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Raiders of the Lost ARP - 4

Raiders of the Lost ARP


Mario Pierro (Jolly Music/MAT101) with a stunning technoish electro/house album.. with tracks known from there top selling Pigna and Nature labels.. T... more...

CD Nature: NAT2125CD € 9,99

J's Pool - The Wave Machine

J's Pool

The Wave Machine

This album is maybe best described as a mix of Lamb and Future Sound of London.. In other words..a great album!! more...

CD Nature: NAT2123CD € 9,99

Dexter vs. Bass-a-rani - Boogie Chasers

Dexter vs. Bass-a-rani

Boogie Chasers

Dexter and Marco Passarani team up for one of the hottest releases on Nature. Kind of Dexter meets Passarani actually ;-) Chicago and Detroit influenc... more...

12inch Nature: NAT2134 € 7,99

Ken Laszlo - Dancing Together / Hey Hey Guy

Ken Laszlo

Dancing Together / Hey Hey Guy

Ken is one of the major italo disco stars with the worldwide hits Tonight and Hey Hey Guy. His new song is a great party track with all the elements w... more...

12inch I Venti d'Azzurro: VAM20.04 (picture sleeve) € 22,99

Stephen Falken - Visions

Stephen Falken


Aside from taking his pseudonym from the enigmatic nuclear-holocaust computer game programmer from seminal 80's techno-thriller Wargames, Falken is al... more...

12inch Flexx Records: Flexx015 € 3,99

Lui$ - D.J. Control


D.J. Control

The singer of Computer Soul, Summer In The Dark and Magic Dance is back with a new hit: D.J. Control. His unmistakable voice pushes this uptempo track... more...

12inch I Venti d'Azzurro: VAM20.09 (picture sleeve) € 22,99

Jo-Jo - Mind Games


Mind Games

One of the rarest gems of the italo disco genre starting the 'La Discoteca' sub label. Here we find disco, R&B, italo, and electro all inside one trac... more...

12inch Monella: Monella001 € 15,99

Marco Shuttle - All Around The Fires

Marco Shuttle

All Around The Fires

Only available for purchase in-store, not for ordering online. No exceptions made! Support your local record dealer and ask him to get it for you!

12inch Clone Store Only Series: C#SOS04 store only

Bottin & Love Supreme - Artifact 5

Bottin & Love Supreme

Artifact 5

After selling out all previous releases to elite djs and collectors worldwide, the highly mysterius Artifact imprint is back to its original aim, that... more...

12inch Artifact: Art05 € 8,99

Bottin - Dirty



Venetian disco master Bottin comes with the 2nd release on his newly launched TIN imprint! The first single on orange striped vinyl instantly became a... more...

One sided 12 Tin: TIN02 € 8,99

Luca Ballerini meets Kaysand - Mushroom Samba

Luca Ballerini meets Kaysand

Mushroom Samba

Nice analogue latin house tracks, with 'Mushroom Samba' even reminding of early Derrick May remixes... Nice!

12inch Wax Jam: WAXJAM02 € 7,99

Luca Ballerini - IL Complotto

Luca Ballerini

IL Complotto

New label project by WaxJam named Musical Metaphor, run by the young Italian producer Luca Ballerini. Deep seductive techno tracks without being too... more...

12inch Musical Metaphor: MM#1 € 8,49

Various Artists - Repitch 000.2

Various Artists

Repitch 000.2

Three tracks of dark haunting techno for smoky dancefloors with that relentless sound of RePitch Recordings. The trio Ascion, D. Carbone and Shapedno... more...

12inch Repitch Recordings: Repitch000v2 € 8,49

Elitechnique / Philippos - Love Triangle / Stealth (Bottin Remixes)

Elitechnique / Philippos

Love Triangle / Stealth (Bottin Remixes)

Two hot Bottin remixes in this 12" - first is a heart throbbing disco take on Elitechnique's Love Triangle. On the flipside Stealth by Philippos Nifor... more...

