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Fanna-Fi-Allah - Muraqaba Buda Musique


Muraqaba Buda Musique

California based group Fanna-Fi-Allah have been touring their particular strain of Qawwali (Sufi praise music) for the past 17 years. Despite being... more...

LP Buda Musique: BM260305 € 29,99

Americo Brito and Djarama - Nha Dstine

Americo Brito and Djarama

Nha Dstine

Continuing the Cape Verde series Mar & Sol bring this fantastic masterpiece of an LP ”Nha D’stine” from the legendary singer Américo Brito and his ban... more...

LP Mar & Sol: MSR002 € 24,99

Willy Nfor - Movements

Willy Nfor


For the 7th release on his label,Temi Kogbe compiles Willy Nfor's greatest songs from his solo works. The session player (bass) was involved heavily i... more...

2LP Odion Livingstone: LIVST007 € 34,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Vasco Martins - Universo Da Ilha

Vasco Martins

Universo Da Ilha

Super deep African / New Age / Minimalistic / Ambient crossover from Cabo Verde - Not the typical record, a beautiful listening experience. Origina... more...

LP Canela En Surco: CNL001 € 28,99