists

On (The Sound Of On Records 87-89)

This is a compilation of tracks from The ON label which was active in South Africa between 1987-1992, an era following the end of the apartheid regime... more...

3LP Egoli Records: EGOLI002 € 49,99

Filmico - In The Senses


In The Senses

In The Senses’ is a soundtrack concept album from Fernando Pulichino based around the premise of music for film. Melody, ambience and mood are central... more...

LP Isle Of Jura: TEMPLELP001 € 19,99

Night Force & The Tom Cats - Dance

Night Force & The Tom Cats


South African disco release. The title track ‘Dance’, written by Belgian composer Frank Degrijse, was released by Night Force and became a hit through... more...

12inch Afrosynth: AFS037 € 15,99

13-11-2018 - tuesday

Americo Brito and Djarama - Nha Dstine

Americo Brito and Djarama

Nha Dstine

Continuing the Cape Verde series Mar & Sol bring this fantastic masterpiece of an LP ”Nha D’stine” from the legendary singer Américo Brito and his ban... more...

LP Mar & Sol: MSR002 € 24,99

12-11-2018 - monday

Dos Ritmos - Dos Ritmos Ep

Dos Ritmos

Dos Ritmos Ep

Both tribal and ballistic, hypnotic and mesmerising 'Antropophony' is the new record from Dos Ritmos (Klasse Wrecks family members Luca Lozano and Phr... more...

12inch Klasse Wrecks: Wrecks020 € 9,99

09-11-2018 - friday

Albinos - Mokele Mbeme


Mokele Mbeme

Tribal excursion by Albinos on his Astral Soda imprint.

10inch Astral Soda: ASTRALSODA17 € 12,99

07-11-2018 - wednesday

Black Merlin - Kosua

Black Merlin


Back in full effect with stunning field recordings combined with mesmerizing after production. Big tip! Back in 2015 George Thompson AKA Black Merl... more...

2LP Island Of The Gods: IOTG005 € 27,99

Jean-Pierre Boistel / Tony Kenneybrew - Percussions Pour La Danse

Jean-Pierre Boistel / Tony Kenneybrew

Percussions Pour La Danse

Deep late 80's percussion LP created to accompany contemporary jazz-dance classes. African instrumentation meets Western Jazz arrangements and compute... more...

LP Left Ear: LER1016 € 25,99

01-11-2018 - thursday

Mutable - Mutable03



The third and final MUTABLE release...As the spirits return to the other side, it seems they left us a goodbye gift...By turns a salvia soaked stroll... more...

12inch Mutable: Mutable03 remind

Saint Abdullah - Ta Tash

Saint Abdullah

Ta Tash

These sounds are accidents. There was intent only in so far as a simple idea, which is really around bringing together factions and forces in Iranian,... more...

12inch Boomarm Nation: BOOMARM016 € 18,49

Various Artists - Under Frustration Volume 1

Various Artists

Under Frustration Volume 1

Part one of a three volume compilation project by Tunisian collective Arabstazy, establishing a picture of the contemporary electronic music scene in... more...

LP Arabstazy: SHK5v3 / RUP004 € 29,99

Mdou Moctar meets Elite Beat - In a Budget Dancehall

Mdou Moctar meets Elite Beat

In a Budget Dancehall

Recorded in the spring of 2017 over three evenings. These raw, unedited, live recordings were fueled by laughter, and Azawad gunpowder tea. Mdou Mo... more...

12inch Boomarm Nation: BOOMARM018 remind

Andrew Chalk - Painted Screens

Andrew Chalk

Painted Screens

In tip-on sleeve with Japanese obi, insert and postcard. Handmade edition of Painted Screens – designed & assembled at Impression Lointaine, signed on... more...

10inch AN: AN08 remind

Niagara - Apologia



Unique psychedelic killers from Niagara, mounting a sterling debut album with Lisbon’s Príncipe five years after their first 12”, ‘Ouro Oeste’ [2013].... more...

LP Principe: P024 € 19,99

Dont DJ - Hyperspace Is No Place

Dont DJ

Hyperspace Is No Place

We are, of course, always keen to receive any new music that comes through from the Don't DJ collective - particularly on their own Diskant imprint -... more...