12inch Tin: TIN05 € 8,99

Roberto Figus - Sorting II (Incl G-man rmx)

Roberto Figus

Sorting II (Incl G-man rmx)

Strong techno tracks on this Italian label with great abstract and darker pulsating techno remixes of the original. Dont sleep.. very small run! Recom... more...

12inch Etichetta Nera: ENltd007 € 8,99

Jaco - Spanish Run


Spanish Run

Official 2012 reissue in LIMITED PRESS 500 COPIES ONLY originally.

12inch Sensation Records: SNS8022 € 15,99

East Wall - 1984

East Wall


Limited edition 250 copies / picture sleeve / no repress / 1st copies on coloured vinyl. Lost treasures from a dusty analog demo tape that came out fr... more...

LP Various Italy re-issues: TUONO01 € 14,99

MBG - One EP


One EP

Originally released on 1991, MBG is one of the most talented italian deep-house producers from late 80's/ early 90's. This Ep is one of his best relea... more...

12inch MBG International: MBG1091 € 14,49

Pino Presti - Funky Bump

Pino Presti

Funky Bump

Funky Bump special 12inch version, containing the unreleased extended version of the most sought after Italian disco funk song produced from the great... more...

12inch Best Record: Bstx001 € 15,99

Deardrums - Aquila



Deardrums is the new project of two established Italian artists: Bottin and Leo di Angilla. Deardrums deploy an arsenal of analog drum machines (mostl... more...

12inch 2M: 2MR-003 € 7,49

Surf Dancer - Rainbow Man

Surf Dancer

Rainbow Man

The frosts of Finland are blasted away by the radiate synthesizer sunlight of Surf Dancer! Rich analogue textures are supported by Surf Dancer's love... more...

EP Bordello A Parigi: BAP067 € 5,99

Transitive Elements - The 90s Anthology

Transitive Elements

The 90s Anthology

Transitive Elements' most wanted tracks are finally available in a double vinyl release for the first time. All tracks have been remastered from Enric... more...

2x12inch Down Da Mountain: DDMNT02 € 18,49

Life Of Marvin - Vol. 2

Life Of Marvin

Vol. 2

The 3 musketeers are back, pouring new life into two more obscure, Italian techno tracks from early 90s.

12inch Life Of Marvin: LOM002 € 11,99

Various Artists - Italia New Wave

Various Artists

Italia New Wave

What exactly happened in the Italian underground / post punk scene 30 years ago, is not entirely clear. Therefore, this collection of 13 incredible tu... more...

LP Spittle: Spittle31 € 15,99

Loss Of Gravity - Deeparture

Loss Of Gravity


Loss Of Gravity teamed up once again to deliver a new deeper futuristic journey.

12inch Cosmic Rhythm: CRM08 € 9,99

Prana People - Prana People

Prana People

Prana People

Omaggio brings the heat once again with the reissue of Prana People, self titled LP originally released in 1977 on Prelude. The Aleem brothers Taharqa... more...


Icio Omegha - Psycho Cruise - Private Home Recordings 1984 / 1991

Icio Omegha

Psycho Cruise - Private Home Recordings 1984 / 1991

Psychedlic Electronica on this new Futuribile release (Sublabel from Periodica). Icio Omegha's "Psyco Cruise" is a collection of songs and private re... more...

LP Futuribile: FTR1004 € 14,99

Enrico Mantini - Milestones (sides C/D)

Enrico Mantini

Milestones (sides C/D)

Re-issue from Italian house instigator Enrico Mantini which is going to set another mark in his discography. 4 of Mantini's best tracks from years 201... more...

12inch Down Da Mountain: DDMNT01CD € 10,49

D38 Authority - Elements

D38 Authority


D38 Authority is a new project born in late winter as a new form of expression of two different realities, so far but so close. 100% club proof!

12inch Cosmic Rhythm: CRM10 € 9,99

Walter Martino - What Love Can Do

Walter Martino

What Love Can Do

Reissue from 1980, Italy. Soundtrack theme from Walter Martino (of Goblin and Libra) for low budget French produced movie filmed in Italy “Nervi A Pez... more...

