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Z-Bomb - Keepers of the cheese


Keepers of the cheese

Pounding electrobot and sinister industrial tecno from holland.

12inch Bunker: B3068 € 10,99

Various Artists - Music From Mathematics

Various Artists

Music From Mathematics

MATHEMATICS RECORDINGS presents its first full length comp featuring a wealth of the label’s recent favorites compiled by label boss and A&R HIEROGLYP... more...

CDr Mathematics: MRICD003 € 11,99

Hieroglyphic Being - Calling Planet Earth EP

Hieroglyphic Being

Calling Planet Earth EP

The Calling Planet Eart ep continues his journey of his experimentation with sound. In addition to the title track, The Magic City and and the Sun Ra... more...

12inch Mathematics: Mathplus07 € 13,99

Omar S - High School Graffiti (HSG)

Omar S

High School Graffiti (HSG)

Limited repress of the Scion collab for Omar S, High School Graffiti. Minimal jacking tracks. Going somewhere between old Unit Moebius and classic Chi... more...

2x12inch Fxhe: FXHE-FXHE3000 € 19,99

CCO - Music For Cosmonauts


Music For Cosmonauts

In January 2012 CCO played a stunning and completely live & analog set at Zukunft, one of the best clubs in Zurich. Lux Rec asked him to reenact the s... more...

CD Lux Rec: LXCD01 € 8,99

Perseus Traxx - Bunker 3099

Perseus Traxx

Bunker 3099

Finally out of little Britain, ahum, sorry, out of little Paxton, mr. Rogers is currently thriving on his newly acquired medication of high-quality co... more...

12inch Bunker: B3099 € 11,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Various Artists - The Dance

Various Artists

The Dance

Affie Yusuf, Ricardo Miranda, Arttu and John Red Hawk delivering retro Chicago rooted tracks. Nice selection with an outstanding track by Arttu.

12inch Snuff Trax: STX009b € 6,49

Spirit of the black 808 - Gueril

Spirit of the black 808


3 rough, rugged and raw tunes! EStaying true to the Chicago ethos. Especially the 3rd acid loaded track is hot.

12inch Synapsis: Synapsis008 € 9,99

Gherkin Jerks - Alleviated presents The Gherkin Jerks

Gherkin Jerks

Alleviated presents The Gherkin Jerks

The original 12'' vinyl releases of Stomp The Beat and 1990 were two Holy Grail releases of Chicago House as they were only available for a short tim... more...

CD Alleviated: ML9016CD € 15,99

Jordan Fields - Its More Than That ep

Jordan Fields

Its More Than That ep

Chicago native Jordan Field with his version of some early Larry Heard, Gherkin Jerks inspired tracks. Tapes taken from an old tape done in the 90's

12inch Klapmaster Records: K002 € 10,99

Romans - Romans 1


Romans 1

Romans 1 - The crumbling skeleton of a lost civilization! Romans is Tin Man and Gunnar Haslam. This is their first collaboration debut release on Tinm... more...

12inch Global A: GA11 € 8,49

Downriver Psychic Divas - Dissecting The Rainbow
12inch 7777: 7777-010 € 7,99

Danny Daze - El Cubano EP

Danny Daze

El Cubano EP

Moustache Records 039 is made by a Moustache brother from the first hour "El Cubano" Danny Daze. This obscure techno acid electro EP contains 4 dark C... more...

12inch Moustache: MST039 € 10,99

Magnesii - Vd Jam #1


Vd Jam #1

The label say: 'It’s rare to hear a debut 12” single that really blows you away. That’s hardly a controversial statement; in truth, most producers tak... more...

12inch Voyage Direct: VD17 € 9,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Ambivalent - Red Ones EP


Red Ones EP

Fierce modern acid jackers by Ambivalent. First release by Delft Record's label head LA-4A under his other moniker Ambivalent. Nice!

12inch DELFT: Delft005 € 8,49

Publicist - Slave



Raw jack infected tracks on Torn Hawks label.

10inch Valcrond Video: ValcrondV014 € 10,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Semerka - Tryptich Ep


Tryptich Ep

Bokhari has a bright ear for talneted producers.. here a young russian producer with lush, deep tracks that slowly build and keep the tension up. Some... more...

12inch Bokhari Records: Bokhari010 € 9,99

Todd Osborne - Over And Over (MRSK Remix)

Todd Osborne

Over And Over (MRSK Remix)

Todd Osborn is back for a second round on Jared Wilson's 7777 label with some heavyweight cuts made for the club. The EP is a pastiche as only Todd ca... more...

12inch 7777: 7777-008 € 9,99

Herla - Her Fellows Reluctance EP


Her Fellows Reluctance EP

Three versatile 3 rugged and driving tracks from the (Bare) hands of Herla.

12inch Bare Hands: Barehands001 € 9,99

Ken Gill - Ken Gill EP

Ken Gill

Ken Gill EP

Alleviated Records is proud to present the Ken Gill EP. Ken was on the scene while Bernard (Badie) and Larry (Heard) worked on music ideas between 199... more...

12inch Alleviated: ML2230 € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Schmerzlabor - Juggernaut Part 2


Juggernaut Part 2

Guy Tavares' answer/sequel to UNIT MOEBIUS''KUIKEN part 1 en 2'! Pure industrial pain, dark fear, shady paranoia and swingin' noise destruction/dec... more...

