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For the past few weeks we’ve been receiving inquiries on a daily basis, asking why Clone Distribution has ended its collaboration with Trip Recordings and Nina Kraviz. Even Time magazine asked whether we’d have an official statement about it, which until now we did not. Clone Records however doesn’t have anything to hide, so with all due respect for the discretion a label/distribution-relation requires, I don’t mind to clarify.

In the past, even after the annexation of the Crimea, Nina Kraviz has put forward several outings which can be taken as pro-Putin. Moreover she has clearly been flirting with CCCP/USSR-sentiments on several occasions, while the USSR was a regime that has stood for the oppression of minorities, has marginalised the LGBTQ+ communities, a regime which murdered millions of people! On Nina’s latest, upcoming compilation-album “All His Decisions” also a number of signs of USSR-flattery are to be found. This is raising questions that, in the light of the current Russian aggression, cannot be ignored.

As many people noticed Nina Kraviz has gone quiet on social media once the war in the Ukraine started. Of course it is her right to keep quiet as she chooses, but as a business partner we want to know what’s going on and what standpoint we should expect her to take on the situation. She however ignored personal requests to talk, moreover having her label manager giving unsatifying answers and poor excuses for not speaking out and not wanting to communicate in general. The communications with her label manager I considered rather manipulative, and her stances were being put forward in vague Putin-esque expressions like “she want’s peace” or “Of course she is against War”, wilfully lacking any meaningful conditions (Does she want Ukraine to surrender to put the war to a stop? Does she want Peace under Putin’s terms?). Other Russian artists, many unlike Nina living in Russia, have spoken out in the first days of the war, and some even now. (Please note that in the first days of the war there was no law which did forbid to speak about “war”). It is a disappointment therefore that she, publicly or privately, hasn’t made known that she doesn’t support the Russian violence, or has shown any sign of empathy with the victims thereof.

By refusing to choose sides, and by not speaking out, Nina enables herself to continue her lifestyle and her life as a performing artist as if nothing is happening, while the looting, the raping, the murdering and the destruction of a country by her countrymen continues. This is in stark contrast to other situations, when she has shown herself to be a opinionated person, always willing to have a conversation. Let me be very clear about the fact that it is her right to do so. She is free to stay silent, and of course she is allowed to keep her political views to herself and to live her life as she wishes. She may well have her personal reasons to justify that behavior, but as a business partner Clone Records is equally free to not conveniently accept those reasons.

While she is still touring the world and enjoying all the benefits of the freedom in the Western world, she chooses not to live under Putin’s oppression, yet she is using Putin’s law as an excuse not to speak out and remain silent. Therefore the way Nina Kraviz chooses to stay silent can be considered to be out of opportunism, hypocrisy and a abuse of freedom, thereby going against the values on which house and techno music and their respective cultures are built. The cultures and communities from which Nina did build her career. We see this silence as a sign of double standards and of disinterest, and we consider it a symptom of a toxic positivity and a toxic ignorance in the techno scene that Clone Record chooses not to represent. The house and techno scene are supposed to stand up for minorities, for the less privileged and the oppressed and for freedom of expression. It is built by minorities and oppressed people, and we should not allow ourselves to forget just that.

Nina Kraviz is too big to fail. There are enough people who dont know or who don’t care. Or because they are priviliged enough to say “Its about the music” or who just see the money and status which comes with her fame. I’m not worried about her career, I’m worried about the toxic behaviour which rottens the scene and the culture which gave us the music which we celebrate everyday, I worry about the values of the house and techno culture.
While many festivals and clubs conveniently accept her right to remain silent, we in our opinion have all the reasons to end the collaboration, even if she would distance herself from past USSR flattery in a near future and even if she would take distance from her Pro-Putin outings at some point. We won’t be waiting for a sign of empathy with the victims of Russia’s aggression while the murdering and raping continues. We cannot wait and hope for a statement, a personal message or actions showing that she stands for the same morals in which the house and techno scenes are rooted, while we already have several signs that she doesn’t. Simply put, this is not the moral behavior and energy we want to represent or be associated with.

I hope this sufficiently clarifies and explains my personal stance as well as the standpoint and actions taken by Clone Records/Clone Distribution. Everyone should make their own decisions, I am not calling out to cancel anybody. Make your own decisions on what kind of energy you allow in your life!

Stay safe!!


Transllusion – A Moment Of Insanity

2001, the first year of the 21st century, but especially for many born in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, the year that was surrounded with an aura of “the Future” and that became symbol of the new and unknown things that life has in store, the starting year of a new transgression period in both scientific, cultural and spiritual evolution. In that year Transllusion recorded music in the Dimensional Waves Productions studio of which till date two known productions saw a release: “The opening of the Cerebral Gate” and shortly after that the mysterious “L.I.F.E.” album on Rephlex.

More than 15 years later, an unknown wave resurfaced, washing up an incomparable emotional state of electronic depth. Music from the Future rooted in an underwater Afro-futurist realm and the grandiose cosmological truths. This time rushing over us in a much more personal, reflective and more introspective way, yet leaving behind sonic confusion.

We now know who was responsible for all these futuristic recordings perfectly reflecting what the year 2001 stood for, James Stinson can be seen as one of the last few techno musicians from his generation that lived up to the high expectations of moving forward, finding the unknown and embracing the future without reliving the past.

