Ballet Mechanique - OCD presents The Secret Sun: Ballet Mechanique 1992-1999 Collection Vol. 2

Ballet Mechanique

OCD presents The Secret Sun: Ballet Mechanique 1992-1999 Collection Vol. 2

A second volume of previously unreleased material from the DATs archive of Ballet Mechanique. Produced between 1992 and 1999 and spanning thru differe... more...

12inch Open Channel For Dreamers: OCD.SSthree remind

Mall Grab - Sunflower

Mall Grab


Starting 2020 on a high note, and following a surprise charity EP along with a collaborative EP with Turnstile, Jordon Alexander returns as Mall Grab... more...

12inch Looking For Trouble: LFT006 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Affie Yusuf - Dreamin'

Affie Yusuf


From the turn of the millennium comes this stellar 3 tracker from London tech-house hero Affie Yusuf. 'Dreamin' is it's name, and late night or early... more...

12inch Mint Condition: MC036 remind

M!r!m - The Visionary


The Visionary

Inspired by early 80s synth pop, cold and dark wave, M!R!M has been releasing on labels as Fabrika and Manic Depression. Avant! Records will release h... more...

12inch Avant! Records: AV067 remind

SDH - Against Strong Thinking


Against Strong Thinking

SDH return with the Against Strong Thinking EP, which follows its 2018 self-titled album. Although six songs may be insufficient, their new tracks hig... more...

12inch Avant! Records: AV068 remind

Dead Husband - Iguana

Dead Husband


Iguana is the debut release of Dead Husband on Bordello A Parigi. The American group push their unique sound to new levels across this EP. Tracks, lik... more...

12inch Bordello A Parigi: BAP135 remind

LSD - Third Process


Third Process

The techno super-group of Luke Slater, Steve Bicknell and David Sumner aka LSD is back again with the third instalment of their Process series. Third... more...

12inch LSD: LSD002 remind

Psyk - Opal Lake


Opal Lake

Spanish DJ and producer Psyk returns to his own NON Series with 'Opal Lake'. This 40th release on the imprint and also the first release of 2020 is a... more...

12inch Non Series: NON040 remind

St. Andy - Motor EP

St. Andy

Motor EP

Official re-edition of St Andy classic Detroit tracks. Released on Soirée Records.

12inch Syncrophone Recordings: SYNCRO33 remind

Leite Dos Santos - Esoteric EP

Leite Dos Santos

Esoteric EP

Undersound Recordings opens the new decade with an electro EP from Leite Dos Santos, alias of an unknown producer. This EP fuses old and new school el... more...

12inch Undersound: USR014 remind

Sigward - Balmung Beam


Balmung Beam

Balmung Beam is Sjoerd Sigward’s second EP for SoHaSo, the follow up for the well received Black Mambo-single from 2014. more...

12inch Something Happening Somewhere: SoHaSo025 remind

Jonathan Kaspar - Kante

Jonathan Kaspar


Kante EP brings out the emotive, high energy style of writing and producing of Jonathan Kaspar.

12inch Kompakt: Kompakt414 remind

Zona di Franco - Wonder Years

Zona di Franco

Wonder Years

Better Sound 05 produced by the Maestro Franco Falsini! Original tracks from Franco's own seminal label Interactive Test. 1990 - 1991 period.

12inch Better Sound: BS05 remind

Cignol - Guidance Release


Guidance Release

The stars align as Dublin’s Cignol graces Distant Worlds with a heavyweight transmission of rich acidic electro. Cosmic hardware voyages are the orde... more...

12inch Distant Worlds: DWT009 remind

Victor Cavini - Japan

Victor Cavini


The first Be With foray into the archives of revered German library institution Selected Sound is one of our favourites on the label - the super in-de... more...

LP Be With Records: BEWITH076LP remind

Avancera - Who Is Princess Zorldo (Incl. Mor Elian Remix)


Who Is Princess Zorldo (Incl. Mor Elian Remix)

Stockholm duo 'Avancera', consisting of Dorisburg and Kalawila, explores the void with their debut EP. Over five releases, Stockholm label Mountain Ex... more...

12inch Mountain Explosion Device: Mountain006 remind

Station Rose - Gunafa 2020

Station Rose

Gunafa 2020

Release number 3 for the techno side of WHERE WE MET, SPAZIOTEMPO. The Italian crew invites an iconic duo, the lovely Elisa and Gary aka Station Rose... more...

12inch Spaziotempo: SPTM003 remind

Severed Heads - Clean

Severed Heads


Dark Entries' first release of 2020 is a deluxe 2xLP reissue of Severed Heads’ debut 1981 album ‘Clean’. One of the longest surviving bands to emerge... more...

12inch Dark Entries: DE265 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Assel - Deceased Party


Deceased Party

Our man Assel returns with this banger party record. We can just say BOOM!

12inch ANUS Records: ANUS011 remind

Philipp Boss - UNTITILED

Philipp Boss


4th in the series by the man from Frankfurt, Philipp Boss.

12inch Oge: OGEWHITE004 remind

Klankman - Danger EP


Danger EP

Under his Klankman moniker, Maarten Epskamp brings his own twisted take on techno with a lavish amount of acid. Displaying a free-form DIY approach of... more...