12inch Bunker: B4007 € 10,99

TX Connect - Trixxter EP

TX Connect

Trixxter EP

No-nonsense jack trax strictly for the vagabonds, rogues, sages and full-on midnight wizards.

12inch Dixon Avenue Basement Jams: DABJ1213 € 12,49

Various Artists - The Dying Lights

Various Artists

The Dying Lights

Lux Rec enters its fifth year of existence. The Dying Lights is a collection of tracks that reflects the path Lux Rec followed these past years, ac... more...

2x12inch Lux Rec: LXRC023 € 17,99

Robert Crash - Memory Of My DJ

Robert Crash

Memory Of My DJ

Highly limited d.i.y. release by Robert Crash (Dog In The Night).

12inch Dog In The Night: ... € 24,99

O Samuli A - Field Trip

O Samuli A

Field Trip

O Samuli A is back with some more chipped up funkified electronix from up North. Previously released as a limited 100-copies only tape, now thankfully... more...

LP Pelle Sensibile: PELSE001LP € 14,99

Super UnKnown  - TH01

Super UnKnown


Tar Hallow is a new label based in Rotterdam, NL devoted in electronic music. First release on the label is from Super Unknown, producer Dimitris Dama... more...

12inch TH Tar Hallow: TH01 € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Pierre's Pfantasy Club - G.T.B. Got The Bug

Pierre's Pfantasy Club

G.T.B. Got The Bug

Pitched somewhere between the molasses gloop of 'Acid Tracks' and his more gospel moments, Pierre's Phantasy Club was a vocal project that, without re... more...

12inch Trax: TX157 € 10,99

Various Artists - Silent Movie Sounds III

Various Artists

Silent Movie Sounds III

The third installment of 'Silent Movie Sounds' series features music from four producers each delivering a different cut of deep, hypnotic music. Japa... more...

12inch rough house rosie: RHR008 € 10,99

Helena Hauff - Discreet Desires

Helena Hauff

Discreet Desires

New full LP it’s the most in-depth summation of the Golden Pudel resident DJ’s improvised one-take machine-funk to date. Making her recording debut ju... more...

2x12inch Werk Discs: WDNT014 € 26,99

TMC - Vibe Salad


Vibe Salad

TMC’s Vibe Salad, the debut release on Slowly Losing It, is an entrancing, thumping, club focused 12''. Consisting of five expertly crafted, soulful,... more...

12inch Slowly Losing It: SLI001 € 14,99

Various Artists - Acid Trax Volume 2

Various Artists

Acid Trax Volume 2

Classic Chicago Acid house compilation fully remastered and spread over 2 x 12''. more...

2x12inch Trax: TX5004 € 19,99

LA-4A - Triad



Delft label-boss LA-4A returns with electro and acid-tinged hardware jams.

12inch DELFT: Delft011 € 9,99

Common Series - CS04 (Tarantulae)

Common Series

CS04 (Tarantulae)

Fourth release in the Common Series with a tribute to their home country. A collection of abstract pieces and soundscapes with ethnical roots which al... more...

12inch Common Series: CommonS004 € 9,99

Various Artists - Kult Acid

Various Artists

Kult Acid

After finishing off the DARK ACID series with installment 5. We have decided to delve deeper into the underground for this compilation. Bronze Teeth (... more...

12inch Clan Destine Traxx: CDR12016 € 15,99

Perseus Trax - Secret Gang 001

Perseus Trax

Secret Gang 001

Perseus Trax returns to wax with this first outing on new imprint Secret Gang. Three scorching hot electro/acid excursions. Bustling percussion and sq... more...

12inch Secret Gang: SG-001 € 13,99

Fred Gianelli - Buzzed

Fred Gianelli


Warehouse find. Fred Gianelli at it again!

12inch Telepathic Recordings: PSI013 € 7,99

Various Artists - Noblesse Oblige

Various Artists

Noblesse Oblige

With Noblesse Oblige you find yourself among the aristocracy of the mind and body. A gathering of artists with a different heartbeat and mindset. Fitt... more...

LP Enfant Terrible Gooiland Elektro: Enfant044/Gooiland023 € 15,99

Bawrut - Ciquita (RSN Edit)


Ciquita (RSN Edit)

Burbling 303, jittering percussion and hooting Latin House chants spiking the track like someone slung pills in the punch.

12inch Ransome Note: RSN001 € 11,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Da GobliNN  - Da Magik + remixes

Da GobliNN

Da Magik + remixes

Techno? Acid? House? Land Of Dance has no borders. D'Marc Cantu, Andrew Red Hand and Seixlack on work to remix the track of the canadian's artist also... more...

EP Land Of Dance Records: LOD008 € 9,99

Various Artists - Abstract Frequencies

Various Artists

Abstract Frequencies

Fresh out of the Midwest Keith Worthy (Detroit), Jamal Moss aka Hieroglyphic Being (Chicago), and Steven Tang (Chicago) bringing some of that notoriou... more...

12inch Aesthetic Audio: AES020 € 11,99

Various Artists - Connwax 05

Various Artists

Connwax 05

Full on no-nonsense techno tracks compiled on the trustworthy Connwax label! Tracks from Arnaud Le Texier, Jeff Rushin, Perm and Tsorn. Limited to 250... more...

12inch Connwax: Connwax05 € 9,99

Damcase - Untitled



Heavy dark techno tracks by Rotterdam based Damcase debut on Tavares' Bunker Records.

12inch Bunker: B4008 € 10,99