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Lynch Kingsley - Astral Pulse / Capricorn

Lynch Kingsley

Astral Pulse / Capricorn

A double uppercut of cerebral, visceral jungle futurism. With a clear nod to past masters, Lynch's craftmanship takes classic signatures forward into... more...

12inch Foxy Jangle: FOXY5 € 12,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Amore - Shortcuts 1


Shortcuts 1

Two jungle cuts coming from the mysterious producer Amore. Heading straight for the dancefloor!

12inch Short: SHORTCUTS1 € 10,99

Sully - Lifted / Rotten


Lifted / Rotten

two slices of modern jungle vibes. Driven along with high-end breaksmanship and superb knack for melody we have come to expect from Sully, the release... more...

12inch Rua Sound: RUA001 € 11,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Chromatic - Blend



OH MY GOSH! Chromatic are new to the Tempo Records artist roster however not new to the Drum and Bass / Jungle scene. On this "Blend" ep they work tog... more...

12inch Tempo Records: Tempo1214 € 9,99

Mause - Ubal EP


Ubal EP

'The story behind AF023 is pretty simple: the infamous Brainwaltzera has put me on the track of this guy from Brighton, whose stuff I felt fascinated... more...

12inch Analogical Force: AF023 € 11,99

Bear Bones, Lay Low - Voces de Humo

Bear Bones, Lay Low

Voces de Humo

OK SPIRIT is the new label by N.I.B., Kilian Paterson and DJ Neewt. The Frankfurt trio kicks off with a wild range of contemporary dancefloor adventur... more...

12inch OK SPIRIT: OKS001 € 10,99