Various Artists - On (The Sound Of On Records 87-89)

Various Artists

On (The Sound Of On Records 87-89)

This is a compilation of tracks from The ON label which was active in South Africa between 1987-1992, an era following the end of the apartheid regime... more...

3LP Egoli Records: EGOLI002 remind

Ourra - Crystal Palms


Crystal Palms

After his two 7'' releases on Star Creature, Ourra drops an 8 track Lp full of lush soundscapes composed of vintage synths and thematic astro vibes. T... more...

LP Star Creature: SC1214 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Jordan GCZ - Pinball Lizard EP

Jordan GCZ

Pinball Lizard EP

Flippers at the ready... High Scoring EP from one of the hardest working producers we know. The A side is a pacey affair - a multi-ball dancefloor bat... more...

12inch Rush Hour: RHM029 remind

Aswa - Leftlovers



Tape Archive presents ASWA's first project: leftlovers. A computer music selection collected from 2014 to 2018, built in 2 parts (Études and Attempts) more...

12inch Tape Archive: Tac1 remind

Various Artists - Binoclorized Ep

Various Artists

Binoclorized Ep

Hearing Colours is a new imprint based between Berlin and Miami. The label's debut release is a stunning V/A features the talents of Pohl, Onirik, Fel... more...

12inch Hearing Colours: HC001 remind

Chymera - Noise Tool


Noise Tool

Noise Tool is a pair of techno cuts, each almost breaching 10 minutes and custom fit to the dancefloor dedicated sound Maeve has become known for. The... more...

12inch Maeve: Maeve14 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Musumeci & Phunkadelica / Stereocalypse - Romantico Disco EP

Musumeci & Phunkadelica / Stereocalypse

Romantico Disco EP

The long musical tradition of electro-disco, Italo style, foregrounds Innervisions’ newest release. Bringing together five producers for a celebration... more...

12inch Innervisions: IV82 remind

Psyk - Voiceprint remixes


Voiceprint remixes

Peter Van Hoesen, Shifted, Neel rmxs

12inch Non Series: Non033 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Various Artists - Bunk001

Various Artists


First release on the new Copenhagen imprint, featuring tracks by DJ IBON, Lund&Rønde and Stealth Boys, all from the local BunkerBauer crew. The releas... more...

12inch Bunkerbauer: Bunk001 remind

Free Love - Luxury Hits

Free Love

Luxury Hits

Luxury Hits is an open-hearted love letter to possible futures. Trans-temporal projection through pop music for dancefloors. The music is about breaki... more...

LP Full Ashram: FULL001 remind

Agnarkea - Black Helicopters


Black Helicopters

Black Helicopters is Agnarkea (Keaton Transue); a 20 year old producer from Richmond, Virginia, whose debut album is forthcoming on Manchester-based l... more...

12inch Natural Sciences: Natural023 remind

Various Artists - Touched Electronix 001

Various Artists

Touched Electronix 001

Touched Music and Furthur Electronix two forward thinking labels have merged together to put out exclusive compilations. Putting some of the best musi... more...

12inch Furthur Electronix: TE001 remind

Various Artists - Furthur Journeys Into Electronix 1

Various Artists

Furthur Journeys Into Electronix 1

Taking you on a journey into some of the best electronix on one 12'', showcasing known and unknown artists with unreleased material. more...

12inch Furthur Electronix: FE011 remind

Blutch  - 4 My Peeps


4 My Peeps

After the noticed 'L'île' with Terrence Parker then 'Last Dance With Lolea' with Red Rack' em, this new adventure stamped '4 My Peeps' invites Strip S... more...

12inch Barbeque: BBQ003 remind

Peverelist - IDLE050



The Bristol label ran from the record shop the same name reaches its 50th release. Peverelist returns to mark the occasion having put out the first 12... more...

12inch Idle Hands: IDLE050 remind

ASOK - To Think I Hesitated


To Think I Hesitated

Northern DJ & producer ASOK returns to Lobster following a 1.5 year break from the grind, getting right back in the deep with four deep, brooding club... more...

12inch Lobster Theremin: LT-UNDR-03 remind

616 - Amor Amor Amor


Amor Amor Amor

Lots of Love from South of Italy...the 7th release of seekers sublabel Twig comes from 616....all tracks are produced and recorded in 2018.

12inch Twig: SSL007 remind

Andrew Red Hand - Revolution 89

Andrew Red Hand

Revolution 89

Andrew Red Hand takes you deep into the night with haunting synth lines, deep chicago grooves and proper drum machine battery on his latest effort for... more...

12inch Lobster Theremin: LT-UNDR-02 remind

Hidden Spheres - This Is 4U

Hidden Spheres

This Is 4U

Brand new Lobster UNDR sublanabel for nostalgic, moody, deep & dark club traxx.

12inch Lobster Theremin: LT-UNDR-01 remind

Cab Drivers / Oscar Schubaq / DJ Deep - Slices Of Life 10.2
12inch Slices Of Life: SOL10.2 remind

FRAK - Project Digitalis


Project Digitalis

FRAK are back on track with this dreamy album with deep dark hypnotic slow rhythmic tracks. This is experimental analog and haunting dancemusic at s... more...

LP Borft: DP20 remind

Savage Ground - In Not

Savage Ground

In Not

'' Authors of the 4th release of the Mosaique label are the project Savage Ground, known for its works on Lux Rec, Pinkman Broken Dreams and Enfant Te... more...

