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Dj Slip - Popmusic

Dj Slip


DJ SLIP slams his second Kanzleramt 12''. The Minneapolis resident rocks the SP1200 like no other in techno. Let's have at it!

12inch Kanzleramt: KA026 € 6,99

V/A - Nummer een


Nummer een

collection of released and unreleased tracks of the DUB label. One of the better Cd'sin the field. 12 tracks of abstract modern music. TIP !! more...

CD Dub: DUBcd001 € 9,99

Natalie Gardiner - Trouble in Mind (Remixes)

Natalie Gardiner

Trouble in Mind (Remixes)

4lux Recordings teams up with Ramjac from Sweden.. The original was quite hard to get. This is your second chance for it with some great remixes by Fl... more...

12inch 4lux: 4lux007/flr007 € 8,00

Flowriders - Different Spaces


Different Spaces

Different Spaces is a sci-fi soul tune with weird noises and nice musical structures. Incl. Alex Phoutzi (Bugz in the Attic), Gerd remixes.. Check!

12inch 4lux: 4lux009/flr009 € 8,00

Various Artists - Nummer Drie

Various Artists

Nummer Drie

This just might one of the best IDM/electronica compilations of all-time. Released and un-released modern electronica from Funckarma, L'usine, Swap, Q... more...

CD Dub: DUBcd003 € 7,99

V/A - Aurora



Another nice compilation on Merck. Artists such as Syndrone , EU , Pandorabox and loads of new unknown bedroom artists!! Nice job!

CD Merck: Merck 004 cd € 9,99

Phako - Bolnes-Shipyards and engineering co. ltd.


Bolnes-Shipyards and engineering co. ltd.

A collection of tracks from his Dub releases and some remix stuff he did. Incl. 2 video's by MinusZero.. Check!! more...

CD Dub: DUBcd006 € 5,99

Louie Balo & Tommy Bones - Into The Light

Louie Balo & Tommy Bones

Into The Light

Two high quality house cuts as you would expect from Wave Music. Vocals by Aki Ackee.

12inch Wave: Wave 50139 € 4,99

Spirit Catcher - Night Walker ep

Spirit Catcher

Night Walker ep

Two handclapping originals featuring Simbad remixes. Mad West London boogie style with cold synth and twisted sounds.

12inch Silver Network: Silver Network 018 € 4,99

Like A Tim & Gina V. D'Orio - Bass Girl

Like A Tim & Gina V. D'Orio

Bass Girl

Mini album with nine classic American pop songs from the 50/60's in a surprising contemporary style.. All tracks sung by Gina V. D'Orio (Cobra Killer/... more...

CD Dub: DUBcd010/Like3 € 2,99

Slicker - Knock Me Down


Knock Me Down

Pre-taster for the album. Includes Telefon Tel Aviv remix.

12inch Hefty: Hefty 043 € 4,99

Umod - Enter The Umod


Enter The Umod

His first longplayer after recording as Domu and Zoltar. This one's all about astonishing beat science and a pretty damn good sound!!!

CD Sonar Kollektiv: Sonar Kollektiv 030 cd € 7,99

Crazy Girl - Bad Ass Reputation (Chicken Lips remix)

Crazy Girl

Bad Ass Reputation (Chicken Lips remix)

Crazy Girl's p-funk style vocals driven by a Tom Tom Club-esque dub disco production courtesy of Chicken Lips on the disc one, while it's Crazy Girl v... more...

2x12inch DC Recordings: DC Recordings 52 € 6,99

Supersoul - Soundclash (Champions)


Soundclash (Champions)

''Sound Clash''is defenitly one of the freshest and best hip hop tunes in years. Supersouls music reflects, comments and fights this fucked up world,... more...

7inch Bomb Mitte: Bmsuper € 4,99

Textor & Sir Positive - Pure Luck

Textor & Sir Positive

Pure Luck

A glorious gloomy tune which is dripping of filthy hiphop, heavy dub, wobbly piano and a flow maybe stolen by Rakim. ''Pure Luck'' also features lyric... more...

7inch Bomb Mitte: Bmtextor € 2,99

The Labteks - Blue smoke/Mental block

The Labteks

Blue smoke/Mental block

The labteks (they have 30 + members) recorded an album of sinister hip hop tracks that was never released. 10 years after the unholy marriage of a bu... more...

