The Clone Record Store / is moving to a new location!

The Clone Record Store/ is moving to a new location.
By the end of August (2015) we’ll be opening in a new store location in Rotterdam.
Since opening a store 20 years ago, and being located for more then 15 years at the Mauritsweg 60 its time for something new, something fresh. The coming weeks are the last weeks you can visit us in our old shop. Not exactly sure when we’ll open up in the new location, but thats most likely early/mid August.
At this moment we’re hard at work to get everything ready for the many records we’ve got the move. We’ll do some stock sales in the last weeks to avoid high medical bills of the guys with a sore back after the move, so keep an eye on this space for further announcements!! ;-)
Oh btw… the new store will be located on same walking distance from the central station as our current store… so no jumping through hoops to reach us… We’ll be located close to the new Transport club and Bird. Exact address info and moving date will follow soon!

Untill then… we’ll be happy to welcome you for (a last?) visit at the Mauritsweg!