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Orlando Voorn - Nighttrippin EP

Orlando Voorn

Nighttrippin EP

For the first EP of the Dutch series, Orlando Voorn delivers a tripping 3-tracker.

12inch Partout: PARTOUT11.01 € 12,99

Jonas Palzer - Human Scale

Jonas Palzer

Human Scale

Jonas Palzer returns to LACKRec. with something more bodily than scales and dimensions. Something you've always been interested in but never knew you... more...

EP Lackrec: LACK017 € 9,99

KOKO & Embezzlement Society - Banoffee Pies Record Store Day 04

KOKO & Embezzlement Society

Banoffee Pies Record Store Day 04

Banoffee Pies drop their annual Record Store Day insert with BPRSD004. “Hello from the children of Planet Earth.” The A side sees a waterslide of soun... more...

10inch Banoffee Pies: BPRSD04 € 12,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Various Artists - For A Bitter Tomorrow - Band 1

Various Artists

For A Bitter Tomorrow - Band 1

The first Bitterfeld Musik sampler featuring the three artists to have already released on the label, Leipzig’s Interviews, Consulate and Guy Contact... more...

12inch Bitterfeld: BIT04 € 10,99

Repetentes 2008 - Galaxia Fini EP

Repetentes 2008

Galaxia Fini EP

Repetentes 2008 is 26 year old Brazilian multi instrumentalist, session super star, Globo Television soap opera jingle up-and-comer, 40% Foda label bo... more...

12inch Superconscious Records: SCR013 € 13,99

Fractions - Constellations



Prague based duo Fractions presents their full EP for Rotterdam Electronix. A true breakbeat alliance counting down till the end of times. Comes with... more...

12inch Rotterdam Electronix: RET007 € 10,99

Venetian Snares - Greg Hates Car Culture (20th Anniversary Edition)

Venetian Snares

Greg Hates Car Culture (20th Anniversary Edition)

Greg Hates Car Culture was Venetian Snares' first ever vinyl release. Long out of print, it came out in 1999, as the third release on Minneapolis labe... more...

2LP Timesig: TIMESIG003 € 24,49

Gacha Bakradze - Extensions

Gacha Bakradze


Warmly welcoming Gacha Bakradze on Horoom, we share the work of a Georgian artist that has gained international recognition in the past years. Opening... more...

12inch Horoom: HRM003 € 13,99

J.C. - Farewell for Walls (Hector Oaks remix)


Farewell for Walls (Hector Oaks remix)

J.C.'s ''Farewell for Walls'' gives us three well crafted original tracks plus a remix by Hector Oaks.

12inch Cabrera: CBR017 € 9,99

Seuil - The Unreleased Pt1


The Unreleased Pt1

Eklo is starting 2020 with a new record from the owner Seuil, it will be released in 2 volumes, some lost unreleased tracks put together to build this... more...

12inch Eklo: EKLO042 € 13,49

Mother Of Pearls - RM12007

Mother Of Pearls


Manchester based producers Tom Jarmey and Ed Hodge team up as ‘Mother Of Pearls’ to make an electro/breakbeat 4- tracker for R.A.N.D. Muzik Recordin... more...

12inch Rand Muzik: RM12007 € 12,49

Yosh - Take Me Up


Take Me Up

Yosh steps up on Vivid 03. 4 killer tracks for the floor!

12inch Vivid: VIVID03 € 11,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Panic - Dialated Rhythms / Last Injection [official re-issue]


Dialated Rhythms / Last Injection [official re-issue]

Panic is the very first pseudonym of the legendary DJ and producer Aubrey, also renowned to have set the seminal label Solid Groove in the early '90s... more...

12inch La Bella Di Notte: LBDN006 € 11,99

30303 - Interstellar Rhythm


Interstellar Rhythm

Atlanta artist 30303 debuts on Vault Wax with five cosmic, space-influenced live acid jams. The far-out journey begins with ethereal, spaced-out break... more...

12inch Vault Wax: VWX003 € 9,99

Giordano - Into Your Mind EP


Into Your Mind EP

Giordano arrives on Savy Records with one of his strongest EPs to date - an emotional four tracker carrying on the label's theme from its sold-out fir... more...

12inch Savy: SAVY002 € 10,99

Cressida - Sambo



Having established himself as a key member of the Voitax roster with a love letter to the Orgazoid on his last outing, Berlin-based, UK-born producer... more...

12inch + Download Voitax: VOI021 € 9,99

Bobo - Pt 1 - I Hope I Never Experience It EP


Pt 1 - I Hope I Never Experience It EP

Jerk It and BARS of Beats affiliate Bobo joins the Gestalt roster with 5 bits of emotive electronics, ranging from ambient breaks to breaky IDM. This... more...

12inch Gestalt Records: GST020 € 13,49

Various Artists - Sports Various Artists Volume 2

Various Artists

Sports Various Artists Volume 2

2020 saw Sports Records on the verge of relegation until we made some major mid-season transfers. New styles, personalities and genres come together o... more...

12inch Sports Records: SVA-002 € 12,99

Rudolf C - Gamma!

Rudolf C


Salt Mines / Life Sciences Division label-head Rudolf C joins Craigie Knowes for both party's first EP of the year. ''Gamma!'' hits hard across 4-trac... more...

12inch Craigie Knowes: CKNOWEP29 € 10,49

Various Artists - Everywhere

Various Artists


Partout begins a new series dedicated to Various: Everywhere. The first release features European artists. Only 200 copies available. more...

