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Marco Bernardi - Sigmunds Day Out

Marco Bernardi

Sigmunds Day Out

3 tracks ranging from uptempo rocking dancefloor tools, with dark driving basslines and glitchy sounds going all over the place, to a more advanced ex... more...

12inch Frustrated Funk: FR006 € 7,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Silicon - Get Up Move In


Get Up Move In

4 straight up D-town hydraulic electro-techno cutz for your funked up frustrations, produced by Silicon (Heath Brunner, Vmax, KMS, Detroit)..

12inch Frustrated Funk: FR007 € 7,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Marco Bernardi - Welcome To My World

Marco Bernardi

Welcome To My World

How much frustration can you handle... This is Frustrated Funk in full effect. Raw frantic haunted and hydraulic electro tracks by UK's biggest techno... more...

12inch Frustrated Funk: FR009 € 7,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Silicon - Sonic Rescue


Sonic Rescue

Fast paced hydraulic techno electro from Detroits Silicon aka Heath Brunner (Vmax, KMS). This is the follow up for the Sonic Distress ep. Sharp beats... more...

12inch Frustrated Funk: FR013 € 7,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

E.R.P. - Pith



2017 Repress with alternate label-art. Collectable FF release alert by E.R.P. aka Convextion aka Gerard Hanson.. The man with the tear-jerking string... more...

12inch Frustrated Funk: FR024 € 9,49

Vita - (Infinity)



Frustrated Funk drops an intense mini album project produced by the eldritch vocalist and co-producer of the mystic Zerkalo project Victoria Lukas. No... more...

LP Frustrated Funk: FRLP002 € 11,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Heinrich Dressel - Waterproof Theory

Heinrich Dressel

Waterproof Theory

While nowadays underground music hits are being selected and pushed through applications that analyze and calculate the amount of followers, friends,... more...

12inch Frustrated Funk: FR028ltd € 10,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

214 - Lyle At Dawn


Lyle At Dawn

While the drama continues and we keep fighting the demons of our daily struggle,.. a man from another place locked himself down in a black lodge, conc... more...

12inch Frustrated Funk: FR031 € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Pametex - PMTX005



"The art of minimalism and reduction is one of the challenging difficulties in music making. Only a select group of artists pulled it off to create st... more...

12inch Frustrated Funk: FR030 € 8,99

ITPDWIP - Anachronism EP


Anachronism EP

"An anachronism is a chronological inconsistency in some arrangement, especially a juxtaposition of person(s), events, objects, or customs from differ... more...

12inch Frustrated Funk: FR033 € 8,99

214 - North Cascades


North Cascades

...and then the Log Lady said: "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Yet there are those who open many eyes. Eyes are the mirror of the soul, someone... more...

12inch Frustrated Funk: FR035 € 9,99

Reedale Rise - Light Through a Birds Wing

Reedale Rise

Light Through a Birds Wing

When the flowers bloom at the awakening of the season. With translucence shining like liquid stars decked out in glorious hues of pink, purple and blu... more...

12inch Frustrated Funk: FR036 € 9,99

Seldom Seen - Bringing Slide Back

Seldom Seen

Bringing Slide Back

Santiago Salazar's Slide project is back! Bringing them crazy sliding bounce jams to funk up dancefloors worldwide, gangsta style! Seldom Seen.... Oft... more...

12inch Frustrated Funk: FR037 € 9,99

Cybonix - Make This Party Live


Make This Party Live

2017 Remastered version of FR004 b/w additional track "Let's Bang", taken from the original 1997's Cybonic In Effect EP. Parental Advisory Frustrated... more...

12inch Frustrated Funk: FR004R € 9,99

Frustrated Funk - Parental Advisory Frustrated Funk Shirt

Frustrated Funk

Parental Advisory Frustrated Funk Shirt

Black Extra-Large American Apparel t-shirt with white Parental Advisory Frustrated Funk logo on front.

Merchandise Frustrated Funk: FRT04PAFF-XL € 19,99

Plant43 - Frozen Monarch


Frozen Monarch

2017 Repress with alternate label-art. UK based Emile Facey joins the frustrada familia bringing a heavy, ice cold and highly emotive 3 track EP. Much... more...

12inch Frustrated Funk: FR026(2017) € 9,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Reedale Rise - Eternal Return

Reedale Rise

Eternal Return

Another season awakens with the return of Reedale Rise.

12inch Frustrated Funk: FR039 € 9,99

Adapta - Vohx Continues


Vohx Continues

The phrase "Fire in the hole!!" is used as a warning that an explosive detonation in a confined space is imminent. Just so you know...

12inch Frustrated Funk: FR038 € 9,99

/DL/MS/ - Omakuda EP


Omakuda EP

Vienna Electro Elite! Beware!

PRE-ORDER NOW, expected: 26-02-2018
12inch Frustrated Funk: FR040 € 9,99 remind

Clatterbox - Desolate Void


Desolate Void

2018 repress of this highly limited heavyweight classic. Clatterbox is no joke! Regular pressing black vinyl... don't sleep! more...

12inch Frustrated Funk: FR019(2018) € 9,99