LP EM Japan: EM1161TEP € 18,99

Cheikh Tidiane Fall, Bobby Few & Jo Maka - Diom Futa LP

Cheikh Tidiane Fall, Bobby Few & Jo Maka

Diom Futa LP

Seminal and much sought after Afro Jazz session recorded in Paris in 1979 featuring Senegalese percussionist Cheikh Tidian, produced by Jean-Paul Rodr... more...

LP Komos: KOS002 remind

Fanna-Fi-Allah - Muraqaba Buda Musique


Muraqaba Buda Musique

California based group Fanna-Fi-Allah have been touring their particular strain of Qawwali (Sufi praise music) for the past 17 years. Despite being... more...

LP Buda Musique: BM260305 € 29,99

Ryu No Nukegara - 7FO

Ryu No Nukegara


Recommendable electronix from Japan! Comes with an insert.. more...

LP EM Japan: EM1178LP € 24,99

Cara Stacey & Camilo Angeles - Ceder

Cara Stacey & Camilo Angeles


In the follow up to her staggering psychedelic jazz debut, 'Things That Grow', we are delighted to see Cara Stacey's return to Kit Records. Here she t... more...

LP Kit Records: KR27V € 16,99

Afro National - African Experimentals (1972-1979)

Afro National

African Experimentals (1972-1979)

The Afro National band was formed in Freetown, Sierra Leone in 1972. Their inspirational leader, Sulay Abu Bakarr accompanied by his wife Patricia and... more...

LP Africa Seven: ASVN068 € 22,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

30-10-2018 - tuesday

Sheitan Brothers - Breaking Trad

Sheitan Brothers

Breaking Trad

Inspired by Arabic and brazilian vibe, Breaking Trad is a tribute to a voodoo club experience.

12inch Zelaian Disco Club: ZELAIAN002 € 14,49

Cornelius Doctor / Tushen Rai - Lights of Khonvoum

Cornelius Doctor / Tushen Rai

Lights of Khonvoum

The Hard Fist imprint comes back harder with a fourth 12-inch EP, a global beat inspired work mixed with cosmic synths and acid lines. The two minds o... more...

12inch Hard Fist: HRDF04 € 15,49

24-10-2018 - wednesday

Thabang Tabane - Matjale

Thabang Tabane


Beautiful contemporary African music. Deep percussion with great guitar playing and vocal chants on top. Driving basslines all over the album. Spiritu... more...

LP Mushroom Hour Half Hour: M3H ART003 € 19,99

22-10-2018 - monday

Common Series - CS07 (LAS CANCHAS)

Common Series


There is a point where memory and vision meet. The point where sparks and vertigo are produced and where imaginary landscapes produce sounds and visio... more...

LP + Download Common Series: CommonS007 remind

16-10-2018 - tuesday

Moontribe - Moontribe



Fortuna Records return with a mysterious album by the anonymous artist known only as Moontribe. A deep-space journey between tribal percussion, hypnot... more...

LP Fortuna Records: FTNLP004 € 27,99

Buari - Buari



A surefire Afro-Funk classic, long treasured by collectors across the globe, the fantastic self-titled LP from Ghanaian singing/percussion sensation S... more...

LP Be With Records: BEWITH037LP € 24,49

11-10-2018 - thursday

Haruomi Hosono - Hosono House

Haruomi Hosono

Hosono House

Hosono’s solo career would take many twists and turns from this point forward, with forays into exotica, electronic, ambient, and techno, culminating... more...

12inch Light In The Attic: LITA173LP € 34,99

Haruomi Hosono - Cochin Moon

Haruomi Hosono

Cochin Moon

Released in September 1978, a mere two months before YMO’s debut, Cochin Moon is a clear precursor to the groundbreaking synth and sequencer-dominated... more...

LP Light In The Attic: LITA714LP € 34,99

Vasco Martins - Universo Da Ilha

Vasco Martins

Universo Da Ilha

Super deep African / New Age / Minimalistic / Ambient crossover from Cabo Verde - Not the typical record, a beautiful listening experience. Origina... more...

LP Canela En Surco: CNL001 € 28,99

02-10-2018 - tuesday

Les Choc Stars / Teknokrat - Nakombe Nga / What Did He Say

Les Choc Stars / Teknokrat

Nakombe Nga / What Did He Say

Heat in two Belgian flavors! Check out the Zaïrian electronic dance floor banger “Nakombe Nga” by Les Choc Stars. Comes with the dope, largely unheard... more...

12inch Rush Hour: RHRSS25 € 10,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L