2x12inch Partout: Partout0.01 € 26,49

Rudoh - Vinland in Space


Vinland in Space

The first release on Jugaar Records is from Karachi boy Rudoh and brings together five slabs of electro-breaks architecture primed equally for the da... more...

12inch Jugaar Records: JR001 € 13,49

Various Artists - Time Is Now Allstars Volume 2

Various Artists

Time Is Now Allstars Volume 2

Barely a year old and already well-established, Shall Not Fade's bassier sublabel Time Is Now dishes up a plate of deliciously fresh forward beats, fr... more...

Mini-LP Timeisnow: TIN014 € 11,99

Senh - Clouds EP


Clouds EP

Young gun Senh debuts on Planet Rhythm with a splendidly melodic and pulsating 4-tracker.

12inch Planet Rhythm: PRRUKBLK061RP € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Prozak - Time Is Now White Vol. 2


Time Is Now White Vol. 2

Next up for Time Is Now's white label series is Prozak - a Dublin-based producer who has garnered a growing following over the past year. Prozak, aka... more...

Mini-LP Timeisnow: TINWHITE002 € 11,99

Sacred Groove - Untitled

Sacred Groove


A sacred grove is a place in a forest thought to hold spiritual powers. Throughout history, these sites have been places of worship and ritual. Since... more...

LP Blundar: BLUNDAR8 € 18,99

Gamma Intel - Effortless Imagination

Gamma Intel

Effortless Imagination

Tweaking his signature sound into a dark and heavy blend of half-time UK bass, rugged electro dips and magnetic breakbeat styles, Gamma Intel effortle... more...

12inch Mechatronica Music: MTRON023 € 10,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

The Wizzard - Enough (Nemo Vachez remix)

The Wizzard

Enough (Nemo Vachez remix)

Next to come out of the Wizard's Sleeve we have 3 originals from our in haus Wizzard, which includes a remix by Forest ill's Nemo Vachez.

12inch Into The Wizard's Sleeve: ITWS003 € 12,99

GrooveGuy - Ultima Thule EP (Lapucci remix)


Ultima Thule EP (Lapucci remix)

Italian Label based in Florence, born with the task of exploring every remote corner of the universe, trying to give a personal artistic vision of thi... more...

12inch Path Of Orbit: POO001 € 13,99

Alien Communications - Synthetic Memory Systems - Volume I

Alien Communications

Synthetic Memory Systems - Volume I

'Synthetic Memory Systems - Volume I' is the debut LP from Alien Communications - a 1.5 hour long audio-visual experience and the first in a series of... more...

3x12inch Alien Communications: AC003 € 39,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Purplehands - Intimate Fades


Intimate Fades

She is the Moon soothed by the ancient lullaby of the Supernal Mother. An array of brightly coloured pebbles lie at her feet, a diadem of daffodils an... more...

Mini-LP High Priestess Recordings: HPR001 € 19,99

Ike - Stone Diviner


Stone Diviner

Further on the trail of 90s sonic specters, Die Orakel releases Ike‘s Stone Diviner EP, an affiliate with Index Records. The titular track amalgamates... more...

12inch Die Orakel: ORKL-17 € 14,99

Adam Pits - A Recurring Nature

Adam Pits

A Recurring Nature

Leeds based party On Rotation launches it’s record label with a LP from resident Adam Pits. His debut album ‘A Recurring Nature’, draws inspiration fr... more...

2LP On Rotation: ONR001 € 26,99

Bwi-Bwi - Canto Soulèu EP


Canto Soulèu EP

Back on Lu?u?d Discs for his first EP, Bwi-Bwi signs four tracks with rich and varied influences that plunge us into the atmosphere of his universe. C... more...

12inch Lu?u?d Discs: LUUD006 € 13,99

Marius - Nectars EP
12inch Juicer: JUICER001 € 11,99

Various Artists - Fragilistic

Various Artists


Parisian label Fragil Musique returns with a fresh double 12''. The LP is an ensemble of forward-thinking French artists based in Paris, Berlin and Lo... more...

2x12inch Fragil Musique: FRAGIL024 € 24,99

Various Artists - Spit On The Plate

Various Artists

Spit On The Plate

When the reopening is slowly approaching, chaos is slowly dissolving. We pushed the button to try the new reality and for the soundtrack we've got for... more...

12inch Kaos: KAOS09 € 10,99

Remotif - COY004



Transcendent prog, sassy house and rapturous breaks coming next on Coymix as UK producer Remotif journeys through a genre-bending dimension of esoteri... more...

12inch Coymix LTD: COY004 € 11,99

Primitive Needs - RM12012

Primitive Needs


Melbourne duo, Primitive Needs bring their first 12“ recording to R.A.N.D. Muzik packed full of electro, breaks and house.

12inch Rand Muzik: RM12012 € 12,49

Voy-E - BLUFF 001



Remastered and cut by The Exchange from original master CD. All records come with high quality Bluff stickers.

12inch Bluff Records: BLUFF001 € 15,99

Various Artists - WITNESS 02

Various Artists


Resurfacing with their anticipated second iteration in a few months time, newly-launched Amsterdam platform One Eye Witness turns in a versatile secon... more...

12inch One Eye Witness: WITNESS02 € 13,99




Global Communication’s Tom Middleton announces his new solo project GCOM is the 21st century redesign of his original Global Communication concept and... more...

3lp + Download !K7: K7347LP € 29,99

Bakey - Take It Further


Take It Further

Newcomer Bakey gets his full vinyl release via UKG imprint Time Is Now with the weighty ''Take It Further'' EP. London based producer Bakey has been s... more...

12inch Timeisnow: TIN008 € 11,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L