Transllusion - A Moment Of Insanity DAT tape
Transllusion – A Moment Of Insanity DAT tape
This recently discovered DAT-tape, using his Transllusion alias, is the 3rd outing of the project and, surrounded with an even brighter aureole than the previous recordings, confirms the status of its producers mastermind. No further details are known, except for the project name written on the tape, but these intimate moments in the studio tell us what the future sounds like according to James Stinson!

Available from 08-06-2018

Upcoming Royal Oak by Third System

Clone Royal Oak 043 delivering fresh new cuts from the dutch west-coast! Adventurous psychedelic house tracks with colorful warm tones squeezed out of an artillery of warm and wooly sounding vintage synths creating futuristic vibes.

Masterlight taken from Third System EP – Clone Royal Oak 043.
Out mid june 2018.
Order vinyl:

The Men You’ll Never See part 2

Clone Urban Unit 1997
Clone store 1997, in true ‘men you’ll never see’ style located in the upstairs backroom of the Urban Unit.
Rotterdam, 1997… a regular wednesday in the small Clone Record store. Our imports shipment from the USA arrived… the highlight of the week!!! New releases that have been ordered from a fax list from the American distributors. In these days it was just phone calls and infosheets rolling from the faxmachine! New records from Detroit, New York, Chicago that I ordered but never heard before. Labels and artists that were unknown… just trusting your gut feeling while reading the description on the fax list and seeing the artist name and track titles. It felt like gambling with scratchcards… hit or miss! This shipment had a bunch of records that looked kinda obscure inbetween the many NY house records and harder acid and techno listed. The names looked cool so I ordered some copies… “Cybonix – Cybonix in Effect”, “DJ Assault – Tec De France” on D-bass Records, “D.I.E. – The Men You’ll Never See” were listed with restocks of old Incognito titles such as Tronikhouse… could be something nice!?

About 5 copies of each title arrived… I broke the seal on my baggy Stussy pants, put the needle on… and there it goes Boom Pack, Boom Boom Pack, Boom Pack, Boom Boom Pack… That’s the shit… That’s some energy going on right here…wait… what’s that?? A guy with a mic?? Bang, that quirky sharp bassline drops…. wooowww!!! “To all the people in the house, I’ve got two things to say and that’s… Get Up!” Crazy stuff… I like it! Flipping over to the other side… Cosmic Cars vibes… killer! These guys knew their classics, it sounded like a cover version of Cybotron’s Cosmic Cars???! I could tell from the music… I like these guys!. Ok… Last tune… Deep Space Detroit Techno Electro… I got all exited. This is the shit!!! This whole record is gold! “Driving in my car… Making techno tracks… People try to stop me… But I keep on going because I’m the man you’ll never see!” Goose bumps!!! That’s us… The Men You’ll Never See… just a bunch of freaks making techno tracks, playing them in the car with friends, at small parties hosted by ourselves or even imaginary parties in our bedroom. Not looking for fame or trying to make shitloads of money. We preferred music from DIY labels and anonymous producers… let the music do the talking… as pure as it could be! “We’re The Men You’ll Never see” that’s our vibe and D.I.E. made the perfect theme to that vibe!

The regulars came in for their thursday and friday round of record shopping looking for the latest techno and house imports, the latest bangers for their regular dj gigs at the local clubs. Sure, no worries… I got their back! No shortage of good records from all over the place in my little recordstore! Axis, Kanzleramt, Prescription, 7th city, Strictly Rhythm, Soul City, UR etc. etc.
I did put a small stack aside with these electro 12’s for the saturday morning when the out of town regulars from Alkmaar and The Hague plus the local guys with a day job came in; Pim Pametex, Electronome, Edo8, Cosmic Force, I-f, Duplex etc.
Everything sold out after a couple days… I had work to do. I needed restocks so I started faxing to the number on the records. Long story short… a longtime friendship was started and we did a remix ep on Clone Records with killer remixes by Adult. I-f and Electronome all going against the stream showing their love for Wave and Electro and delivering superb tracks.

Now it’s 2018… The world did change… Nobody is a man or woman you’ll never see… everyone’s got a camera in their hand and is a voyeur looking at other peoples lives. It’s all about seeing and being seen these days… Facebook and Instagram and their algorithms are setting the rules and often it seems that music is of secondary importance. But the music is still here… We are still here and we’re still making techno tracks. At the end the music is the only truth!
Needless to say it’s a proud moment to be able to offer 20 years after the initial release.., the official re-release of “The Men You’ll Never See – Part 1 and Part 2”


DIE Clone Westcoast SeriesThe Men You’ll Never See pt.1

DIE Clone Westcoast SeriesThe Men You’ll Never See pt.2

The Men You’ll Never See…

Coming soon, two classic Clone records in the rebound straight from Detroit and the Dutch westcoast!

DIE Clone Westcoast SeriesThe Men You’ll Never See EP
I-f, Adult. and Electronome with their versions of this Detroit electro anthem by the Detroit In Effect boys.

DIE Clone Westcoast SeriesThe Men You’ll Never See pt.2
Raw and pure detroit electro-techno classics. Straight from the source. Remastered for the Westcoast!

Out in late April 2018. More D.I.E to come soon..!