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Tommy Holohan - RVE002

Tommy Holohan


ave Selekts' second release brings back Tommy Holohan's infamous rave track ''Subaru Impreza'' finally to be pressed onto wax accompanied by more rave... more...

12inch Rave Selekts: RVE002RP € 11,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

TAFKAMP - Indrukken II


Indrukken II

Following up on his highly anticipated debut tape from 2018, TAFKAMP returns and delivers INDRUKKEN II - an exciting trip through a selection of music... more...

Cassette Tape Revenge Techniques: REVENGE0B € 11,99

Romance Disaster - Take Off Your Past

Romance Disaster

Take Off Your Past

“Here we are again. This time in the future. This is the next wave. This begins the next message. The new wave. The new direction stands again. A fema... more...

12inch Things To Come: TTC024 € 10,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Various Artists - Rave Encounter Vol 2

Various Artists

Rave Encounter Vol 2

French ROD imprint returns with the second chapter of his ''Rave Encounter'' trilogy, featuring four original and exclusive bangers packed in another... more...

2x10inch Rave Or Die: ROD2020-2 € 25,99

Various Artists - Raver's Guide to Love

Various Artists

Raver's Guide to Love

Raver's Guide VA features russian underground with top-notch names again. There is a heavy & classy intro by Gemut, the crusader of Moscow's Monasteri... more...

12inch Syberian: SYBRS08 € 10,99

EJECA - Free From (Cinthie remix)


Free From (Cinthie remix)

One of Belfast's finest exports, EJECA is no stranger to Shall Not Fade. Initially appearing on the label last year with the infectious hardcore-tinge... more...

Mini-LP Shall Not Fade: SNF058 € 11,99

Various Artists - A.C.A.B. (Part Two)
12inch 777 Recordings: 777_1312_002 € 12,49

Deep Dimension / Minimum Syndicat - Program X-1

Deep Dimension / Minimum Syndicat

Program X-1

Program-X is its 7th installment with tracks from the emblematic duo Minimum Syndicat and labelboss Deep Dimension. A not-to-miss release bringing you... more...

12inch Generation X: GENX007 € 10,99

Nite Fleit - The Truth

Nite Fleit

The Truth

Following up from Amadeezy's wildly successful East Side G-Ride earlier this year, Nite Fleit beams onto the International Chrome starship to bring us... more...

12inch International Chrome: INTLC008 € 10,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Fabian Wegmeth - Ancient Debris EP

Fabian Wegmeth

Ancient Debris EP

Diffuse Reality Records presents its fourteenth release on vinyl. An album of pure Techno with intergalactic remixes. Spin this record and set any dan... more...

Mini-LP Diffuse Reality: DREA006 € 18,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L




2021 repress. Breakbeat legend The Panacea and Techno head Ansome together with [KRTM] building a trainride of annihilation. Three tracks taking you r... more...

12inch PRSPCT Recordings: PRSPCTSPCR003RP € 11,99

Various Artists - Hesp 1

Various Artists

Hesp 1

Hess Publica emerges as a sub label for Lyon based Pomme Sanguine. The project makes balance with the introspective and emotional sounds featured by t... more...

12inch Hess Publica: HESP1 € 12,99

Yanamaste / Augusto Taito / Draugr / Kaiser - Planet MHZ III

Yanamaste / Augusto Taito / Draugr / Kaiser

Planet MHZ III

Fierce raving techno tracks on MHZ by Yanamaste, Augusto Taito, Draugr, and Kaiser.

12inch MHZ: MHZv003 € 12,99

Kasper Marott - Full Circle

Kasper Marott

Full Circle

Kasper Marott will release his debut album ‘Full Circle’ in November on his own Axces Recordings imprint. The album features 11 tracks that explore di... more...

2x12inch Axces: AXS4 € 28,99

Unknown Artist - ILL 005

Unknown Artist

ILL 005

Back once again again! One side features feline jungle breaks. The other some old-skool UK Hardcore rave gymnastics.

10inch Ill Behaviour: ILL005 € 11,99

Point Guard - Motions EP

Point Guard

Motions EP

After appearances on Pure Space Canberra's Point Guard coming through with a strong solo debut. Three nuance-rich rolling originals will surely please... more...

12inch Echocentric Records: ECR008 € 12,99

Various Artists - Sardonic Tonality Vol. 3

Various Artists

Sardonic Tonality Vol. 3

Haven are back with another instalment on their white label series with their third VA compilation on ''Sardonic Tonality Vol. 3'', with three label m... more...