12inch Lo Phi Forms Records: LPF01 remind

Raoul Delgardo - Brick Layer EP

Raoul Delgardo

Brick Layer EP

SH RECORDS Continues the rerelease fo Sheep Records.

12inch SH1: SH2 remind

Noerk - REVOLT!007



A Futuristic Acid EP with 9Os UK Breakbeat and Deep Space Electro references. Enter the Wormh0le. Played by Jane Fitz and Xdb.

12inch REVOLT!: REVOLT007 remind

Kopy / Tentenko  - Super Mild
12inch TAL: TAL15 remind

Tornische - Interiorismo



Cititrax present the sinewy synthwave sound of Tornische, a project first showcased on label boss Veronica Vasicka's Resident Advisor mix from earlier... more...

12inch Cititrax: CITI028 remind

Various Artists - RM241219

Various Artists


R.A.N.D. Muzik Recordings bring back their yearly 24.12 compilation, this time featuring Roza Terenzi, Lou Karsh, Qnete & New World and Jacques Torran... more...

12inch Rand Muzik: RM241219 remind

Various Artists - RM12005

Various Artists


R.A.N.D. Muzik Recordings pays homage to An Alien Recordings, the 90’s (and recently revived) UK Electro/Breakbeat label run by Andy Panayi and Alec S... more...

12inch Rand Muzik: RM12005 remind

Vox Populi - Myscitismes

Vox Populi


Vox Populi!'s cult and highly sought after debut LP is finally reissued here after 30 years. Recorded after their first single - Ectoplasmies (1983) -... more...

12inch Platform 23: PLA038 remind

Lubos Fiser - Valerie A Tyden Divu (Valerie And Her Week Of Wonders)

Lubos Fiser

Valerie A Tyden Divu (Valerie And Her Week Of Wonders)

It has been exactly ten years since Finders Keepers Records rst liberated Lubos Fiser's immaculate soundtrack music for Valerie And Her Week Of Wonder... more...

LP Finders Keepers: FKR009LPXA remind

Silicon Scally / Telephasycx - Cymatics Operator

Silicon Scally / Telephasycx

Cymatics Operator

Silicon Scally is one of many monikers used by Carl A. Finlow. He's well known for his backlog of electro beats. On this record he has turned up the c... more...

12inch Rator Mute: RM002 remind

Ranga Kong -

Ranga Kong

Next in line for the Third Place Dance Discs is Liverpool based Ranga. 4 freshly baked tracks straight outta the MPC – including a fresh take on Sangr... more...

12inch Third Place: TPDD003 remind


12inch Unknown: remind

Local Group - Fresh Rhythms EP

Local Group

Fresh Rhythms EP

UK duo Local Group (aka Corporeal Face and LMajor) follow up their sold out 'Laser Done' EP and appearance on ‘Secret Rave 4' with a 'Fresh Rhythms' E... more...

12inch Human Concrete Block: HCB002 remind

Gerhard Heinz - Lolita Am Scheideweg

Gerhard Heinz

Lolita Am Scheideweg

Groovy funk, cosmic sitar beats, psychedelic flangers and chilled balearic disco songs produced by Austrian producer Gerhard Heinz in 1980! This alb... more...

LP Private Records: VAG10 remind

DJ Lostboi & Torus - The Flash

DJ Lostboi & Torus

The Flash

Following 2019's hibernation, Queeste reappears with the mnestic soundscapes of DJ Lostboi and Torus' split album The Flash. Across eight gossamer evo... more...

LP Queeste: QUEESTE003 remind

Ryuichi Sakamoto - Thousand Knives Of

Ryuichi Sakamoto

Thousand Knives Of

Re-release of Ryuichi Sakamoto's first solo album originally released in 1978 on the sought-after Better Days label. Sakamoto was a member of Yellow M... more...

LP Wewantsounds: WWSLP24 remind

Bell Towers - Juicy Blend Ep

Bell Towers

Juicy Blend Ep

Bell Towers is back for an extra juicy episode in his Œuvre. Widely appreciated for his Pop sensibility he has been good for more than one surprise al... more...

12inch Public Possession: PP-CSN-01 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Caustic 14 - Basic Moves 12

Caustic 14

Basic Moves 12

Following up after the recent Circadian Rhythms release is Sebastian S under his Caustic 14 alias with a yummy yummy double 12” six tracker full of sp... more...

2x12inch Basic Moves: BM012 remind

KGIV - Regulatory Capture EP


Regulatory Capture EP

Interdimensional Transmissions' techno sublabel Eye Teeth relaunches with a fresh series of releases featuring the solo and related works of Israel Vi... more...

EP Eye Teeth: Teeth8 remind

Moreno Acido & Diogo - Rocadas EP

Moreno Acido & Diogo

Rocadas EP

Lisbon-meets-Manchester in a killer suite of Atlantic Acid trax riffing on classic 808 State, Drexciya and ghetto-ready Baile Funk for Holuzam: the so... more...

12inch Holuzam: ZAM004 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

London Modular Alliance  - Crack Fox
12inch Infiltrate: INFILTRATE04 remind

Hector Oaks - Cinco

Hector Oaks


''Although it might be surprising for many, the life of a mid-profile DJ/Producer is not always so easy. I know some cases of people (I include myself... more...

12inch Oaks: OAKS05 remind