picture: Egyptian Lover

Egyptian Lover: Egypts all time electro favorites

Egypts all time electro favorites

Afrika Bambaataa & The Soul Sonic Force

Planet Rock

Egyptian Lover

Egypt Egypt

12inch Egyptian Empire: DMSR00661 € 10,99

Twilight 22

Electric Kingdom

12inch Hot Productions: HCL2203 remind
12inch Hot Productions: SPV068 (Very Good+) remind


Computer World

LP Auhs: HS3549 remind
LP Mute: Stumm307 remind
LP Kling Klang: Kling Klang 5099996602317 remind
LP Parlophone: Parlophone 0190295272302 € 29,99




Newcleus Classic

Jamie Jupitor

Computer Power

12inch Egyptian Empire: DMSR00666 remind
12inch Egyptian Empire: DMSR00666 (Very Good+) remind
12inch Hot Productions: Hot Classics 2299 remind

Uncle Jamm's Army

Dial a Freak / Yes Yes yes

12inch Freak Beat Records: DYF007 remind

Dynamik Bass System

The Mighty Machine