12inch Haven: HVNWHT005 € 10,99

Chavinski - Get 2 Get Her


Get 2 Get Her

After 4 succesful EPs for Lobster Theremin and Sneaker Social Club, Chavinski releases his first 12'' on Myor, fusing '92 style rave ethics with early... more...

12inch Myor: MYOR21 € 11,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Various Artists - Spektrum

Various Artists


The fourth release on Ferdinger's ''Life In Patterns'' label introduces new faces to the roster. The 5-track EP entitled ''Spektrum'' includes origina... more...

12inch Life In Patterns: LIP004 € 12,49

Ewan McVicar - Amnocairn EP

Ewan McVicar

Amnocairn EP

Scottish DJ Ewan McVicar is tipped for big things, having found support in the likes of Annie Mac and Fatboy Slim. After a stellar year crowned with a... more...

12inch Shall Not Fade: SNFBT009 € 11,99

The Dexorcist - Traditions 17

The Dexorcist

Traditions 17

UK veteran The Dexorcist debuts on Traditions with his trademark hardcore & rave infused electro , 5 killer cuts for quirky dancefloors ... more...

12inch Libertine: TRAD17 € 15,99

Various Artists - Brumes Sur Le Zoo EP

Various Artists

Brumes Sur Le Zoo EP

“Brumes sur le Zoo” is the first release of the label Garde-Robe Records runned by Androgyne crew, founder and art director of the club Macadam in Nan... more...

12inch Garde-Robe Records: GRR001 € 14,99

Various Artists - Area41 Appearance1

Various Artists

Area41 Appearance1

Techno and ravebangers! Genera41 is an artist collective from Basel & Berlin with a focus on hard driving techno & rave. AREA41 is the first vinyl pro... more...

12inch Genera41: G41V001 € 11,49

SHAN - Lovebreak EP (Felice remix)


Lovebreak EP (Felice remix)

Three tracks with the classic SHAN old-school approach and the title track ''love break'' got flipped with a remix treatment by FELICE.

12inch Turnland: TL006 € 13,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Mr. Ho - JIN 02

Mr. Ho

JIN 02

JIN’s 2nd EP storms out the gate with Hong Kong’s finest Mr. Ho. The Klasse Wreck’s head honcho boss drops three originals. more...

12inch JIN: JIN02 € 13,49

Final Dream - Project Fear EP

Final Dream

Project Fear EP

Just like Freddy Krueger, Final Dream resurrects from the past to haunt your nights and deliver to the masses his threatening message. Author of a mig... more...

12inch New Flesh: NF025 € 11,99

Blintmusik - Chauncey Street / Mondphase 2
12inch Blint: BLINT005 € 12,99

Introversion - Hell On Earth EP


Hell On Earth EP

EMERALD debuts Introversion with his Hell On Earth EP. Claiming his trademark with a different approach on 90's orientated techno, he takes full respo... more...

12inch Emerald: EMERALD003RP € 10,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Unknown Artist - ILL 006

Unknown Artist

ILL 006

You know the thrill! 2 heady jungle jams on a 10''.

10inch Ill Behaviour: ILL006 € 11,99

Rassan - Don't Hesitate EP


Don't Hesitate EP

Deep In Dis Intl. is back with another killer release, this time by Brazilian sound system culture precursor Rassan and his Don't Hesitate EP. It incl... more...

12inch Deep in Dis: DIDWAX002 € 12,49

Anthony Parasole - Quickstrike 2
12inch The Corner: COR-19 € 9,99

EJECA - Take It EP


Take It EP

Northern Irish Techno maestro EJECA is back with his fourth full-length EP on Shall Not Fade, following up on the sublime grooves of Free From. This t... more...

12inch Shall Not Fade: SNF065 € 11,99

Peligre - Welcome To The Sal EP


Welcome To The Sal EP

Opening the way to new talents in 2022, SAIKE proudly presents you its new addition to the label: PELIGRE. Emerging artist from France, Peligre draws... more...

12inch Saike: SAIKE03 € 11,99

Ravetrx - Tribe Sequence


Tribe Sequence

''If the first track is a raver’s drive into the sunset, cruising through ecstatic trance vocals and euphoric jungle breaks, the rest of the A-side pl... more...

12inch Hooversound Recordings: Ho010 € 12,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Various Artists - Rave Encounter Vol. 3

Various Artists

Rave Encounter Vol. 3

The third and last volume of Rave Encounter serie. This one is dedicated to acid sounds in its different forms.

2x10inch Rave Or Die: ROD2020-3 € 24,99

Syberian98 - Speed-Up Traxx


Speed-Up Traxx

The release is a reference to the party sound of 90s - funny, clear and bright music with punchy kicks and running grooves. The touch of techno withou... more...

12inch Syberian: SYBXX02 € 11,99