12inch Miss You: Missyou006 € 13,99

Mamosato - Mamosato vol. 2


Mamosato vol. 2

Italian trio Mamosato comes back for the second episode with four squeezy tracks that mix house and progressive sounds which allowed them to go beyond... more...

12inch Squeeze The Lemon: STL003 € 12,99

Decadance - On and On (Fears Keep On)


On and On (Fears Keep On)

Mannequin Records is proud to announce a new press of Decadance ''On And On (Fears Keep On)'', one of the most iconic underground Italo-wave track eve... more...

12inch Mannequin records: MNQ055 € 15,99

Open Spaces - Open Spaces

Open Spaces

Open Spaces

Following the reissue of Model Citizen, here is another seminal cut, out of the stellar Interactive Test's catalogue, this time by the visionary mind... more...

Mini-LP La Bella Di Notte: LBDN003 € 10,99

Zed - Plastic Love


Plastic Love

The Italian Fuzz Dance! Just said almost everything about the global dance music scene. One of the most prominent labels to connect the old Continent... more...

12inch Erezioni: ERZ-004 € 10,99

Various Artists - House Of Riviera

Various Artists

House Of Riviera

Over 25 years of digging, and more than 2 years in curation. Nick V’s debut compilation pays homage to forgotten gems of the classic Italian House sce... more...

2x12inch Mona Musique: MMLP01 € 24,99

Various Artists - Full Time Factory Volume 4
EP Full Time: FTM201907 € 10,99

Thunder - Speed Cross


Speed Cross

Released in 1980, "Speed Cross" by Thunder is an adventurous dancefloor epic seeing octave basslines and galloping disco beats supporting galactic pad... more...

12inch Best Record: BSTX079 € 14,99

Ruins - Marea / Tide


Marea / Tide

Music From Memory’s latest release is a reissue of the lost Art record ‘Marea / Tide’ from Italian Wave duo Alessandro Pizzin and Piergiuseppe Ciranna... more...

LP + 7inch Music From Memory: MFM043 € 29,99

Contact Music - Keep On Dance

Contact Music

Keep On Dance

The third release on Tempo Dischi is 'Keep On Dance' by Contact Music, a little gem that is part of the Italo Disco history, but has characteristics o... more...

12inch Tempo Dischi: TD003 € 11,99

Kroma - Sexy Films


Sexy Films

New Wave infected the cult Italo-Disco record made in 1984 accompanied by a captivating Danilo Braca new version in a 2020 limited re-edition!

12inch Best Record: JU12013/R € 15,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Cosmic Garden - Aphrodisiaca

Cosmic Garden


Label head Cosmic Garden returns to mothership with 4 subtle lushy cuts of pure Italo/Balearic deepness.

12inch Cosmic Rhythm: CRM18 € 10,49

AMBit3 - Enwrapped



Ambit3, a new band from Rome. Contemporary melangolic electronica.. 7 tracks.. Tip!! more...

CD Nature: NAT2122MCD € 8,99

Raiders of the Lost ARP - 3

Raiders of the Lost ARP


Strong techno funk, that blends super phat funky bassline and harsh stompin beats with some deep and flawless soul harmonies creating a unique flavour... more...

12inch Nature: NAT2126 € 9,99

J's Pool - Lucky Shoes

J's Pool

Lucky Shoes

Great melodic electronica with Pop appeal. Stunning vocal bits by J's pool singer Martha Tilston and clean production take you on a trip. Maybe best d... more...

12inch Nature: NAT2124 € 7,99

dynArec - Overland Travelling


Overland Travelling

Sometimes you have those artists who can shock you with a very good 12'' and after that they're not able to satisfy your expectations. Dynarec is one... more...

CD Nature: NAT2129CD € 9,99

Pigna People - Let 'em Talk

Pigna People

Let 'em Talk

First Pigna album produced by Pigna's Marco Passarani, Francesco De Bellis and Mario Pierro... Stronge and effective tracks for the floor with hints t... more...

2x12inch Pigna: Pigna010LP € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L