12inch Mosaique: MSQ004 remind

Jack Moss & The Soul Injections - Do You Believe It

Jack Moss & The Soul Injections

Do You Believe It

The Jack Moss & Soul Injections 45RPM single re-issue is truly a very special release for us here at Tramp Records. Not only because of the sheer qual... more...

7inch Tramp Records: TR258 remind

Soluce (aka Fluxion & Savvas Ysatis) - Birth

Soluce (aka Fluxion & Savvas Ysatis)


A diary of sonic cartography by long time friends, and neighbors K. Soublis aka Fluxion, and Savvas Ysatis. more...

LP Vibrant Forms: VMR004B remind

Mike Dunn Presents - We R Tuesday Nights Vol # 6

Mike Dunn Presents

We R Tuesday Nights Vol # 6

The ‘We R Tuesday Nights’ series continues giving you three more killer funk, soul and disco tracks, edited to perfection by the Chicago master.

12inch Various US re-edits: MD006 remind

Roman Flugel - Themes

Roman Flugel


Minimalistic work as homage to pioneers of his musical heritage more...

2LP ESP institute: ESP076 remind

Obscure Shape & SHDW - Der Strum

Obscure Shape & SHDW

Der Strum

From Another Mind founders Obscure Shape & SHDW return to Rekids with three massive techno tracks in Der Strum EP

12inch REKIDS: REKIDS128 remind

Adult - This Behavior


This Behavior

ADULT. is the Detroit duo Nicola Kuperus and Adam Lee Miller. They played their first lives show together in Germany in 1997 under the name Artificial... more...

12inch Dais Records: DAIS123 remind

Anti Lunatic Squad - Lost In Compression

Anti Lunatic Squad

Lost In Compression

Analogue Bipolar Boy and RogueFrequency approach electronic music with a frenetic sense of purpose and serious intent. The two have come together to f... more...

12inch Shipwrec: Ship060 remind

Mark Barrott - Nature Sounds Of The Balearics

Mark Barrott

Nature Sounds Of The Balearics

Mark Barrott is the man behind International Feel, Roca, Future Loop Foundation, as well as being a founding of the Balearic boy-band “Talamanca Syste... more...

LP Running Back: RBINC003LP remind

Various Artists - The Sound Of Benny Ep

Various Artists

The Sound Of Benny Ep

Benny returns to Running Back with open arms after last year’s Younger Rebinds double EP. Featuring the 4 different flavours of Benny’s various guises... more...

12inch Running Back: RB073 remind

Egyptian Lover - 1986

Egyptian Lover


The lover drops a new full length album with 13 tracks. Essential!

2LP Egyptian Empire: DMSR1995 remind

Pascal - Arcipelago



Two new disco-dub joints by Pascal inspired by the fresh breeze of an oceanic archipelago, plus an obscure cosmic-boogie reinterpretation of the previ... more...

12inch Periodica: PRD1011 remind

Ciel - Hundred Flowers


Hundred Flowers

Ciel - "when I played it for my mom, she said it made her feel like she was flying in the night sky to the moon."

12inch Coastal Haze: HAZE009 remind

Subradeon - God Bless


God Bless

Subradeon makes this first EP on their own imprint with a special remix from UR's Scan 7. Timeless techno tracks!

12inch Subradeon Records: sbrdn001 remind

Sounds & Sequences - Construct

Sounds & Sequences


Deep, dark and dubby tracks!

12inch Sounds & Sequences: SS007 remind

Soela - Sunny Winter Morning


Sunny Winter Morning

Soela serves up four deep and dreamy jams for Shall Not Fade's sub-label Lost Palms.

12inch Lost Palms: Palms018 remind

A Psychic Yes - TS000001

A Psychic Yes


Excellent experimental house music from new label Tech Start Up. For fans of Loidis, Mood Hut and Villalobos. more...

12inch Tech Startup: TS000001 remind

VTSS - Self Will


Self Will

Debut EP by one of the most influential women in the Polish techno scene, having played live all over Poland and beyond for 2 years already, resident... more...

12inch Intrepid Skin: SKIN001 remind

Various Artists - The Belligerents Vol.1

Various Artists

The Belligerents Vol.1

In 3 years DJ Nephil has taken Gravitational Waves into the contemporary dance music paradigm with tenacity. Nephil has built Gravitational Waves int... more...

12inch Gravitational Waves: GRTW006 remind

Kluentah - ZMNT 001


ZMNT 001

Kluentah is one half of Fallbeil. He delievers four diverse Tracks that hailing on Side-A from electro (''The Return'') to some kind of New Beatish Te... more...

12inch Zement: ZMNT001 remind

Jaime Read - The Beginning

Jaime Read

The Beginning

Jaime's take on futuristic chi-town influenced house is present across the selections. Written 21 years ago, the music is more relevant that ever. Ser... more...

12inch For Those That Knoe: KNOE1/3 remind

AYBEE - Future Reference


Future Reference

The Future Reference EP see's Deepblak label head AYBEE pushing ever forward into the outliers of electronic rhythms. Always avoiding convention ''The... more...

12inch Deepblak Recordings: DBRV033 remind

Various Artists - The First EP

Various Artists

The First EP

Detroit Techno Records celebrate 10 years of being a digital label by buying their first vinyl record. The record entitled ''The First EP'' includes c... more...

12inch Detroit Techno Records: DTRV001 remind

Marvin Dash - MD 50

Marvin Dash

MD 50

Over the last 4 years, ITDR squad explored the whole galaxy to find the mysterious Marvin Dash. They finally tracked him down and convinced him to joi... more...

12inch Into The Deep Records 004: ITDR004 remind