Hiroshi Yoshimura


Hiroshi Yoshimura - Surround

Temporal Drift presents the long-awaited, first-ever reissue of ''Surround'', Hiroshi Yoshimura's sought-after ambient classic.

Originally released as an album in January 1986, Surround was recorded by Yoshimura as a commission from home builder Misawa Homes, intended to function as an ''amenity'' designed to enhance the company's newly built living spaces. A pioneer in the field of environmental music, Yoshimura's previous works included ''Music For Nine Post Cards'' (1982), originally produced to be played back inside a museum space, and designing sound environments for public spaces and subway systems. ''Surround'' was recorded almost concurrently with the acclaimed and popular GREEN (1986). The two albums are described by Hiroyoshi Shiokawa in his liner notes as being Yoshimura's yin and yang.

''If Surround can be listened to as music that’s as close to air itself, allowing us to enter each listener’s sound scenery, or as something that exists within a new perspective, expanding the middle ground between sound and music, and transforming it into a comfortable space, it would be much appreciated.'' - Hiroshi Yoshimura.

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