7inch Bomb Mitte: Bmlabteks € 4,99

Flowriders - Starcraft album sampler


Starcraft album sampler

Stunning nu-jazz release as teaser for their fortcoming album.. CHECK!!

12inch 4lux: 4lux018/flr018 € 8,00

Freeform - Outside In


Outside In

This new album sees Freeform developing the styles displayed on last summers ''Wildcat'' ep, folky and funky, this is a unique cocktail that can't fai... more...

CD Skam: Skam 014cd € 12,90

V/A - Electronic Generation


Electronic Generation

''The giant leap made by technology in the past decades, made humanity depending on electronics for a big part. Electronics created new ways of produc... more...

2LP So Nasty: SNP001 € 8,99

Dijf Sanders - To Be A Bob

Dijf Sanders

To Be A Bob

We are proud to present this beautiful album of this young talented classical trained musician from Antwerp, Belgium. Dijf sings, plays the guitar, an... more...

LP Dub: Dublp012 € 9,99

Colongib & Octopus Inc - Octogib ep

Colongib & Octopus Inc

Octogib ep

Strange but very nice experimental IDM. Marumari style!

12inch Kracfive: Kracfive012 € 7,50

Quality Electronic Music - Sampler 06

Quality Electronic Music

Sampler 06

The album spotlights eight new signings, all of whom indicate 2006 should prove as spectacular a year for Ai devotees as 2005. Tracklist: Rootsix - On... more...

CD Ai: Ai015cd € 3,99

V/A - Detroit Beatdown Remixes


Detroit Beatdown Remixes

The complete Remixes album in a first volume, featuring 11 heavy mixes, 6 of 'em previously unreleased. Featuring remixes by Daz-I-Kue, Charles Spence... more...

CD Third Ear: 3eepcd043 € 7,99

Tantan - The Basement Spiritual ep


The Basement Spiritual ep

Ernesto is finally back with a new release under his Tantan guise. ''Fare You Well (Bitch)'' comes in an extraordinary remix by Desha, based on a toug... more...

12inch 4lux: 4lux023/flr023 € 3,99

Messier / DJ Dulac - Ransack / Unlucky Numbers

Messier / DJ Dulac

Ransack / Unlucky Numbers

Messier and DJ Dulac are two young producers who won first prize in the 3VOOR12 Robs Museums competition (3VOOR12 is a Dutch radio program promoting n... more...

12inch 3VOOR12 Plundert Musea: 3VOOR12 Plundert Musea 001 € 4,99

Ultramagnetic MC's - The Best Kept Secret

Ultramagnetic MC's

The Best Kept Secret

It's official! There is a new Ultramagnetic MC's album. ''The Best Kept Secret'' represents freedom for Ultra. Freedom from the major label games, fre... more...

2LP DMT (Ultramagnetic MC's): DMT88014LP € 8,99

Lover's Quarrel - Love Hertz

Lover's Quarrel

Love Hertz

Downtempo & jazzy late-night deep house from Detroit...

12inch Omoa: Omoa 003 € 4,99

Riton - By My Side


By My Side

Limited one-sided release. A very nice vocal minimal/housy track.

One sided 12 Parisonic: Parisonic PSR 007 € 4,99

My Mate Mark - God With A Gun

My Mate Mark

God With A Gun

Excellent vocal futurejazz / broken beats with a Bugz in the Attic remix.

12inch Out of the loop: Out Of The Loop OOL 008 € 3,99

Glacier - Rocky Mountains ep


Rocky Mountains ep

A collaboration between Pier Bucci (Chili) and Crazy Larry (Denver), fresh faces with fresh ideas. Here they combine a Latin twist with a hint of Germ... more...

12inch Wagon Repair: Wag027 € 8,99

Mystery Artist - Gwane Mone

Mystery Artist

Gwane Mone

The Mystery Artist or Cane is the dancefloor outlet of Funckarma aka Don & Roel Funcken. Music for the body but with an increase in cognitive focus, t... more...

12inch Confined: Con003 € 5,99

Jahiem - Never



Warm soulfull top quality house track.

