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Influenza Prods


In 1981 the pair moved back to Italy and found an apartment in Rome. It’s here that they began to focus on their music and where they started ‘recordi... more...

LP Left Ear: LER1029 € 27,99


Heal From Bitterness

Heal From Bitterness / Mahres 002 is a strong mini-album reflecting the emergency state of our world and pushes you to reflexion. We wanted to highlig... more...

Mini-LP Mahres Records: Mahres002 € 19,99

Bionda E Lupo

Camp Cosmic EP (Alexander Arpeggio dubs)

With their anthem for the Camp Cosmic festival Bionda e Lupo rolls out a carpet on the dance floor for a new 12? series on “Eine Welt”. Label maker... more...

12inch Eine Welt: EW12001 € 15,99


Danger At The Tendo Dojo EP

EYA Records continue to bring up some of the most inventive and forward-thinking Techno and Electro jams, this time welcoming back Berlin-based live p... more...

12inch Eya: EYA019 € 13,99

Rambal Cochet

Unknown Pharmacy

For its eighth release Griffe welcomes Rambal Cochet aka Volta Cab. The prolific electronic producer has been on the circuit for more than ten years a... more...

12inch Griffe: GRFF008 € 12,49


Maybe A Body (Phase Fatale Remix)

Two years after their previous Against Strong Thinking mini album, Spanish techno-meets-new wave duo SDH returns with a new, killer EP. There is a dua... more...

12inch Avant! Records: AV!077 € 17,99


Bredius (Standard Edition)

First full release by BSS (Luigi Vittorio Jansen) on Hivern following contributions to both 'Fragments' and 'Hivernation' projects. 'Bredius' showcase... more...

12inch Hivern Discs: HVN062 € 12,99

Alessandro Adriani

Program & Rhythm

Alessandro Adriani marks his comeback on his own Mannequin Records with an impressive body of work on this 2xLP 'Program & Rhythm', inspired by the It... more...

2LP Mannequin records: MNQ151 € 25,99


Skorpio LP

Cult synth-pop album from 1984 repressed for the very first time. One of the most obscure Synth / Italo recordings from Germany with the Danny “Skorpi... more...

LP Mondo Groove: MGLP114 € 24,99

Christian Kroupa X LCN

Worlds Connect EP (Alessandro Adriani remix)

KRI records first installment oscillates between EBM and electro. ''ready for sweaty dancefloors and those extra long afterhours needing some “warm le... more...

12inch KRI: KRI001 € 13,99

Parrish Smith

Light, Cruel & Vain

Those who know Parrish Smith a little, know his long-standing mantra: ‘No elitism, no prejudices, no genre. Hypnotic, tense, comprehensible – a state... more...

LP Dekmantel: DKMNTL091 € 24,99



Jasmin Mahmi?, (who is also known for his Le Chocolat Noir project) returns with his absolute blackened industrial onslaught straight from the depths... more...

LP LIES: LIES179 € 24,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Roberto Auser

Touch Your Fear

Roberto Auser delivering the very first album on Leipzigs Lunatic Records, consisting of 8 uncut gems. This record is a cybernetic machine, reaching d... more...

LP Lunatic: LUN009 € 16,99

Eva Geist & Chikiss

Sono I'imperatore

Upon meeting some years ago in Berlin, Galina & Andrea connected creatively and embarked on a musical voyage. These are studio recordings from Xberg i... more...

12inch Space Ritual: SR005 € 15,99

Various Artists

Black Ink

A compilation that writes an original scenario between space opera and romantic Sci-fi story. As the music unfolds, the listener discovers treasures s... more...

Mini-LP Thisbe Recordings: THISBE005 € 9,99

Fiasko Leitmotiv

Humblekids LP

“Humblekids” is the first studio album by Fiasko Leitmotiv. This work is a journey in multiple dimensions of music and narrative, and even if its deep... more...

LP Cold Beats Records: CBR017 € 17,99

Adam X

As The Fear Shall Follow

Following his 2019 EP on BITE, Adam X returns with As The Fear Shall Follow - 3 tracks representing a continuation of his innovative productions. The... more...

12inch BITE: BITE019 € 13,99

Pas De Deux

The Vinyl Collection

Best known for their participation in the 1983 Eurovision Song Contest, Belgian synth pop band Pas De Deux present their complete collection. These so... more...

2LP Pas De Disx: PDD2102 € 32,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Jauzas The Shining

Dancing On The Cold EP

Seed is here! Growing inside of Soil Records. Focussed on different styles and tempos that we usually recognize at Soil which will be more focused no... more...

12inch Seed: SEED01 € 14,49


Time Traitor LP

Two years and one pandemic after his previous release, the Italian, London-based solo project M!R!M is back with a new full- length album. Inspired... more...

LP Avant! Records: AV!076 € 18,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Hiele Kinsella

The Third Summer Of Love

It was the third summer of love and the radio was streaming a festival down by the sound mirrors. The neo hippies were worshipping the womb and vibrat... more...

7inch Stroom: STR7059 € 11,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Mark Grusane

Dance Intensity

Thirteen years after his whopping ‘Time and Space’ EP, Chicago 'O.G.' Mark Grusane returns to the Rush Hour imprint with his ‘Dance Intensity’ EP. Com... more...

12inch Rush Hour: RHSTOREJAMS017 € 11,99