12inch Fall Out records: FO1569-033 € 4,99

Boogie Down Productions - Criminal Minded (deluxe edition)

Boogie Down Productions

Criminal Minded (deluxe edition)

An expanded deluxe edition of the groundbreaking 1986 Criminal Minded album from KRS ONE and SCOTT LA ROCK as BOOGIE DOWN PRODUCTIONS. The first disc... more...

CD B Boy Records: BDPCD/TEG76531-2 € 9,99

Wbeeza - Heavystuff ep


Heavystuff ep

New 23-year old talent from London delivers four cuts of excellent warm groovin late night house... Tip! more...

12inch Third Ear: 3eep096 € 5,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Fred Ventura - 1983-2008 Disco Modernism

Fred Ventura

1983-2008 Disco Modernism

Its time for a celebration! Fred Ventura is 25 years active in the music bizz and that must be celebrated with a nice anniversary collection with some... more...

CD Clone Classic Cuts: C#CC015CD € 4,99

Pink Monkey Flower  - Nothing Venture

Pink Monkey Flower

Nothing Venture

With a big upfront bassline that hits you over the head like a Chicago cop this is a deep, thumpin' house groover that should rock the dancefloors. So... more...

12inch Memorabilia Records: MAM001 € 3,49

Winx - Stay Out All Night (Todd Terry remix)
12inch Ovum: Ovum191 € 4,49

Hip-j - Moody Moon ep


Moody Moon ep

“Moody moon” is a surprising and bewitching creation that draws the listener in for an aural expedition with every play, plunging to the heart of tech... more...

12inch Spagh: SPAGH002 € 4,99

Joerg Mueller - Mjiu

Joerg Mueller


Minimal & moody dub/ambient techno. Highly limited (250 copies), stamped carton package. more...

CDr Shoreless Recordings: Shore005 € 7,99

Shirazi - Morning Drive EP


Morning Drive EP

Morning Drive EP is the debut release of Rotterdam’s best-kept secret Detroit techno producer Shirazi. The EP contains an intense Vince Watson remix a... more...

12inch team records: Team004 € 2,99

Panico - Illumination



Panico is back with another teaser from their upcoming album produced by Joakim. A Voodoo theme and a disciplinary groove make Illumination an intense... more...

12inch Tigersushi: TSR030 € 4,99

Kenneth Bager - Fragments one remixes pt1

Kenneth Bager

Fragments one remixes pt1

a tasty set of mixes from Style of Eye, who drops an insane quirky (almost fidgety) house remix and Robot Coupe, who offers a dubby, beaty version wit... more...

12inch Music For Dreams: zzzus12032 € 3,99

Brendon Moeller - Safari ep

Brendon Moeller

Safari ep

A1 - Traffic (new wipers mix) is a driving 'wide-screen' track which will turn the dancefloor into a heaving mass of frequencies and beats. A2 - Sligh... more...

12inch Third Ear: 3eep101 € 5,99

Tiger Stripes - Safari ep

Tiger Stripes

Safari ep

Smooth uptempo house tracks with a techno-ish edge from the talented Tiger stripes. Somewhere inbetween Ame and Ibadan production.

12inch Nite Grooves: KSG280 € 4,99

Kevin Bogaard - Fossils

Kevin Bogaard


Great house work out. Original mix is a nice dreamy mix with tight percussion and floating synths and friendly melodies. The real bonus here is the re... more...

12inch Kostbar: Kostbar010 € 4,99

Becket & Tailor - Wood For The Fire (Spandex remix)

Becket & Tailor

Wood For The Fire (Spandex remix)

Beckett & Taylor surface from the wilderness once more, taking control of the mic for the 10th transmission in their inimitable Hand on the Plow ser... more...

12inch Hotplate: Hotp010 € 4,49

Variant - The Setting Sun


The Setting Sun

Steve Hitchell delivers a serious treat for his legion of devoted followers with the next logical step in the Echospace saga leading to this digital o... more...

CD Echospace: EchoAirCD02 € 14,99

Winter & Beliayeva - X&A

Winter & Beliayeva


Groove and energy are the receipe here. This track could be a classic hit from the 90‘s because of the energy and soul, but totally reshaped to be a t... more...

12inch From Jupiter: JUP04 € 5,99